Who is Nigel Farage?

Nigel Farage is the leader of the political party known as the United Kingdom Independence Party, and is also an elected Member of the European Parliament for the South East Counties of England.

Known for his coherent, concise, and often humorous speeches, the former City of London employee has garnered a good reputation for exposing the truth about the incompetent and deluded technocrats of Brussels.

In a recent outburst, Mr Farage openly stated that the commission “should be sacked”, and has often been fined by the commission for the wording in his speeches.

I personally received many emails regarding Nigel’s recent thought-provoking tirade, and I’m sure that many people –myself included – enjoy watching someone tell the delusional self-appointed dictators of Brussels to shove their policies up-their-ass.

However, unlike many that have perhaps never encountered Farage, I’ve often been suspicious of the man’s motivation and intent.  I therefore responded to my emails and Chris Duane’s blog post with the simple question: Is Farage a shill?

Please note that this is a question and not an answer.  In other words I’m not saying that Nigel is a shill; I am merely raising the possibility.

The responses I received to my question were quite amusing to say the least.  The best was written by a man who’s earned my respect over the past few weeks; the founder and co-ordinator of the grass-roots movement known as ‘tgl’.  Peter’s response to my question was:

No doubt Farage hankers after his youth while watching that world fall apart {the hedge-fund industry}…it’s his heritage and he has to handle it his way; at least he bothers and plays the game!..in my view, it would be both naive and hypocritical to expect impartiality from any politician.”

I agree with Peter up-to-a-certain-point, but as the European Union has never been popular in England, and the resentment towards it grows exponentially, I believe that although Farage ‘bothers to play the game’, his ‘playing’ could prove to a problem in the people’s escape from usury.

I agree with those that state, “The City of London must be closed-down, and the practice of usury outlawed in this land.

Another man that has earned my respect over the past eight-or-so months is Chris Duane.  In one of his articles Chris advises people to be wary of pied-pipers.

It is with this notion of pied-pipers that I intend to examine Farage’s speeches and statements.

The City Of London

To verify someone’s opinion on a topic there are a variety of direct and inferred methodologies that can be implemented, but for this particular article I decided to let Nigel speak for himself, and therefore opted for direct quotes from his speeches or written articles.  Beneath are a few quotes with the links attached.

“  my grandfather and father were both stockbrokers and I spent 20 years on the London Metal Exchange. Indeed both of my sons are now in the City, and I want to fight to defend it.”  Link:one.

This tax {proposed EU Financial Transaction Tax} could cost the City of London an estimated £47bn a year, 80 per cent of the entire EU take.” Link:two

UKIP quotes:

UKIP is urging campaigners to remember that the City of London generates thousands of jobs for those outside of the financial sector.”

UKIP has just launched its campaign to protect the City of LondonLink:three



Nigel is, however, quite bullish on gold, and openly states so.  This would be in direct contrast to the banking-sector shills that try to convince people that gold is in a bubble, or that gold is not money.

“…. where would I want my money to be, in gold and silver or bank shares, I think I know what the answer is…”

“… the western worlds finances are in the most horrifying mess, our banking industry has been allowed to get completely out of control, we’ve got a Eurozone crisis in Europe that is far far far from over and if I was long on Gold, yes, I would stay long on Gold… ” Link:four

On occupy Wall Street

“…it seems even more the case to me, that Occupy – in looking to besiege the stock exchange – has chosen the wrong target.”

The banking collapse was caused, more than anything, by bad government policy and the total failure of bad regulation, rather than by greed…”

The main targets for Occupy should be the EU Central Bank and the EU commissionLink:five


It’s clear that Nigel Farage and his political party UKIP are in full support of the corporate power known as the City of London.  He readily admits that he wants to defend ‘the City’ and four generations of his family have worked or currently work in Rothschild’s fiefdom.

So, who is Nigel Farage?  Why does he defend the usury epicentre whilst attacking the European Union?  Why is he willing to discuss the potential gains in gold?  Why does he support campaigning against the European Central Bank, and not the ‘City of London’?

I don’t know, but as Chris states – beware of pied-pipers.


