A Dire Warning From Dr. Ron Paul

With the uncertainty we all now face in America’s future, it’s time to prepare yourselves for a world WROL (without rule of law.)

Here’s a brief .video message from Ron Paul on the subject matter.


11 comments to A Dire Warning From Dr. Ron Paul

  • Bill

    You want to know what will happen with the OWS movement if those running government do not get their **** together and tell the greedy ****s running the shadow government and Wall Street to go **** themselves?

    1. The movement will place a heavy burden on security services, local governments will have police crack down and begin abusing and hurting protesters.

    2. As more people joint the ranks of the poor and unemployed, the heavier the burden on security services, government will suspend all civil liberties.

    3. Protestors will respond to the lack of civil liberties with acts of violence, bombs, shootings, sabotage, etc.

    4. Government will respond by shutting off freedom of movement and installing check points to control the movement of dissidents.

    5. Government will implement massive propaganda campaigns to turn neighbors against neighbors, they will reward those that side with the government with economic rewards, i.e. jobs, food, fuel, etc.

    6. The economy will break complete down and civil war will ensue.

    7. Pending the outcome of the civil war, the reconstruction cycle will begin again.

    This has happened since the beginning of time where Usury has been the primary economic model.

  • MPB

    Based on my own four or so years of research and what I have learned here and on the SOLA, unfortunately, I have to agree that Bill’s assessment is likely fairly close. It’s at last in the ball park. I wish is weren’t so but it’s part of the inevitable process we are going through that has been decades in the making. Best keep preparing for the worst and pray for the best.

  • lastmanstanding

    Bill I agree because this has happen many times before…”it is the fork in the road.” Look at all of the times in history that the same thing repeats itself because eventually govts are corrupted and the results are the same…the path of controlling people via socialism, communism, facism, etc. Everyone is now seeing that America is NOT immune to world plaguing issues.

    It is time to choose a new path…a path of personal responsibility, living within ones own abilities and being self sufficient.

    Let’s give Ron Paul a chance.

    Also…as violence get worse, the police will stay home to protect their families. The citizenry will give them a choice..stand with them or…We out number the cops tremendously and they aren’t stupid. Citizens will “handle” those that threaten their well being…beware to those who plan to “tread on us”.

    Our troops would never turn on the citizens that support them.

    Once again…that is how the planet (has always) worked.

  • bogbeagle

    I wouldn’t be too sure that soldiers won’t turn on you.

    Libya, Egypt and Syria spring to mind. They’re just soldiers, too, and no different from Americans.

    When I was a squaddie, we had a phrase, “I used to love my mother, ’til I found out she was a civvie.”

  • lastmanstanding

    bb…that is where we Americans are different. I know lots of soldiers,past and present…NO CHANCE…and the elites Know it. That is why all of these conflicts/wars are being started worldwide. To keep our troops out of the country…puppet obamas “civilian force as large as the US military ” has less than NO CHANCE.

  • thankful

    There have also been times in history when the military refused orders to fire on the people (Soviet Union comes to mind). This is the effort of Oath Keepers so that they will refuse these unconstitutional orders . What is more likely is to use foreign or “UN peacekeeping” troops to shoot at us. But by that time the whole world will be mired in revolution, so I”m not sure what extra troops will be around when everyone will be handling their own internal problems.

    Peaceful and lawful resistance is key here. They can’t implement these security breaches of rights if we stay peaceful and just work outside the system. Support your local sheriffs and work with them. I agree give Ron a chance. He’s the David against Goliath and I think if we just support him with our prayers and finances and whatever we can to get the message out. With God’s help, we can yet overcome this evil. God wants us to. We won’t avoid suffering altogether, but we can limit it to a great degree.

  • bogbeagle

    lastmanstanding… your police debase the Constitution. They are Americans and many of them were soldiers, too.

  • Billboard

    The police are nothing more than mercenaries. If you believe their propaganda that they protect and serve the people, you have been had. Police protect and serve themselves, once you understand this truth their actions clearly make sense.

  • lastmanstanding

    bb…cops are human also…chances are they are following orders. Being present at an event like this is not a crime just because you have decided to be a policeman.

    A state policeman lives a few miles from me and he is an outstanding man…perhaps they need to pay the household bills like the rest of us…perhaps they dislike there jobs right now…how many jobs have you had that sucked? Being trapped to pay the bills is the same whether your are a cop or a ditch digger.

    That is the problem with many of these students…they have NO fucking idea how the rest of us get by…In Cal., a general college education is free if you are a Cal. resident. (or at least it used to be) Very few people have their dream job their entire life.

    Why is it that everyone videos police in these scenarios…Where are the videos of them helping people in trouble, giving first aid to someone bleeding to death on some highway in the middle of nowhere, looking for a lost child.

    As I said before…everyone needs to be thinking outside the box. Is the glass half empty or half full?

    @ billboard…I have my moments, but your comment is ridiculous.

  • Billboard

    Cops are mercenaries. Simple as that.

    mer·ce·nar·y (mûr s -n r ). adj. 1. Motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain.

  • Larry

    Mr. Paul is obviously reading from a teleprompter in this video. It’s hard to take a man seriously if he is unable to express his beliefs without a script. This video sucks. IMO, Ron Paul should stop trying to sell himself to the sheeple by making videos like this. It does more harm than good.

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