Why cities are not a good place to be during a collapse

This is one example why a city is not the place to be during a collapse. This is the behavior of shoppers during a black Friday event. All this over $2 waffle irons.


True, not a collapse but, if they behave that way over waffle makers that they do not need, how would they behave over water or food during a crisis?

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  • Andy in the UK

    I have been watching a few of these videos, some of which show hair pulling, elbowing to the face, tripping, punching, and even a shopper pepper spraying her way to the front of a que! – all for the sake of saving a few dollars on some piece of useless plastic (or something that will become useless plastic if the power goes off!).

    I have also watched some videos where the cops / security smack down shoppers and also use pepper spray – fast becoming the norm these days it seems…….

    Having watched these videos I have now almost lost hope that people will act in any reasonable and organised way during a food or water crisis (unless they are compelled to do so through the threat of force). If people act in this ‘savage’ way to obtain things they dont need, then just how far will they go to get things they do need (especially when they are hungry and thirsty)?

    Perhaps this is the ‘plan’ – order out of chaos and all that NWO stuff……

  • lastmanstanding

    It would be fair to say that here in the US, most of these people support the elites. After all they are the ones who for the most part don’t work for the money that they have in their pockets…people with no respect for other people…just another elite test of their human drones.

    Just wait til there is no money, food, etc. available for them…there will only be one way to deal with them then.

    perhaps this is the “plan.”

    Hope you all have your plan.

  • Twisted Titan 4040

    Please show me where the 50 rd boxes of +P+ ammo going for 5 dollars is

  • Fred762

    The PTB/Big$$$boys have been planning “Helter Skelter” in the US cities for 30-40 years IMHO. This OWS crapola is just the beginning.

    They have been delaying bks they haven’t yet been able to disarm the US population, but it seems that they now feel enuf sheeple are brainwashed [from 2 generations of pubic skule] that they can go ahead. Also the recent rise if alternate news/internet/conservative talk radio has scared them badly IMHO, bkz it has ruined their liberal monopoly on news.

    Their ultimate game is hegelian: They(B$$Bs) finance OWS and cause wide-spread rioting(helter skelter) and then the sheep will be wailing FOR the gvt to “do something”..THEN…their gvt goons will be called in the declare Martial Law and stop the rioting. Reasult: Martial Law and the end of the Constitution as we know it[Read about hegelian]. I call it not TEOTWAWKI, but TEOTCAWKI!!! Might be the same thing, huh??
    IMHO…. You cannot survive IN the cities!!! You better have a safe place to GO to, and yer sh*t together asap. rant off. I say buy guns, food, King James Bibles & precious metals: gold, silver, BRASS and LEAD.

  • lastmanstanding

    Fred762…obama has hardly mentioned gun “issues” so far…If he gets in next year, It will be a full fucking assault on the 2nd amendment…and unfortunately there will only be one way to deal with it since “they” have absolutely no regard for the US Constitution, the American people and “liberty and justice for all.”

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