Unilever: “People are not robots. We can’t be programmed.”

At 0:27 they say what’s in the title. The rest of the video is a step-by-step guide to programming people.

There is no contradiction: Statement A “People are not robots”  is not related to Statement B “We, Unilever, can’t be programmed”.

Unilever’s 5 Levers For Change

3 comments to Unilever: “People are not robots. We can’t be programmed.”

  • LoL, right. People are not robots, but their approach is tantamount to training an animal. Those same 5 steps are applied in animal training. So, I am not an animal either, I am a living soul, possessing sentient consciousness that can see through a facade when presented with one. I have the ability to critically ponder a problem and conclude my own synthesis, rather than accept their Hegelian dialectic. We all have this power, yet many desire to ignore it and be trained like a dog.

    The Unilever approach, is just such a facade. A happy go lucky, sugar coated load of bunk designed with the nitwit in mind, that will except their “programming” like the “dogs” they are.

  • My conditioned response is not to salivate…
    rather, it is something extraordinary and certainly unpredictable…

  • Valerie64

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