My Prescription for would-be Criminals…Watch more Television

(I am sure that I will be severely criticized for this article. Please read to the end first.)

As some of you know I do not have a functioning television set. Oh, I do have a set but it is an older analog model and I use it to watch VHS and DVD movies. I have no cable or converter box, nothing!

 But, while I was visiting my sister over the holidays, I had the opportunity to watch cable television. I LOVE IT! I want all would-be criminals, all would be thugs, terrorist, muggers and anyone with criminal aspirations, this includes police and the military operating outside the Constitution, to watch more and more television.

Okay, I know you are thinking that I have lost what little sense I was born with, but hear me out. I watched NCIS, CSI and all kinds of shows I have never even heard of and there were three things that was almost universal that has a HUGE impact for anyone that is worried about their survival in a post-collapse America.

Alright, you are going to think I am making this up but watch TV for yourself and you’ll see it time after time. The first thing that I saw was that the police in the TV shows almost always held their handgun, let say he or she is right-hand dominant, in their right hand and then grabbed their flashlight with their left hand and proceeded to hold the flashlight on the right side of their handgun. This is wonderful. I hope all police and military are this stupid.

Training the military to use the crossover flashlight method. AIM for the light.

What’s the big deal? The big deal is that NOW, in a dark alley, a dark building or just in your backyard, you now have an illuminated target and know exactly where to shoot. Shoot at the flashlight and you will hit a bad guy every time. Isn’t this great! So, now if some SWAT team kicks down your door at three in the morning all you have to do is shoot at the lights and you will hit a bad guy every time you pull the trigger.

Now here is another goody to fight illegal intrusion into your domicile. Some cops didn’t think you could see their machinegun so they added a flashlight to the end of it, just below the barrel, so that it will be easier for you to hit them in the face. How? Because all the tough cops in the movies have their cheek planted firmly on the stock of the machine gun and move it everywhere they look. Shoot the light, hit a Constitution hating cop in the face. What could be simpler.

Official FBI photo. Please note flashlight beneath barrel.New police lights clamp to the gun for easier detection. AIM for the light!

Oh, this next one is hilarious.I was watching some big, bad “gangsta’” acting tough with a Glock. You are just going to have to use your imagination on this one. The bad guy grabbed a semi-automatic handgun held it above his eye level = (sight plane) and then proceeds to turn the pistol sideways with the ejection port facing up so that when he pulls the trigger the blazing hot ejected casing will flip up and hit him in the face on the way down. Now for those of you who shoot on a regular basis, who would you rather face down in a gunfight? A no nonsense combat shooter in a ready stance or some punk with his gun above his head turned sideways? I’ll take the punk and spot him a point.

Gangsta-style shooting. This is what YOU want to see.

Okay, I know this sounds silly but do you see my point? We have people being “brainwashed” into how to hold and shoot a handgun by a TV bad guy or “good” guy, depending on your point of view. Most people don’t know the difference. They honestly think this is the way things are done.

Way back in the early 70’s, I guess we were just a bunch of hicks kids, but we were trained that when you HAD to use a flashlight you used your offhand (if your right-handed then you put the flashlight in your left hand) and then moved it as far away from the body as possible, to AVOID being shot. And here is the second reason I am telling you this, listen close. If the National Defense Authorization Act is passed it won’t be anytime before YOU AND YOUR FAMILY will be in the crosshairs of this illegitimate government. You better learn to defend yourselves NOW!! Want to find out if the government thinks you are dangerous? Look here:

Semi-automatic, 8-shot capacity and fast handling

Now, if the government is going to raid your home they will most likely do it between the hours of 1:00 and 4:30 am. That is the time of the night where you are most likely to be in deep R.E.M. sleep and will be less likely to defend yourselves. Your mind will be “foggy and groggy” so shooting accurately is a problem. I recommend a 12 gauge shotgun, that will hold as many shells as possible, be kept right near your head beside your bed. I have found that the best load for self-defense is No.# 4 Buck, high brass. If your gun is 3” capable, use 3” shells. If it is 3½” capable, use those. What we chose to use in Southeast Asia was what we called Buck and Ball. The first shot is No.#4 Buck and the next shell in the magazine is a slug and then alternate when loading the magazine. This is very effective.

