Urban Danger: Tempting Fate


We are coming up on the 3 year anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis. The economy has not improved. The unemployment payments, for most, have run out. People’s safety nets are destroyed. Housing is collapsing again. Inflation is ravaging what is left of our money. Now we are seeing a rash of violence all over . . . → Read More: Urban Danger: Tempting Fate

Remember This…


There is a huge gap in what we are sold on here at home and what the rest of the world gets. This is par for the course for the Elite that own and control our paradigm. They always say one thing and do another, it is called lip service. It is done to keep . . . → Read More: Remember This…

Love the Men, Hate the Machine.


We are told every Memorial Day to remember those that gave their lives for your freedom. This is so pervasive in our society that it is hardly ever questioned. We are sold on flags, apple pie and yellow ribbons. We cheer and even get a little misty eyed thinking about those brave soldiers that gave . . . → Read More: Love the Men, Hate the Machine.

When The Music Stops…

Musical Chairs

Adam Kokesh Body Slammed At Jefferson Memorial


Adam Kokesh was arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial this past week. This was done because of a court ruling that dancing was prohibited at the Jefferson Memorial. This is a great example of leaderless resistance and having fun in the face oppression.


The Only Answer Is Revolution- Father of Reaganomics



Handy Guide to the Philosophy Behind Financial Websites


Here is an article that has an interesting take on all of the Financial Websites out there. The chart shows on the Y axis how the site disseminates news. It goes from a news aggregator that publishes the latest news all the way down to community. The aggregator is a top down centralized site and . . . → Read More: Handy Guide to the Philosophy Behind Financial Websites

Bunker Hunt vs The Elite


The Best Charts On Gold, Silver and the Dollar…

are at Jesse’s Café Américain.

CRIMEX Doubles Physical Inventory Overnight?


This is probably s data glitch since the chart is dated May 23rd and the CRIMEX inventory on the 24th does NOT show the increase in inventory below.


The First Casualty of War

For those of you that do not know Stefan Molyneux, please check him out. He is one of the best thinkers is the freedom movement. His work is some of the best and most eloquent out there and he deserves much more attention. He was one of the main inspirations of me to create the . . . → Read More: The First Casualty of War

The Silver Line Holds?

The Silver Line Holds

I published the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield on February 25th after spending 3 weeks putting together every single reason I could think of why you should sell every single paper asset and buy REAL physical silver. This article was very well received and is viewed as a game changer. I believe it changed . . . → Read More: The Silver Line Holds?

Utah Legalizes REAL Money


Utah is about to sign in legislation that would legalize Gold and Silver as REAL money. This a direct shot across the bow of the Elite and is a huge step in the right direction for citizens and states to protect their sovereignty in the face of a mathematically certain dollar collapse. By encouraging citizens . . . → Read More: Utah Legalizes REAL Money

China Top Gold Bug


Watch China closely…

No longer is China the world’s largest silver producer, now they are the largest silver importer. No longer is China gorging itself on treasury debt, now they are buying REAL tangible assets. No longer is China buying gold in the Anglo American Empire, now the have their Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange. No . . . → Read More: China Top Gold Bug

Doom Chart: US Revenue/Debt


Here is a chart that shows how much total revenue the government gets versus the amount of debt it is carrying. Right now we are at 16% revenue compared to the amount of debt. That means if interest rates went up to 16%, like they did in the 70’s, the banks would have to take . . . → Read More: Doom Chart: US Revenue/Debt

Buy The Lie


Below is a great video that deserves to go viral about how we buy the lie. It is vital to the Elite’s paradigm that we are continuously distracted or scared. This is so that we never see the REAL cause of our problems, the Elite that own and control our paradigm. The Elite will create . . . → Read More: Buy The Lie

Is There A Method To Their Madness?


Academy members have been asking me what are the Banksters doing in Europe and what does it mean for us? After studying these criminals for a long time, I know that they do have a method to their madness. It is the same playbook that that have been using for centuries. When you see this . . . → Read More: Is There A Method To Their Madness?

Senator Rand Paul Vs.The Patriot Act Renewal


A email from Campaign for Liberty.

The Senate will hold a critical cloture vote on renewing the Patriot Act at 5 pm eastern today, and only the immediate action of C4L members and other true patriots nationwide will put a halt to the ever-expanding surveillance state and save the Fourth Amendment from being pushed . . . → Read More: Senator Rand Paul Vs.The Patriot Act Renewal

Silver Up 56% Overnight…

in Belarus.

Are you going to really wait and hope for the music to keep playing?

From http://www.zerohedge.com/article/belarus-just-devalued-its-currency-56

The National Bank of Belarus (NBB) is sharply devaluing the official rate of Belarusian ruble. The exchange rate as of May 24 was set at 4,930 rubles per dollar. a decrease of 56% from the 23 . . . → Read More: Silver Up 56% Overnight…

Bob Chapman Tyranny, Silver And Your 401K


I get a shout out from SGTBull07 in the first call. Pretty cool.

