Prepping For The Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas were times to be thankful and give praise that we have are happy, healthy and free.  Now times have changed and we need to get back to a world that is real.  So let’s use this holiday season to change the tune of this holiday season.  I was reading the Drudge Report this morning and an article popped out at me and got me thinking.

Survival Shops Report Spike in Sales to People Preparing for 'Collapse' of Society...

This holiday season, instead of buying some cheap Chinese toys or slippers, buy something for your friends and family that has real value and shows that you put some real thought and care into their gift.  We are in a paradigm where things that hurt us, are valued, and things that help us, are shunned.  Kids want violent video games, but don’t want to read.  Teens want cash, but don’t understand the value of silver.  Wives want purses, and not storeable food to feed their children.  Husbands want football jerseys and not the means to defend their families.

Instead of buying into this ridiculous, consumerism mentality of meaningless gifts, give the gift of a reality coming.  I am of course of the strong opinion that the gift of awakening is the most incredible gift to give.  Having someone being able to see the world as it is and being able to stay ahead of the curve, is a generational wealth gift.  I have set up a free gift you can give to everyone you know.  By entering the emails of your friends, families, employees and others they will receive an anonymous free gift of 5 of our most eye opening reports including…

  1. The 5 Stages of Awakening- See the exact process of how people become awakened and totally free.
  2. The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield- The groundbreaking report that has been read by over 300,000 people worldwide and translated into 7 languages.
  3. The Two Coming American Revolutions- There is a fork in the road to revolution. One road takes us back to our Constitutional roots; the other down to tyranny of Collectivism.
  4. 30 Reasons to Get Out of Real Estate and Into Real Assets- You will never look at your Real Estate investments the same after this report.
  5. 5 Places NOT to be During the Dollar Collapse- See the 5 places you do not want to be near when the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar happens.

They will also get a free link to join the massive Sons of Liberty Academy if they want to go further down the path of truth. This is something that will have a deep impact on those that you love and if they do not fully appreciate it now, it is the thought that counts.


Let’s be honest, most people want something to unwrap on Christmas Day, so awaken someone with a life changing book.  You can simply say that, “this is a book that changed my life and I hope it does for you too.”  I have been asked to list all of the 240+ books I read to gain as much knowledge I have in creating the Sons of Liberty Academy. Well here is the entire list and more. (Click here.)

If books aren’t the thing you are looking for, how about some DVD’s? Here is a compilation of some of the best movies out there to awaken the people in your lives. (Click here.)

If you are all about giving clothing, try Don’t Tread On Me to replace the idiocy that the teenagers are wearing and replace it with cool rock and roll, patriotic gear.  These shirts are not only worn by rockers like Metallica and Chris Daughtry, but are also the official clothing maker of our Academy.  Even if they do not get what they are wearing, it is a great way of planting a seed where liberty can grow.
If you want to create a life long memory for someone, give them the gift of precious metal.  I remember the first time I held a gold coin as a small child in my grandfather’s house.  It was an event that eventually lead me to where I am today.  Seeing and holding real money and knowing what it meant, is something that far too many people are deprived of today.  You can give Silver Eagles or better yet Constitutional Silver.  Enclose in your card a quick story about how this used to be worth a dollar back when our money had read tangible value. Through the constant devaluation of our money through money and debt creation, our entire life’s savings has been systematically destroyed.  This coin in your hand is the only way to protect yourself from this mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar.  Once they have that coin they cannot ignore it and they will not throw it away.  Day after day they will see this coin and the gears will begin to churn.

Nitro-Pak--The Emergency Preparedness Leader
Worried that your family does not have enough preps? Spread load your family’s preps wrapped in pretty wrapping paper on Christmas day. There are massive sales going on at many of the stores that support this blog.  These advertisers have supported this site and given us a place to voice our dissenting voice upon the world. Take a look at the gear that will have tremendous value after the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar.  Storable food, Water Filters and really cool gear will eventually be the new iPad and Tickle Me Elmo. So what if you are a little early for that trend. :)


8 comments to Prepping For The Holidays

  • Ben

    Excellent ideas Chris.

    One of the things I will be giving this year are pre-1964 silver quarters. I recently gave 2 to my brother for his birthday. At first he thought I was a cheapskate and was joking with him, but I sort of used it as a teachable moment. I asked him if he actually knew the value of them. We looked it up together online and he was rather dumbfounded. BUT! It got him to use his knoggin’and he is now looking to get some more “pre-1964” silver and or bullion. It sounds rather corny, but I like to use this as a teaching tool.

    You can talk all you want to people about silver, the economy, politics or the “general state of man” but as you stated, when you hold something tangible, it becomes real. I also tend to think that is when the magic happens. I have used this practice 3 times with people in the recent past and it has worked each and every time. It gets people to think and using there brain. I know this is an old practice but it truly does wor! In the past, people have told me how awesome bungee jumping is, or horseback riding is, or shooting a bow and arrow….all that talk is interesting…but it is in the DOING that you actually get to experience the joy of self-discovery….and have some fun along the way.

    Good stuff as usual.

    I hope you have a good Holiday season.

    I enjoy your site very much.

    Take care and may your family be safe and blessed.


  • Bob

    Great post Ben. Can anyone recommend a good place to purchase freeze-dried foods? Thanks,

  • TMR

    Costco has GREAT deals on freeze dried foods…even free shipping.

  • lastmanstanding

    Bob… Haven’t found anyone yet who can beat their prices…there is alot out there and it varies considerably.

  • Prudentis

    Can anone recommend places to buy freeze-dried in Germany or Europe?
    No mountain House or Saratoga dealers I know of here.

  • brock

    My wife and I bought six months of freeze dried food storage from daily bread. We even tested a sample and it was really quite good. I wasn’t prepared for how good it was going to be. And for how easy it was too. And the storage was/is super easy and lasts for 25 years.

  • Bob

    Thanks to all of you guys for the links & suggestions; these are all great and much appreciated.

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