Robert Greenwald- Keeping The Paradigm Going

I have looked at all of these well funded documentaries that are stinging criticisms of the current Fascist Corporate Capitalistic state.  Guys like Michal Moore and Rober Greenwald offer well produced attacks on the current corrupt order, but fail to offer anything but the same old collectivist, socialistic, communistic failed ideas in its place.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem.”  -Albert Einstein

These men along with Occupy Wall St and even the Tea Party will fail in all of their attempts, because they are essentially a collectivist answer to a collectivist problem. If you want to solve a collectivist problem you must seek an individualist answer.  If you want to solve war you must engage in non-violent, non compliance.  If you want to solve debt, you must invest in real, tangible assets.  If you want to solve fear and propaganda, you must pursue love and understanding.  Anything else is a waste of time.

“We cannot change the world to make yourself happy or free. We must change ourselves to make the world happy and free.” -Silver Shield

On top of Robert Greenwald keeping the false left right paradigm going in this contrived Hegelian Dialectic, he also diverts our attention from the real root of these problems the owners of the worlds central banks like the Rothschilds and the Rockfellers.  He focuses on the pawns of these true masters of our world.

My hope is that The Greatest Truth Never Told gains the amount of traction these very successful filmmakers have, but advances the conversation so that we can finally be truly free.

1 comment to Robert Greenwald- Keeping The Paradigm Going

  • Twisted Titan 4040

    MM is the biggest ultra socialist alive.

    He tries to demonize the system that has kept him very well fed.

    He also was a major shareholder of Haliburton stock. so while he was parading around about what we need to do for the troops he was hansomely profiting off their blood money.

    Effing pig.


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