Bob Chapman says the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange is going to sell silver in two to three months, right about the July CRIMEX delivery contract.


. . . → Read More: Bob Chapman Tyranny, Silver And Your 401K

Max Keiser on Iranian TV Talking About Spain’s Protests.


Max starts at 5:30 in the first video.

“Mad” Max strikes again!

“There needs to be a regime change because the government has complied with the banks to rape to rape their country.”

“Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a perfect poster child for the IMF and the whole banking establishment. They are ALL rapists.”

“Why doesn’t . . . → Read More: Max Keiser on Iranian TV Talking About Spain’s Protests.

Alan Greenspan Admits To Big Ponzi Scheme


I remember watching Alan Greenspan testify to the Senate Banking Committee in 2005 and my mouth hit the floor when I heard it. I have been looking of this clip for years, and could never find it. A friend finally sent it to me and I posted it to my YouTube channel and below in . . . → Read More: Alan Greenspan Admits To Big Ponzi Scheme

“I Am Aware and Prepared” Sons of Liberty Academy Bumper Stickers

Bumper Sticker

In a continuous effort to raise money for the site and the Academy, I have created new Academy Bumper Stickers. These “I am aware and prepared” 11″x3″ vinyl bumper stickers are a great way to support our efforts to wake people up. Every $10 donation to this promotion will receive one of these . . . → Read More: “I Am Aware and Prepared” Sons of Liberty Academy Bumper Stickers

Peter Schiff Lays Waste To NIA Pump and Dump Scam


Peter Schiff is one of my top 5 guys that I listen to. He was so far ahead of the curve, that I remember when people would openly laugh at him on Fox News. He predicted the collapse of the housing bubble and was very instrumental in me getting out on top back in 2005. . . . → Read More: Peter Schiff Lays Waste To NIA Pump and Dump Scam

End Of A Currency, End Of An Empire

Roman coin debasement silver

Here is a chart showing the Roman Empire’s decline in honest money and it’s global power. As the Empire needed more money to fund its expansion and maintenance, raising taxes was not always possible. Since they did not have paper money or iPad apps to expand the money supply at will, the Romans debased the . . . → Read More: End Of A Currency, End Of An Empire

Robots Rule


SGTBull07 Interviews Silver Shield




The 3 Demands of Silver


There are 3 Demands of Silver that will drive silver to untold heights over the next decade. These demands will rise dramatically just as it becomes apparent that the supply of silver becomes scare. The confluence of these two forces will destroy the Quadrillion Dollar Empire of Lies and the current debt/war paradigm. I set . . . → Read More: The 3 Demands of Silver

20¢ Gasoline


Here is a picture of a gas station in Ashland, Oregon selling a gallon of gas for 20¢. This is a great way educate people on how much our currency has been debased. As you all know, the price of gas has not gone up as much as our currency has been destroyed by . . . → Read More: 20¢ Gasoline

Paper Silver Drive By Shooting

Silver Drive by Shooting

Inspired by Rob Kirby.

33 Reasons to Switch From Gold To Silver


By Bix Weir

1) Due to the tiny size of the Silver market and the lack of physical Silver available to the manipulators, the Silver battle is much easier to win than Gold. Ted Butler’s discovery of massive Silver market manipulation should highlight the size, scope and importance of Silver to the current financial . . . → Read More: 33 Reasons to Switch From Gold To Silver

Bix Weir: I’m A Crazy Silver Bug… Why Aren’t You?!!


By Bix Weir From Road to Roota

What do you think of the term “Crazy Silver Bug”? Sound familiar?

Let’s face it…it’s hard to be an investor in silver. Every day the financial media tells you that “It’s In A Bubble” and every day the price swings wildly in the wind as if someone were . . . → Read More: Bix Weir: I’m A Crazy Silver Bug… Why Aren’t You?!!

Silver Guru Conference Call


Here is a great conference call with David Morgan, SGTBull07, James Anderson of GoldSilver.com, Bill Murphy of GATA, Robert Quartermain, Ron Kirby, and Eric Sprott.




The Coming American Fascist Dictator

its not fascism when we do it


I have been predicting that we will see a Fascist/Corporatist Dictator with the next crisis. I believe that Obama was put in office to take the hit for the inevitable collapse of the dollar. This country fought the Communists for too long to have someone from the left to do the deed. We do . . . → Read More: The Coming American Fascist Dictator



it is time to call in Physical Silver.

