Replay of Silver Shield Pulls a Charlie Sheen

I had a great time doing this last night. We covered a lot of issues and shared a lot of timely information. I hope this video give you better clarity on who I am and what I am trying to accomplish with the Sons of Liberty Academy. If this is something you would like to see again leave some comments below. Enjoy!

Sorry for the ads it comes with the free territory…

Here is another interview I did this morning on the The Silver Door is Closing article.

4 comments to Replay of Silver Shield Pulls a Charlie Sheen

  • Darlene

    Thanks for posting the replay. You have a wealth of knowledge and the Academy is a must for those looking to shed their limiting beliefs that will keep them imprisoned in the new “slavery” that our government is designing for this country.

  • Jeremy

    Chris, great site, work, and ideas! Any chance you could get your rss (reader) feed links to work? I like to keep up on your blog via google reader – thanks!

  • Ed Stoddard


    Great stuff – I am learning new things all the time – am reading things all over, including books. Nice compliment to have David Morgan call you.

    This may well have already occurred to you — you might want to watch your long piece, especially, and notice the frequency and duration of “uuhhhh”s. This is a common error that you will notice that David, for instance, has conquered. All “public speakers” have to fight and beat this to sound effective. I offer this to be helpful, not snide.

    You got somebody to edit your long written piece (which I read – Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield) to get all the typos and little bumps out of it. It really made a difference in the presentation – I’m sure a certain percentage will find it hard to take you seriously if a lot of mistakes are present. He did a nice job … I hereby volunteer to do the same @ no charge, to “help the cause”. My English construction is good, and my grammar is better. I catch stuff like it’s for its … You can send me anything you like as a Word document, and I will go through it and send it back in 24 for a short piece, a little longer for bigger things. Perchance having two of us doing it will keep the other guy from burning out. I can go through the Academy material, too, if you like … just pick something & send it along.

    I think you’re doing something substantial.

    Ed Stoddard

  • When I discovered you, I was already at “stage 5”, fluctuating back to stage 4. I became a “silver bug”, over a year ago. (followed it a few months, as I “educated myself”—it cost me about $4 an ounce, & several ounces)…But I don`t doubt myself, & I don`t look back…
    I was “raw about the FED”…doing some research, & stumbled upon a fantastic teaching site called MONEY MASTERS (Video by a reporter named Bill Still). I have been trying to direct everyone I could, to that site—NOW TO YOU, ALSO.
    You have combined my 2 great passions, to “save our bacon”. SILVER, because I couldn`t afford “rich mans gold”…Then quickly “converting ” my few ounces of the yellow stuff, because I realized that “poor man`s” IS BETTER. My SECOND MISSION, is to get about 10 MILLION “of my closest friends”, to go to DC with me, & force our “SELL-OUTS” TO eliminate the FED, & replace the IRS with THE FAIR TAX. The “AVERAGE-MAN-DEMOCRAT”, should be just as ready for that BATTLE, as the “AVERAGE-MAN-REPUBLICAN”.
    Keep up the good fight…YOU`RE “DEAD ON”

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