The Disappearance of Chivalry – George Santayana & Murder By Joystick

Dominations and Powers

There can be no doubt about it: chivalry is now thoroughly dead. Our one preoccupation is to be safe. We don’t know what we love, or if we do we don’t dare mention it. We are willing to become anything, to be turned into any sort of worm, by the will of the majority. We are afraid of starving, of standing alone. Dominations and Powers above all we are afraid of having to fight. And when nevertheless we are forced to fight, we do without chivalry…. Meantime our society has lost its own soul. The landscape of Christendom is being covered with lava; a great eruption and inundation of brute humanity threatens to overwhelm all the treasures that artful humanity has created. Brute humanity has the power to destroy polite humanity, because it retains the material equipment of modern industry which has recently grown upon man like a fresh hide, horns, and claws. Armed with this mechanism, any hand at headquarters can spread death and ruin over the earth…. Then the really great war, in the modern sense of greatness, would begin… It will be a war of extermination establishing absolute power. There will be no consideration of rights or liberties, no talk of honor, and no nonsensical chivalry” – GEORGE SANTAYANA, Dominations and Powers

The Disappearance of Chivalry?  Dear God; For want of Humanity in a world gone mad. – IP

Murder By Joystick!


Does this signal a grand silent imprimatur by the predominance of the world’s populace that this “war on terror” has been granted some kind of Orwellian preemptive combat authorization? Smells that way to me.

9/11 “patriotism” has mutated into blood lust.  Sick, sick world.

And Your Inhuman leader jokes about it
to the delight of his constituents; end of video.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you…  Is this the leadership and social order our Grandfathers and Fathers served and fought to defend?  IT IS NOT MINE.

All Americans must consider the following

“The bane of humanity is we learn nothing from the horrors of past atrocities and history repeats itself. Our/Your passive acceptance of one transgression always makes way for another.  This and the belief that injustice, visited on our neighbor, will not one day come knocking at our door is the banality of evil and its final reward is death.” – Inflection Point


Also “There Are Monsters, And They Walk Among Us.” – Jesse’s Cafe Americain

”To the wicked, everything serves as pretext.” -Voltaire


Related to the psycho scrum that is DC and the Criminal Federal Reserve , see below.

Over on Zero Hedge WilliamBanzai7 published a leaked memo from ex John Boehner aids which proposes tying “Obozo the Debt Clown and the DNC Circus to Occupy Wall Street” and then discrediting them.  I’m sure hard working Americans who donate to such political organizations will be duly impressed how a mere $850K can be spent.  Also read the comment section.  It is quite interesting.  As such, we commented as follows:

“”The most craven, corrupt and insidious forces” providing cover for complicit supporters of financial terror; Classic!  The exposure of this, of course, will have the opposit effect thus playing into the hands of the money power elite (those who control the Fed and “their” “bought and paid for lawmakers”; giving themselves another opportunity to further consolidate control over the financial industry, the economy and the people.

Regulation ALWAYS benefits the largest players at the expense of the smaller. – Anthony Wile

They control the process; they control the outcome and the people get played like a desperate Las Vegas mark.”

See: Elite Money Power And The Central Bank: Life Is But A MEME

See the WilliamBanzai7 piece and always look for his highly entertaining “Visual Combat at Zero Hedge: WHaT KiND oF KaNGaRoo SHiTe DoES $850,000 BuY FRoM a K STReeT LoBBYiST?

See: “There Are Monsters, And They Walk Among Us.” – Jesse’s Cafe Americain

IP’s Upcoming Next Post:

“There are no parasites as vile, insidious and cold as the Bankers. They are the original Satanist. Stop the bankers and you stop the wars, you stop the poverty, you stop the inequality. You stop every evil financed by them and they are considerable…. It’s a wonderful irony that those who have spent a lifetime putting others into debt are now going to find themselves very very deeply in debt.”

The Forces of the Last Gasp, on Meat Street. & Operation Blackout


From: The Disappearance of Chivalry – George Santayana & Murder By Joystick

Inflection Point

2 comments to The Disappearance of Chivalry – George Santayana & Murder By Joystick

  • James

    I am confused. what is your idea of chivalry? is chivalry the defense of the inoccent against evil requiring plus a requirement for physical risk to the protector?

    if knight chopping up some brigands to defend a damsel in distress is chivalrous but a drone attack on a bunch of brigands is not where is the threshold for sufficient danger to the kinght?

  • James: I think I understand your concern. There is nothing gallant or distinguished about indiscriminate Killing. Many times these preemptive attacks kill “innocent” non combatants and children. The use of depleted uranium assures “innocents” are victimized.

    The methodology, even when taking out brigands, is a far to easy task that opens up a whole new frontier of cowardly acts and wanton murder.

    Who is the “innocent”; the American people, who condone such imprecise mechanical killing or the victims that are no threat to you and have no ties to terror? Is this the “Brand” USA< USA, USA you want to promote?

    Do you see the difference? This not "like" a video game where they "Like" kill people. IT IS KILLING FOR SAKE OF EASE AND NON-ACCOUNTABILITY. IT IS NOT CHIVALROUS!!!

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