Clive Maund wrote an article called, SILVER – wanted at $50, not wanted at $35 – TIME TO CALL IN THE PSYCHIATRISTS… In it he says the silver investors are funny because we are raving bulls at $50 and despondent at $35. He says that it is . . . → Read More: It Is NOT Time To Call In The PSYCHIATRISTS…

Don’t Say I Did Not Warn You About Your 401k…


Congress has a proposed bill that would make it more difficult for you to tap your 401K. The proposal would limit the amount of loans against the accounts and eliminate 401k debit cards. They of course are doing this to protect you from raiding your savings. The government does not want the sheep to get . . . → Read More: Don’t Say I Did Not Warn You About Your 401k…

Dave Ramsey: So Wrong On Gold, For So Long…

Dave Ramsey Gold

Take 3 minutes to listen to this clip from Dave Ramsey on his thoughts on Gold. I know it might be painful, but if think this is a perfect example of how the masses are manipulated. I am of the opinion that your success in political and financial media has much more to to with . . . → Read More: Dave Ramsey: So Wrong On Gold, For So Long…

The World Is Cornering The Elite…


A recent article by Costata put forth the theory that silver is a losing bet, because the Elite won’t let it threaten their interests. His article , Has the Silver Market Been Cornered… AGAIN? is the latest in the silver bashing parade. A couple of my readers would like my opinion of his theory and . . . → Read More: The World Is Cornering The Elite…

The Unrealistic Mentality of the Modern Survivalist


By James Wesley, Rawles

I am guilty of falling into the “Wolverines!” mindset from time-to-time, that being the image of going toe-to-toe with the insidious foreign invasion force and setting up ambushes to destroy the evil occupiers or perhaps having to confront droves of hostiles, be they urban gang-bangers, local looters, or . . . → Read More: The Unrealistic Mentality of the Modern Survivalist

This Too Shall Pass.


by Simon Black- The Sovereign Man

May 18, 2011 Santiago, Chile

Take a moment and conduct a mini thought experiment. Imagine that you’re from the future many hundreds of years from now, researching what life was like in the early 21st century. You pull up an archive of newspaper headlines from the year 2011 . . . → Read More: This Too Shall Pass.

China The Video Game Enemy Now…


China's Glorious Mission

and our real enemy in the future?

I stated on Jan 1st in Doom is Always 6 Months Away, that I believe that our psychopathic Elite will blame China for the collapse of the dollar. It did not take long for Donald Trump to float that trial balloon that China is, . . . → Read More: China The Video Game Enemy Now…

Is That A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?


Or just a China physical bullion train coming down the tracks?

The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange is open for business and this is the first time that Asia can take physical delivery of gold in Asia and outside the hands of the Anglo American empire. No longer does Asia have to play by our bankster’s . . . → Read More: Is That A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

You Might Be A Psychopath If…

Psychopath in sheeps clothing

It did not take long after IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested for sexual assault, did I hear people try to explain away his actions. Why would one of the world’s most powerful banker in the world sexually assault a 30 year housekeeper? It has to be a disease or something, right? He must be . . . → Read More: You Might Be A Psychopath If…

The Treasury is Coming! The Treasury is Coming!

The Treasury Is Coming

It did not take long, but the Treasury has started the thieving. Since we have not raised the debt ceiling yet, the Treasury has started to dip into pensions. They will buy a couple of days by not meeting its investment into government retirement funds. This is just tipping the toe in the water of . . . → Read More: The Treasury is Coming! The Treasury is Coming!

Will The Real Neo Con Please Stand Up?

Hear no evil see no evil say no evil

Two notable Republican Presidential candidates dropped out of the potential running this week with Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump. Mike Huckabee was a strong contender in the 2008 campaign with his aww shucks Gomer Pyle impression. Since the campaign, he has gone on to build quite a nice little empire in the Propaganda Machine. He . . . → Read More: Will The Real Neo Con Please Stand Up?

New Fractional Silver Coins!


New Fractional Silver Coins are the HOTTEST thing in silver to get right now.

With the latest sale on silver, these awesome fractional silver rounds make a great buy right now. You have to see these new coins here. The thing I like most about them besides their beauty, is that it is a great . . . → Read More: New Fractional Silver Coins!

I Finally Made It On To Lew Rockwell!


I am very happy to announce that I finally made it on to Lew Rockwell. My article Death By A Thousand Cuts got picked up only minutes ago and i could not be more happy. Lew’s site is great site for those that are anti-state, anti-war and pro markets.

One of the best ways to . . . → Read More: I Finally Made It On To Lew Rockwell!

Latest Silver Shield Inteview


Here is my latest interview with Kerry Lutz of Your Credit Matters in New York.

Kerry and I discuss the latest in the silver smack down in this very spirited discussion from this past week.




CODEPINK is has for years been one of the most outspoken anti war groups since before the invasion of Iraq, 8 years ago. These women have huge cajones and I give them so much respect for calling these Elite what they are. Watch this video of Medea Benjamin introduce Donald Rumsfeld to a White House . . . → Read More: CODEPINK vs. AIPAC

My Silver Heroes- Eric Sprott and Max Keiser



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