What The Hell Happened While I Was Gone?

Okay, I admit it, I was gone and completely out of touch for a few days. Then I checked my computer and what do I see? Huh? Did I see anything about the economy collapsing? NO! DID I see anything about the Euro collapsing? The price of gold and silver being manipulated? NO! DID I see anything about congress trying the biggest power grab in the history of this country? NO!

You know what I saw? Okay, this is uncle CC here, you know what I saw? This is what I saw on the front page of FOX F**king NEWS. “Weapons Cache Found In Zucotti Park.” Okay, I am a Vietnam and Middle East vet so this is what my pea brain is thinking. Hmmm, a weapons cache. Must have been AK-47’s SKS’s, RPG’s, a few land mines, some bouncing Betty’s, hey, and throw in a couple of Willie Peters, right? No!

Do you know what the testicle-less, penis lacking police in New York City found? Guess! Barrett sniper rifles? M24 sniper rifles? AR-15’s with night vision and enhanced optics with teflon coated bullets? No! They found some kitchen knives. WHAT??!! Kitchen knives!!

My God, how can they let this go unpunished? I think the F.B.I., C.I.A. and the rest of the alphabet Gestapo need to descend on Zuccotti Park and these kitchen knives and bring the perpetrators to justice.

My God! They may have slaughtered a steak, pork loin, or maybe even a turkey. Hello? Throw in some gravy and it could have been a massacre. Do you think so you dickless, cahone-less, bunch of bureaucratic S.O. B’s? Do you think maybe a bunch of terrorist hang out at Bed, Bath and Beyond just to buy kitchen knives to plan their next terrorist operation in the united states of America where Freeborn Americans carry guns for self defense and the defense of their nation? Do you think, for just one f***ing minute that my 90 year old mother-in-law or my 90 year old mother would be intimidated by a terrorist carrying a box cutter? Hell no!!! Haven’t you ever heard of a hat pin? Dumb terrorist bastards haven’t ever heard of the American secret weapon called a hat pin. Hell, my mother could skewer two or three jihadist with a hat pin and roast them for shish-ke-babs. If Mama Ethel got out of her wheelchair, and she can if she wants to, she could cut at least two of the jihadist before they could overpower 100 or 200 dickless men on a plane and crash it into anything. Where did all these dickless men come from, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey? I think Snooki has bigger balls than the men in New Jersey.

I have come to the conclusion that the men, and I am talking to those individuals that used to be called men, if they really had any cahones, you know those two egg-shaped useless appendages hanging between your leg. If you really had any real men in the whole F***ing state of New York, you guys would stand up to tyranny and quit playing patty cakes with your buddies in the shower and fight back. Don’t any of you have any balls? Are you guys so afraid of box cutters and steak knives that you would trade your manhood? Are you so afraid of a getting a serious cut that could become infected that you would willingly give up LIBERTY? Where have all the men in America gone?

Women in this world will respect a man with balls. No I don’t mean he has to be well endowed. All I mean is that he has to show some INTESTINAL FORTITUDE. GUTS damn you!! All of the women in my family would serve as a great masculine example for most of the cops in this world. How can you let your womenfolk and children be molested by the TSA? How can you surrender your GOD GIVEN rights to the evil bastards you serve? Don’t you want to at least die on your feet like men? Or, would you rather serve on your knees? You know what happens to guys who spend a lot of time on their knees don’t you? Yeah, that’s right. It ain’t who you know, it is who you blow.

GET OFF YOUR KNEES YOU SORRY BASTARDS and stand with the women of this nation who have bigger balls than you do and fight back. Fight for your women. Fight for your children. Fight for your country and if nothing else, by GOD and the Republic, FIGHT FOR YOUR SELF RESPECT. “NUFF said.” Happy Black Friday.

 Gob Bless you all in the months to come. Time is running out and unfortunately…so are the men!

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