 Why am I telling you all this? I have been telling you that the day would come, it is not here YET, but it could come VERY SOON, that the United States military will be used against its citizens. In my book, and this is the First Book of Country Codger 101, chapter 1, verse one, “Declare war on me and I’ll declare open season on you!” And, verse 2 is, “Treat me good and I’ll treat you better. Treat me bad and I’ll treat you worse.” Or, in the words of the tough and very vivacious Ann Barnhardt “Jihad works both ways!” (That is Ann’s custom Ar-15 with custom Duracoat paint and her hand and Rosary.)



6 comments to My Prescription for would-be Criminals…Watch more Television

  • rainmaker

    Love your posts Codger. The Mossy 930 is a great weapon and a great value. Personally, I am trying to stick with Remmingtons (I like my parts to be interchangable and there are a few of those around). Have an 1187 Super Mag in M&P that I just love. When I tell you about ammo you can tell me I am a putz for putting street fuel in a race car……(At home I try to keep no 7 1/2 or 7s or even 6 shot and try for 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 powder as we got kids and I am always careful about excess ordinance and drywall thicknesses. If we are that close, those will work and might even have breaching benefit) BTW, the 1187 and 1100s dont have the same interchangeable parts/barrels as they once did (you could even fiddle with an 870 a while back) I guess we even have planned obsolence at Remmington. Like you, I have a few. I do like the new Browning because its stout and has a bottom eject like the old Ithacas so it will go both lefty or righty. But you hit it right on the head, best self defense weapon period is a 12 guage. Certainly the most versatile.

    Most important thing (I know you know,but for posting purposes): Shoot often. Shoot what you shoot well. Aim small, miss small. Clean your weapon and service it regularly.

    I also like a BBB round as well as the #4 Buck for home defense. Ever use the Aguila shorty tactical rounds? I know it seems like a novelty item, but the extra firepower (or the marketing of extra firepower) has me curious.

  • Silver Shield

    Jihad is a CIA induced bullshit. Al CIAda was created by us to be used against us to gain an excuse to invade Muslim lands that sit on “our” oil.

    I think it is silly when there is war fought over stupidity.

  • Country Codger

    I have not tried the Aquila tactical round for the 12 gauge. I do shoot a lot of Aquilas in .22. I do have one of the old Ithacas that loads and ejects though the bottom but it is a 20 gauge and is a family “heirloom” so I never shoot, just like my grandfather’s Model 12. I take them out and clean them once a year, spray with silicone and put them up.

    Couldn’t agree more. I lived in the middle-east for 4 years, in Lebanon during the height of the civil war in the late 70’s. The people were wonderful and kept my butt out of trouble many times. The CIA destroyed what little credibility this country had. I always thought that the Col. Flagg character on M.A.S.H. was very, very close to the truth. Fit the ones I knew to a T. Hope you are feeling better.

  • MPB

    Good Morning Country Codger. I am NOT criticizing you on this one nor upset either to be clear. I love all your posts! In fact, I have been waiting for one along these lines from you, OUTSTANDING! Now, having said that, and sadly more importantly, I dearly hope our own military and others are NOT turned on us but, I certainly would NOT rule it out (I heed all your warnings to be wary). And to that end, again, this is an Outstanding article and preparatory advice. God help us.

    @ Rainmaker, VERY Good advice as well, i.e. being aware that shotgun bb’s are not necessarily stopped by thin drywall layers. This one has been a concern of my from the start for in home self defense with “innocent others” present. Likewise, unless you have a thick concrete, or other wise re-inforced outer shell on your home, bullets, etc don’t have much to slow them from the outside going in either -(I believe CC has covered this in detail in other posts of his). Something to think about.

  • Steve Burgio

    I just watched this weeks’ episode of House. It had a guy that was storing a ton of guns in his house. He was waiting for the collapse of the Gov’t and they treated him as if he was paranoid. At the end, House tells him he should get his vaccines to treat the real threats (which supposedly caused his delusions) and forget about the illusionary ones. I can see that the higher ups at Fox and their parent companies can see the writing on the wall and are trying to placate the viewing public. But they must see this as a real threat if they made a whole episode based on this.

  • Chumbawamba

    In honor of the action of the Senate today I removed the Ron Paul 2008 bumper sticker off my car. I hope they’re happy.

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