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  • Average Joe

    Anyone who understand more about this fiat money we have won’t trust on this paper money, they’ll keep printing more of it and it will be debased forever… pushing for gold isn’t a real problem and he’s been investing on gold for a long time already just like Ron Paul also did because they understand what’s going on.

    So what you want to say is Farage wants to defend City of London interests. That’s fine. I see no problem in defending the City of London. And he’s right in doing that.

    He attacks European Union because, it would take freedom from the British people and the power should be local not on higher levels. The more local the power is the better for the people. It’s dangerous to country sovereign to say the least about the EU Union, not on the interest of well informed British people.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @ Average Joe:

    >> European Union … would take freedom from the British people

    Take what, sorry? British people are a good generation ahead of Americans on the road to Arbeit macht frei.

    >> The more local the power is the better for the people.

    As soon as your rulers stop recognizing you in the street, as soon as they start putting armed goons between you and themselves, and the dialog between you two transforms into you paying whatever bill they send you, it doesn’t matter whether the power is local or galatic: your person is equally irrelevant in their game.

    >> I see no problem in defending the City of London.

    What would you say, if a man wanted to be your doctor with the following approach: “Well, you have cancer. I vehemently oppose this cancer, and insist that we supplant your bad foreign cancer with our good local cancer. My grandfather, my father, myself and my sons have been working on it, so it’s much better for you.”

  • Average Joe

    @Mustafa Cohen:

    Sure, the british people are loosing their freedoms and EU Union is just another step to less freedom and less power to the people.
    The power being local is always better than ‘galatic’ powers.

  • Silver Shield

    Thank you for this look at Nigel.
    I do not mind the crimInals as much as the criminals dressed as sheep or worse sheep dogs.

    With this new knowledge it would seem Nigel is an eloquent spokesman for the Rothschilds Anglo American Empire.

    As far as his stance on gold, the Rothschilds love gold to just not debt free honest money for us.

  • rainmaker

    This is a good question, but the Germans and the EU are looking to tax the British and City of London (OK they say it is a financial tax in the EU, but the majority of the financial transactions come from the City of London and through Britain, so it stands to reason, the EU and Britain are in tussle, and perhaps the currency issue with respect to the Pound-Euro has something to do with it?) At least Farage stands up. (Unlike the majority of the rest of the politicians that bend over) Is Farage a shill? He looks and sounds like a politician in bankers clothing :-) At least he is entertaining. I love it when he hammers Van Rumpuy and the rest and they all squirm in discomfort. It does make you wonder if it is all just theatre.

    Check out this article by the Trumpet. (Its an interesting site, but you have to take into consideration that it shares similar religious tenents as Romney, Beck and Becks good friend Huntsman, which by the way, could be a whole different debate) http://www.thetrumpet.com/?q=8847.7614.0.0

    There are also a few interesting articles about Guttenberg on the Trumpet. Like most sites on the internet now, you have to sift through the information to discern what is news information and what is propaganda.

  • Gareth

    @ Average Joe: Both the Rothschild Fiefdom known as ‘the City’ and the European Union are dysfunctional entities of a soon-to-be bygone age. They’re both ‘evil’ and the pendulum ‘powershift’ is from evil to good. i.e. don’t worry about them winning, just expose them and prepare for the next paradigm.

    @Mustaf: “Well, you have cancer. I vehemently oppose this cancer, and insist that we supplant your bad foreign cancer with our good local cancer. My grandfather, my father, myself and my sons have been working on it, so it’s much better for you.” LOL

    @Chris: That’s my hypothesis, yes. Just checking it over with others. Thanks you for warning us all about pied pipers. UKIP has a growing membership as the Conservative party supporters ‘jumpship’ to UKIP. From one collectivism to another…..rather sad! They have some gold – far less than they claim – but they have NO silver. Ran-out last year right? Us treasury stockpile went to zero? From 50 billion ounces to zero – WOW. They wanted to literally destroy silver so let’s stop them.


  • Gareth

    @rainmaker: “It does make you wonder if it is all just theatre.” Like a faked WF wrestling match – all political arenas are theatres. Although I wouldn’t trust Gerald Celente’s advice of a 90% gold, 10% silver investment strategy, I do think he’s correct when he says politics is “showbusiness for ugly people” LOL!

