Weekly Roundup (Nov 14 – 20)

Global Governance Archive’s weekly news roundup and commentary on the worldwide process of integration.


The calls continue to come in for the death of the dollar, besides the beta Bancor (IMF Special Drawing Rights), they say the Chinese Yuan will replace the US Toilet Paper currency within ten years.

The excellent analysts over at GEAB say $30 trillion in ghost assets will soon disappear, leading to more collapsed banks in the first half of 2012.

As we all know, banks are beginning to do some early Spring cleaning of accounts, such as happened to Gerald Celente.

Silver is set to surpass $50 in 2012. Double down!

The Federal Reserve has now become the biggest holder of US debt, surpassing China.

Every few months, the ratio continues to narrow, now 1 in 5 US children are poor.

Australia has passed the green excuse for totalitarian global warming government via an economy-destroying “carbon tax”. (See THIS graphic which details more of the green scam).

Finally, the Israel-Palestine shuffle continues as some seek to destroy archaelogical evidence for Jewish and Christian history.


Big news on the war front. The Russians warn of the growing risks of nuclear war by crazies running Western governments.

The Arab press is predicting the GWOF (Global War on Freedom), also known as the “First Great War of the 21st Century” or “World War III”, will go regional with Syria. Indeed, the US plot for this has been revealed. Of course, we all know about General Wesley Clark’s revelation that this plan goes as far back as 1991.

The Russians are warning of foreign intervention in Syria. Indeed, Russian ships have entered Syrian waters in a bid to postpone WWIII.

US/UK intervention would lead to an Islamic takeover and death of thousands of Christians. They are already in secret talks with Syrian opposition. And secret Israel Iran attack plans. And arming the UAE with bunker buster bombs. And testing hypersonic flying bombs.

Regional Integration

As detailed here previously, not only is Australia spearheading the “global tyrannical warming” movement, they are at the heart of the “new world order.”

Burma will be chairing the ASEAN.

The former Soviet states are laying down the foundations for a EURASIAN UNION.

The European Union has a memo released detailing its planned secret slide toward totalitarianism. As well as its desire for a new “Holy Roman Empire”, while also claiming that water does not hydrate. In the meantime, European court jester Nigel Farage dances on the Euro grave.

The “Total Information Awareness” & Police State Grid

Finally, Congress in their eternal wisdom declares pizza a vegetable.

The LA airport and US schools continue to roll out biometric identification.

3 comments to Weekly Roundup (Nov 14 – 20)

  • Prudentis

    Oh man.
    You really should stop believing what you read so blindly …

    The story about water in particular is a plain lie. If you read the EU paper, you might understand, why this ruling was right and that noowhere does the commision state, that water does not hydrate or is even unhealthy, as the Telegraph claims.
    The ruling is just not permitting a company to market water as medicine against dehydration. This is not saying, that water is unhealthy or doesn’t hydrate. This is common sense.
    We do not need “warning hot” on our coffee mugs in europe, because it is considered common sense and no court in Europe would give you a cent if you burn yourself drinking it. I heard MCD was sued for this, but than again, that may also be an urban legend.


  • Obama & Cameron should stop interfering in the middle east and Gulf States, you should solve your internal problems before becoming world police. You are calling for democracy and human wright ,where you cann’t go by in your countries. So, stop interfering in our affairs because we take care of our own. We know your bad intentions and your greeds in our countries wealth.

    • Silver Shield

      There are a few hundred psychopathic men that blind us at home, enslave us with debt, and spread death throughout the world in the futile pursuit of try to become gods and control all of humanity.
      Their days are numbered and we are working hard to wake people up to the horrific reality we have been actively or passively supporting.

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