The One True Religion

Northern Conservative Fundamentalist Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912.

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  • Silver Eagle

    Denominational differences is Christianity’s biggest obstacle. All, for the most part, agree on the the fundementals of who Jesus Christ is, His sacrific paid for the sins of those that accept His gift and sacrific, etc, etc. Still Christianity boils down to a relationship NOT a set of rules and regulations (religion). That is what the yoke the Pharasies placed upon the people. When people ask me if I am a religious person, I say no. When they ask what my religion is, I answer “my relationship is with Jesus Christ”. When they ask what Church I belong to, I answer I attend a Baptist Church I belong to Jesus Christ’s church.

    I wish people would stop looking at Christianity as a religion. Religion is a set of rules placed upon you that you can never follow or keep. Christianity is a relationship with the God of the Universe, the one that was there when the foundations of the world were laid, the one who paid for the sins that you as a human could never pay for.

    All our differences will be resolved when we have the mind of Christ and all is revealed to us at His coming.

  • kel

    I find it doubtful that Jesus existed as a living human.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Unity is divine, division is human. Any religion that can be discussed, preached, and killed in the name of has nothing to do with God. It’s a product of man’s greed.

    If you judge others – you are an atheist. If you judge others and insist that you believe in God – you are an atheist liar. How much simpler can it get?

    Yet the most amazing thing is that this essence (above) is the core of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. (I can’t say anything about Islam as I can’t read Arabic.) Even after millenia of crippling translations, revisions and commentaries, there is still a good deal of refreshing truth.

    Alas, Jews don’t read Torah – they heed to commentary on commentary on Torah, and Christians, while allowed to read Gospels, are told how to understand them.

    One true religion is living the way I want, because this is how God (a.k.a the Reason For Everything) created me for reasons beyond my understanding – and letting others live the way they want, because this is how God created them for reasons beyond my understanding.

  • SadMan

    The one true church belonging to Christ has always been there and it has never changed. It is men through out the years that have changed what it is.

    They changed it for many different reasons, whether political gain, financial gain, power or whatever. But that doesn’t mean there is a problem with the church of Christ. It means there is a problem with men.

    If I went to a doctor for a broken finger and he takes my kidney out, does that mean that all doctors are bad and wrong? NO! The practice of medicine is not any less a need because of the malpractice of one man claiming to be a doctor. If 99% of all doctors are bad does that mean that all medicine practice is bad? NO! It just means that most aren’t practicing proper medicine.

    If you plant an apple seed what do you get? An apple tree. How about an orange seed… you guessed it, an orange tree.

    The Bible is a seed, you plant it, and you get a Christian. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The Bible, God, Christianity hasn’t changed, but just like our Constitution, man has perverted it, changed it to fit their agenda.

    Is the Constitution bad? NO! Should we throw it away because bad men did bad things to it? NEVER! Is it meaningless or worthless because many are ignorant of its purpose? NO!

    The power of those words are still true today. Whether you’re speaking of the Bible or the Constitution. What matters is what we do with those words today.

    Don’t let the perversion of men and what they say about those words keep you away from the only words that give you life (the Bible) and liberty (the Constitution).

    Acts 2:38

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    >> The Bible is a seed, you plant it, and you get a Christian.

    The Bible is a book. If someone tried to build her life on a Dr. Zeuss’s book (its high educational value notwithstanding), that would be weird. How is it not weird to build one’s life on a book written by generations of anonymous authors?

    Books are somebody else’s words. The seed, on the other hand, is you.

    >> Acts 2:38

    Catch-22 77:55

  • Joe (Well-Armed Lamb)

    Christianity is bullshit. Here’s why. No one really practices it.

    Here are THREE fundamental issues of Christianity. I submit that you CANNOT be a Christian if you violate these laws, yet people do it constantly.

    1) Thou shalt not kill. There are NO caveats to this. No killing of fetuses, no killing of death row inmates, no killing in war.

    2) Love your enemy. Self-evident. We’d never go to war if this were the case. I’m not talking about protecting yourself, I’m talking about lying about the reasons, as Bush did, going into a country which had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and decimating it. How is that Christian in the least?

    3) Turn the other cheek. Literally, if you are a true Christian, it would be IMMORAL to retaliate on ANY country which was suspected of 9/11. Yet we’ve practically turned the entire Middle East into a powder keg. How is this Christian AT ALL.

    How do you Christians reconcile this? Any of this? Why do you allow it to go on? Why aren’t you, in mass, refusing to pay your income taxes and refusing to serve in the military?

    Please, don’t insult my intelligence by saying that it is OK for Christians to defend themselves. I completely agree, but in NO WAY were any of the above scenarios about “defending ourselves”.

    If Jesus Christ were alive today and in the United States, I assure you he would have something to say about all of this…so why do none of his followers speak up? There are a lot of Christians on this forum. I’ve heard them praise the police actions against peaceful protesters (AGREE WITH THEM OR NOT, IS NOT THE POINT), yet Jesus Christ would BE ONE OF THE PROTESTORS.

    I’ve said enough. I’m disgusted with this country, this religion, indeed, this world.

    You want to know the TRUTH about things?

    Edi Amin said it best:

    I eat them before they eat me.

    THAT is the truth of the world you live in and you support. All of you so-called Christians. You disgust me…and so to the Muslims. This “I eat them before they eat me” bullshit is then gilded with Christianity. It’s sick.

  • Mike Hart

    Jesus was the original Christian with a unique message. He came, IMHO, to save the Jews from their relationship with YAHWEH. YAHWEh is the god of the Old Testament. The god of the Old Testament sure comes across like a psychopath, what with all the “take their country, destroy their cities, enslave their people, etc etc. ”

    Compare YAHWEH with the God that Jesus spoke about. They are completely different. AFter Jesus died the church was established and then hijacked by Paul, who recreated it in the spirit of the O;d Testament. Hence all the nasty stuff in Christianity that Jesus certainly had nothing to do with. Read the Gospel of Thomas. It’s time for a real reformation of Christianity back to its original source.

    PS Islam is also a Religion of the Book. It sure looks like YAHWEH and ALLAH share the same intolerant, authoritarian, power-hungry and domineering spirit of despotism.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @ Mike Hart:

    >> It sure looks like YAHWEH and ALLAH share

    YHWH means something like “will stay alive”. The name Eve comes from the same root (we owe our lives, our being here to her), as well as the Hebrew word for “experience”. This is the concept the root conveys: being alive, being present, existing. There is hardly any evil connotation here.

    Allah means “the one above”. Another word of Judeo-Christian God, Elohim, comes from the same Semitic root. Elohim is plural, by the way, as well as the name Sabaoth. Elohim means “the ones above”, Sabaoth means “armies”. The name of El Al, Israeli airline, has the same root – it means “upwards, to the heights”.

    What Allah and YHWH do indeed share is biography: initially introduced by prophets, they got quickly repurposed by slimeballs.

    They are no more intolerant or authoritarian than gravity or a computer program or a live wire: you are your worst enemy. Now, their PROMOTERS and INTERPRETERS, on the other hand… Aaron to Moses, Paul to Jesus – these guys are lloyds blankfeins and hanks paulsons of human heart.

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