  • Kane Bonkers

    He’s the only “politician” I’ve seen in contemporary times that has the balls to call it the way it is! To bad he’s not American! To bad we don’t 535 of him here!

  • rainmaker

    Gareth, your posts and articles are grand. But I gotta tell you, WRESTLING IS REAL. Next your going to tell me there is no Santa Clause. Or no Easter Bunny. (I might be wrong, but Farange seems to be a bit player in the Hegelian slight of hand. He’s loud and outrageous but not enough to change the outcome one way or another.)

    You will find this link interesting about JP Morgan buying an interest and now having the the largest interest in the London Metals Exchange. Rather ironic isn’t it? http://business.financialpost.com/2011/11/24/jp-morgan-buys-more-sway-in-lme-takeover-battle/

    Chris, love the site and the work. Keeps me sane. Its nice to know that others are awake out there. Its kinda strange to be in society everyday and watch the Stepfords go about their business.

    I keep hoping that Farange and others like him that speak out are not part of the Hegelian preformance that has been going on for hundreds of years now. But then again, I still believe in Santa Claus.

  • bogbeagle

    Farage is quite likeable, I admit.

    But, Mustafa is right. Farage, like all the rest, merely wishes to grab hold of the levers of power. And then, like all the rest, he will tax you and legislate you.

    Fundamentally, he believes that the State exists to exert authority over the individual … like all the rest of them.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    @ Kane Bonkers:

    >> He’s the only “politician” […] to call it the way it is

    The enemy of my enemy is not automatically my friend. Think ahead: when/if he is in power, whose interests do you think the armed goons will protect – yours or his? Will you have enough gold to pay them? Will you connive at their selling drugs to your children and molesting them in exchange for “loyalty”?

    The only person who represents you and has nothing but your interests at heart is you.

  • James Scott

    I don’t think he’s a shill, but he isn’t our knight in shining armour either. What’s the elite’s modus operandi….owning both sides of every conflict?? It doesn’t matter who appears to be vying for positions of power, the real power will always remain, one tier above in the shadows.

  • nigel uk

    Gareth – due respect for putting this together as you said you would. If you level it all out the answers imho appear to be –
    who is Nigel Farage? – A Nationalist politician, who by virtue of parentage has worked in the city of london.
    Why does he defend the usury epicentre whilst attacking the European Union? Because as a Nationlist politician he appreciates that if the EU are allowed to regulate it and tax it, his aspirations to use the city to the benifit of the nation/UKIP will be lost forever.
    Why is he willing to discuss the potential gains in gold? Maybe he is on the same wavelength as those who understand the difference between fiat and the stuff you can hold – most likely better than most given 20 yrs at the exchange
    Why does he support campaigning against the European Central Bank, and not the ‘City of London’? as stated – what nationalist politico would give up 47bn of taxable revenue?
    The real unknown with Farage is his relationship with the City of london as a state within a state, you have to assume that he knows considerably more than us after working in the metals exchange (surely the fulcrum between the city of london government and the cities finacial element) and I’m not aware of him passing comment on it.
    I do find it hard to believe that he is in the sway of the City Government ie roths and co, only in so much as he, through his actions appears to be of no use to them ie – publically long on gold, wants to protect and maintain sovereignty, disses the Eu in their own house (with little or no mainstream media coverage) Is he a pied piper? I’d expect them to take an easier path. Could he be a sump for public dissent? that is possible, we have the UKIP/EDP/SNP/CYMRU/BNP all vying for the sovereign vote – with ukip holding the biggest share.
    Yet I am struck by then fact that the bbc have stopped refering to him as a fruit cake and now appear to exercise caution. Lets enjoy his performances, take him at face and judge him by his actions – if he ever gains power, it will be in the expectation of delivering financial regulation – only then will it be clear as to his relationship, and never will we be so close to having them (the city) in our hand.

  • Gareth

    @rainmaker: ‘they’ all rush to London when they’re on the retreat. We have a few surprises for them.

    @James: I agree, best to avoid hierarchical political parties completely.

    @nigel: ‘They’ probably have more than one pied-piper; each playing different tunes. ‘They’ don’t care which collectivism ‘we’ join so long as they control it. Like jobs, ‘they’ give us a variety of political parties to choose from.

    Think on……………………….

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