Kerry Lutz Interviews “Ranting” Andy Hoffman 11-29-11

Andy Hoffman a/k/a Ranting Andy joins us to discuss the breakdown of fiat money, the Western Banking Cartel and perhaps Western Civilization as we know it (One of our favorite topics). While Andy doesn’t think it will go that far, he does believe that you need to be prepared by having your wealth in items that not even and elite banker or reckless politician can debase. And you can guess what that means, precious metals, gold and silver, the only money that doesn’t represent someone else’s debt.

Andy is marketing director of Miles Franklin ( a long established reputable bullion dealer that is known for always getting you the goods. But rather than his employment dictating his beliefs, Andy’s long term confidence in metals–he’s been buying them for over a decade–led him to his current career.

And Andy is bright and very versed on the important issues of our day.

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1 comment to Kerry Lutz Interviews “Ranting” Andy Hoffman 11-29-11

  • Bob

    I love Ranting Andy! I read his emails and the Miles Franklin email every day (although I don’t read them in their entirety–impossible! Keep up the great work!!

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