Global Governance Roundup (November 7 – 13)

Global Governance Archive’s weekly news roundup and commentary on the worldwide process of integration.

Items of focus include:

  • integration of continental blocs into regional unions as based on the European model.
  • integration of numerous institutions ranging from education and health to religion.
  • the advance toward totalitarian surveillance states and societies.
  • the unethical, unscientific and authoritarian lies of the Global Warming movement.
  • the increasing destruction and control of economic systems by the gods of money.
  • the geopolitical maneuvering between factions toward global government.


The winds of war are heading toward the Orient and the “kings of the East”. Namely, Persia, Russia and China.

As Iran, Russia and China discuss plans for an anti-NATO defense shield, Iran is currently seeking as much assistance in any way it can from Russia and China. Indeed, Sergey Lavrov noted that any attack on Iran would be insane and yield unpredictable consequences.

As author William Engdahl wrote, the AFRICOM Libya War is a proxy affair targeting the “kings of the East”, most notably China. Indeed, it has come out the Pentagon is drawing up a Cold War stance towards China.

The U.S. is mobilizing for WWIII and putting its chess pieces in order. Israel and the U.S. held their largest joint military exercise ever. US Naval ships seem to be edging closer to the Gulf. US troops are being shifted both to Kuwait and now Australia. Washington has gotten the Arab Coalition on board for an attack on Iran. Syria is the next domino to fall in the Project for a New Middle East.

Finally, new US drones bases have been established on the horn of Africa and new drone technology reminiscient of the old “Prisoner” TV show and Fallout 3 video game series is in active development.


Australia passes a breathing tax (CO2) paving the way for green global tyranny.

Another elitist group, Le Cercle, lesser known than Bilderberg, finds some of its first documents leaked to the Internet.

Super globalists in the pockets of groups such as Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Le Cercle and so forth are now in charge of Zooropa, namely Greece and Italy, on the heels of the crisis.

China continues to buy gold like crazy. The U.S. continues to kidnap people like crazy.

An interesting interview with one of the “Color Revolution” mastermind strategists, Gene Sharp.

Regional Integration: Americas

GGA is pleased to provide its own recording of an interchange with Robert Pastor, the “Father of the North American Union.” He aptly evaded the question on regional integration being a step towards “global government.”

Meanwhile, North American integration moves forward, albeit at a disjointed pace.

Ecuador says that they need to merge the two regional integration schemes of the Andean Community and MERCOSUR. This folks, is how the cookie crumbles.

Regional Integration: Rest of the World

As the elites work to gain power via crises, Zooropa has put into power a parallel shadow government. One which the always fantastic court jester, Nigel Farage, wants fired.

The US and China focus on a TRANS-PACIFIC integration scheme while India and Afghanistan continue work on their own version.

One key note, the road to South Africa’s “dream” of regional integration is said to be paved by way of infrastructure and “corridors”. This is the same type of policy being implemented in North America with the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Finally, education at all levels is also globalizing and “multiculturalizing” itself out of necessity.

The “Total Information Awareness” & Police State Grid

New academic studies prove what we knew all along. That US Government Islamophobia was fake, created solely to serve as an agenda to the Cold War 2.0, with the Red Communists having been painted Brown as Terrorists.

Furthermore, the FBI and other agencies have been entrapping American Muslims and trying to create fake terror plots in order to contine the Global War on Freedom (GWOF).

The FBI continues to secretly place GPS tracking devices in your cars while you sleep and the Supreme Court is thinking about making it legal, officially rendering the US Constitution null and void.

In case you missed it the first time, the US Government rounds up people having a picnic and forces them to throw away their food and pour bleach on it. (WordPress is being retarded, won’t embed video)

US DEA commando squads now enforce globally as outfits are discovered all over the Americas.

Finally, one more reason not to own a TV or watch mainstream media:

Mad Society & the Occult

Two young women cut up a man while performing Satanic rituals.

Israeli disabled children sue their parents for being born knowingly disabled (according to their own logic, why don’t they just kill themselves now?).

Americans go nuts and riot over a fired footbal coach, but have no problem with the same folks raping little boys.

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  • Ben

    Excellent information Number 6.

    I have to be totally frank here. Sometimes I really fucking hate these globalists. It is misplaced anger for sure, but sometimes there methods really just get in my craw. Mr. Duane’s words really ring true here.

    “There are two kinds of people in the world, those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone.”

  • I felt pretty sick to my stomach confronting Pastor. Its pretty surreal. He knows, I know, and we both know that we both know!

    And the rest of the people in the room are totally clueless, TOTALLY. It is so unbelievable.

  • Ben

    I would say that there programming has worked to a tee.

  • Good information. Lucky me I discovered your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book-marked it for later!

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