PROOF The WORST Silver Market In 30 Years!!!


Why hasn’t economic collapse happened yet?


Kleptocracy and Capital Controls


From Survival Blog, by William Lehr

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that the psychopathic, controlling oligarchs will go to in order to strengthen their grip on humanity. Control and power are the weapons of these few. While weapons, they will also serve as their demise. You see, we are not boiling . . . → Read More: Kleptocracy and Capital Controls

US Troops Protecting Opium in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN-OPIUM US Troops are Protecting and Harvesting Opium in Afghanistan. This video provides video and pictures of US troops protecting Opium fields to supply the world with its heroin. 90% of the Heroin/Opium of the world comes from this one country called Afghanistan.

It’s All in the Energy

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From Perpetual Assets

When we dissect the fundamentals of life we have energy. Energy is the source. To have growth, you must have energy, whether a micro organism, an individual, or an economy. As energy becomes harder to extract, efficiencies fall, surpluses fall, and growth stops.

As net exporting countries become net importers of . . . → Read More: It’s All in the Energy

The American War Machine – Joe Rogan

Opium Fields

Joe Rogan explains how the American War Machine screws over our society over and over again. 90% of the Opium supply is harvested from Afganistan and guarded by the US Troops. I Support our Troops but I don’t support all their actions toward other coutries, and the harvesting of resources of other countries at their . . . → Read More: The American War Machine – Joe Rogan

The END Of Silver Manipulation!!!

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THEY Want YOU!!!


This is perhaps my most important video I have ever done. Here is the formula to all of human misery.

Once this is consciously recognized, we will break the generations of debt and death.

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Med-head Nation

VA's Disability Claims Backlog Pushes 900,000.wmv_snapshot_00.00_[2013.10.22_11.28.21]

Another great video from Mr. Peak Crackers

Silver Stacking Tips and Tricks #3


What could be more important than price when buying silver online?

Check out the peer-to-peer

Silver Stacking Tips and Tricks


Check out the peer-to-peer

Why You Should Buy Silver Series


Where you should buy silver

May Silver Shield Report

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The May Silver Shield Report is up with 10 new audios covering everything that happened this month.

We also have a pre-sale on TWO Silver Shield Members Only Coins. We will only produce what is sold during this pre-sale, so be prepared for the lowest minatge of the series.

Members can login to the Silver . . . → Read More: May Silver Shield Report

Planet of the lost a$$holes



Warning Strong language Just small rant about the effed up mind set I see and heard everyday . I asked 12 random people about the News in Crimea , All 12 had no clue on where Crimea was , or the events unfolding . – Mr. PC

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