Sick and Tired

You might think I would be naturally going to rant about the insanity of of the massive increase in derivatives over the last 6 months, the failure of the Euro zone, the complete lack of coverage of the even worse Japanese and American debt crisis, the MF Global scandal, or that silver is only up 1% this year in light of all of this massive systemic counter party risk that  will mathematically rip apart everything you know…

No, I am literally too sick and physically tired to even get up the energy to point out the massive fraud that we somehow operate in.  For two weeks I have been fighting this ridiculous cold.  No fever at all, but I lost my voice for three days last week and now I cannot talk without falling into a fit of coughs.  I am taking this as my time to recharge as I am getting plenty of rest and eating as healthy as I can.

It is times like this when you truly appreciate the Physical Freedom of being healthy and how that it trumps all other needs.  I have been bothered by a second person that is close to me getting cancer in their 30’s.  We must be extra vigilant what we put into our bodies, both with our mouth and our eyes.  The world is full of sweet or sexy poisons designed to make you weak and dependent. Protect the sacred from the profane.

I hope to get back on a normal track of recording the Silver Shield Reports and The Greatest Truth Never Told next week.  Last Tuesday I did record a very special Silver Shield Report #7 with David Morgan for his highest level members.  I believe the interview came out really well, as I tailored it for the baby boomer, fund managers that make up the majority of his highest level of subscribers.  I should have it up Monday or Tuesday.  I took this downtime to go over the next few hours of content for TGTNT and I am very excited about the content that is coming.

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  • scott

    this is for your friend that has cancer..;.. my grandfather got cured because of this man. I cannot thank him enough.

    I hope he gets better soon.

  • Country Codger


    Get to feeeling better. If you don’t take supplements, START. IF you do, you want to double up, especially on Vitamins C, D and Lysine.

    I had the great pleasure of hearing Dr. Linus Pauling speak some years ago. I believe he was 95 at the time and his mind was so clear and he was so nimble as he moved around on the stage and he advocated massive doses of vitamin C. He was also the man that received the Nobel prize for synthesizing Vitamin C.

    Good luck, God Bless and speedy recovery.

  • Twisted Titan 4040

    speedy recovery

  • Gareth

    Get well soon, bud.

    Eat healthily, keep warm, and rest your mind…….think peaceful thoughts.

  • MPB

    Get well soon Chris and take of yourself. CC’s advice is well taken with me and I concur. I have my own health issues and I am more than holding my own with VIRTUALLY no help from any modern medicine or Dr’s. In fact, I am of the belief the “establishment” healthcare is largely ANTI -Health. I am sure though this is NO surprise to you though. Natural vitamins and herbal supplements are and can be extremely beneficial. I, personally, am living proof. More on that perhaps some other time.

  • Helpful Dude

    You must get on Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)- start out at 10,000IU per day and then ratchet back to 5,000IU per day to keep levels above 65-70 ng/ml of plasma.
    You must do 2 grams of Vitamin C per day.
    Once your vitamin D3 levels are about 65-70+ then do maintenance doses.
    Go to and view the videos of Dr. John Cannell.
    Get better.

  • mong00se

    Soaking each ear for a minute or two with Hydrogen Peroxide and then allow to drain did wonders for my daughters awful cough and congestion. And be sure to take time outs Chris. I am recently having to do this myself. Picking up past hobbies has done wonders for me. Don’t know if they have disc golf courses in Ohio but I highly recommend.

  • Silverfox

    What’s up Chris. I’ll start off with my strongest point. . . “STRESS” creates it own illness!!! Even a truly healthy person can develop mild to dangerous degenerative disease due to stress. If you have stress you must find a way to let it all roll off without touching your heart. We need to be more like computer programs. . .”if this, then that” That’s just the way it is. I’m not suggesting we cease to feel, but in this respect I have the gift. I just don’t G.A.F. about very much. I read all the gloomiest news, tell the worst predictions about the future, you know. . . like all of Country Codger’s writings(love you CC). . . I see the way things are, I see what I need to do and I do it then go have lunch and give my cute wife a kiss and tell her not to worry because I’ve got it all under control. Not much grabs me and makes me feel this level of anxiety. Stress is a major factor to cancer but there are others, like, heritage, diet, environment- like high tension towers or houses built on toxic sights or old apple orchards. The cancer victim, as long as there down, should spend there time studying this disease. It’s causes and it’s cures. Good luck and best wishes. Feel better soon.

  • Andy in the UK

    @ Silverfox.

    Words of wisdom there my friend. Up until a year or two ago stress was my world. After years of anxiety and hypervigilance interspersed with periods of crushing depression I finally got diagnosed with PTSD. I’m in a much better place now but when I look back I can see the significant toll all the stress took on my body. Fitness (mental as well as physical) is not always appreciated until we loose it.

    We are all going to need to be as ‘fit’ as possible both physically and mentally if the SHTF. What I have learned over the years though is that a fit mind will always trump even the fittest body.

    The importance of staying positive (or hoping for the least worst outcome)can not be underestimated.

  • Kyle

    Hope you feel better soon Chris! Take CC’s advice and ramp up on the Vitamin C and D. I immediately start increasing the doses if i start to feel like I’m getting sick. Works every time. Never need a flue shot and I never go to the doctor. Looking forward to the next interview.

  • Marijan

    Chris take it slow. Recuperate first and than continue.
    As for those advices about supplements and shynthetic vitamines don’t. You have all that you need if you take fresh food (fruit, vegetables, meet,…) and prepare it in healthy way.
    I try to avoid all processed food as much as possible and although I work in quite harsh conditions, I have a few days per year minor cold which is delt with fresh lemon juice mixed with home made honey. Simple as that.

  • Kendall Alhaddad

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  • Frances Beaudreau

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