Silver Shield Report #5- The Round Table Part 2

This is the final part of the first Sons of Liberty Academy meeting. We covered so much in the final two hours that I am sure when we do this again we will have to have a two day conference. Each of these issues we could have easily taken an hour on.  Topics like…

  • Individual consciousness to defeat collective newspeak
  • Your generational role in the coming revolution
  • The most effective way to spread freedom
  • Why you should not fear silver confiscation
  • The next paradigm in banking
  • What will be the most valuable skills in the next paradigm and how to get started now
  • Constitutional Silver details
  • How the collapse will come and what to look out for
  • What will happen after the collapse
  • How we can rebuild
  • How we can reach much further and much, much more.

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0:00 Overcoming The Memory Hole

2:00 Those That Teach Love Are Killed

3:40 Debbie

5:19 You Cannot Overcome A Problem With The Same Consciousness That Created It.  Do not waste your time on any collectivist action, it is a waste of time.

8:31 Don’t push for something that is not there.

9:00 Sharon

9:40 Understand Your Generational Role In This Paradigm Shift. Boomers

13:53 Generation X and the Millenials- We must free ourselves to make the world free.

14:31 How living the with the 5th Stage of Awakening to grow a new way of life.

15:48 Reaching out to those who are predisposed liberty,

16:38 My Awakening Plan- How all of the work I have done plays into a much larger plan of awakening and educating humanity.

20:25 Fire In My Veins- How resonating with members gave me the energy to keep pushing forward. My most inspiring story.

23:55 Don’t Fear the Confiscation of Silver

27:41 The Next Paradigm Banking- How we can shape the future.

29:32 Silver Shield vs. Red Shield

31:26 How Equity Investing Against Silver Works In The Ultimate Exit Strategy

45:00 Stay Ahead Of The Curve -Ideas on what to do in an uncertain future.

56:19 Any Collective Effort In This Paradigm Will Fail- Coming together after is very powerful.

58:20 Build your skills that will have real tangible value for the next paradigm.

1:00:05 Constitutional Silver

1:05:05 Constitutional Silver and The Ultimate Exit Strategy Bank/Equity

1:12:20 Dealing with debt versus buying more silver

1:15:17 The Scenario For Collapse

1:19:00 What Are We Holding On To?

1:20:40 Massive Decentralization Of Power.

1:23:40 How A Free Market Will Spring Up

1:26:20 Fairy Tales and Happy Delusions- You do not need someone to save you.

1:28:00 Ideas are more powerful than Nuclear Bombs

1:29:23 The James Bond dream- International Travel and Wealth, sounds sexy, not a good idea.

1:33:13 Taking this new paradigm to the full realization.

1:35:53 It is not about power it is influence.

1:38:05 Logic vs. Sound Bites


4 comments to Silver Shield Report #5- The Round Table Part 2

  • David Meek


    Love what you do and, yes, I flaunt the “I am aware and prepared” bumper sticker proudly! I have been through the Sons of Liberty Academy and learned a ton. I, unfortunately, found you too late and am battling $100K in school loan debt and a small amount of credit card debt. I have just started accumulating constitutional silver but can only afford around $200/month. How do I keep from becoming a “Johnny Come Lately” when it is time to come together as a community? I want to make sure I am doing what needs done to be a productive part of the new paradigm and the “Ultimate Exit Strategy”.


  • Shane Thomasson

    For any of us with limited cash on hand, it is useful to focus our time and energy on useful skills that would be useful in rebuilding society. here is a link of barter items and trade skills recommended. See if any of these skills interests you and then see if you can find someone to teach you (either in person or online).

  • Doug Shirk

    After hearing this meeting, I am confident that this group can accomplish great things in the next paradigm. I am feeling a lot better about the future.

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