Cookbook Medicine is a Collectivist Copout

What is cookbook medicine? It’s when the doctor’s judgment doesn’t reign supreme. It’s when his skill as a physician doesn’t really matter and neither does the patients need or response to treatment.

Cookbook medicine is often called “standards of practice” where the most frequently successful treatments are given to all collectively, and you as a physician are discouraged from doing what is right for the patient, but must merely follow the recipe, or you will not get the same $$ per member per month based on your HMO and PPO scores in treating disease, and your fraternity of physicians will frown at you (peer pressure) or worse you will lose your license to practice. You are told, you must do what is most often right for the collective (In the opinion of the elite) and not what is right for the individual patient.

For example:

1) The patient demonstrates symptoms of x disease
2) Do all the tests in the cookbook to verify or rule out x disease
3) X disease is indeed verified based on the criteria in the cookbook
4) Order the cookbook treatments for x disease, regardless of patient response to or desire for them. If the patient dies, it was the disease, not the treatment.

In many cases the individual needs or desires of the patient are not even recognized as legitimate. The control freakish nature of some physicians (not all) is allowed to flourish because they hold power over you and your life and in some severe cases is a power trip for them, and they feed off that control they have over you. But only if you let them that is, and think their answer is the only answer. I prefer never to give anyone that power, because it is in your power to relinquish or keep it. Just like your other freedoms you can give up your freedom of choice of treatment for the “security” of their “expertise” of only one treatment. Modern medicine is simply one opinion of many that I may or may not follow and I fully take responsibility for my choice, because it is made thoughtfully and with research and with much debate and review of all choices, not just the one the box of medicine is giving me.

A recent case comes to mind of a child who was treated in Michigan for cancer. The child became tumor free after the initial bouts of incredibly difficult therapy. The doctor wanted to follow the cookbook and give several more rounds. The child was barely able to handle the past treatments and the parents didn’t believe he could handle more, so in an effort to preserve his life they protested, with solid and good reasoning, but still the doctor pursued at great length until child protective services was called in. The parents are arguing 1) the drugs can cause major side effects (heart failure, irreversible heart damage, infertility, nerve damage etc.) 2) the drugs are not even approved to be used in children [side effects with greater frequency and higher risk seen than in adults] 3) they were not proven to be effective on the child’s form of cancer. and 4) The child is without tumors or objective evidence of cancer so why continue to make him suffer the treatments, especially when prolonged treatment causes later cancers to develop, and he is already so frail from the previous treatments. So why take the risk? This is being fought on the grounds of parental rights by the HSLDA. We use reason to decide it makes no sense to continue. The doctor pursues and says you must because that is how we treat the disease; judgment and reason play no part in it. Even without FDA approval for these indications or use in children, even with the extreme warnings and side effects. It does not matter to the cookbook.

You see, when the time comes after Obamacare has been in place and no physician can make enough money to warrant the hassle for his efforts and hours put in, there won’t be any really good ones left on the government dole, so the cookbook style medicine will work with lesser skilled medical service providers; little judgment necessary only cursory medical knowledge to categorize and recognize general types of disease and order tests. Anyone can do it right? If the “judgment” of the physician is to always follow the recipe is that really judgment? Now I know I’m using an absolute here, but it is relevant in this case, because that is exactly what the doctor said, and I have found in practice to be true in many (not all) cases. [said for the benefit of prudentis, yes I do listen! :-)]

“The doctor told me during the deposition that she thinks that she should make the call—for every child in this situation. And she would give the same answer every time, rather than making an individual judgment.”
(BREAKING: Farris defends major parental rights case (medical decisions) in Michigan Michael Farris, HSLDA Chairman)

So you tell me, what is better, individual judgment and skill or collectivist judgment and application over the whole no matter the result or situation? I have seen many not respond well to the cookbook treatments and others that respond the way they are expected to (which is still only suppression and not true healing). The human body is highly individualistic even in its metabolism. I remember reading a piece of quotation by “Allen Roses, worldwide vice-president of genetics at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), [who] said “The vast majority of drugs – more than 90 per cent – only work in 30 or 50 per cent of the people,”. This is why they want to explore genetic manipulation so much to “fine tune” the effect. At least they are admitting it right? No we are being softened up for the next stage in scientific experimentation, genetically tuned drugs.

Even lab standards and indications for drug treatment (blood pressure measurements, temperature and other vital statistics) are individualistic. You are not supposed to treat just the numbers; you are supposed to treat the patient. The indicated measures may be too low or too high and still be normal for the patient and not causing any problems for them, or they are ‘normal’ and the physician will refuse to do anything because there are no ‘indicators’ to do so. “Its all in your head”. The real skill of a physician is here, individualizing care to the unique needs of the patient, whom they have gotten to know well. And where you find a physician such as this, you have indeed found a treasure.

I reject collectivist ideas and the obfuscation of the individual (lost and blurred into the collective). I prefer the old days, where the doctor got to use his or her brain, make real physical assessments (not cursory ones; relying only on lab values and gizmos), make decisions on what drugs did or didn’t work, used the sales pitches of the drug men and practice standards of professional groups as general indicators, but not absolutes, and basically went by how his patients responded as opposed to what he is told to do, including using (gasp) nutrition therapies and approaches. We can still use the cook book as guidelines for newbies, but you really shouldn’t hold the hammer down on them if at best, you have 50% response.

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  • MPB

    AMEN to this! I am EXTREMELY FORTUNATE to have a Dr that is willing to think out of the box. That and the fact that I was willing to take control of my own health and research alternatives myself (Prompted by my MD.) is the reason I am writing this now. If either hadn’t been the case, I would have been put six feet under years ago. So not only try to find a Dr. that is willing to work with you without being rigid in the set medical cookbook but as well as consider alternatives yourself and take charge of your own health. i.e. be willing to look and think outside the box yourself and take charge of your own health best you can. There’s a LOT more to health than modern medicine. my .02 worth.

  • Archangel

    Great article Health Warrior, thnak you. My sister and brother-in-law are both physicians and I see this very clearly with them. They don’t beileve in nutritional supplements for them or their children, and while my sister is a fantastic intelligent person, my brother-in-law is soon to be ex brother in law, because even though he is the head honcho at a huge metropolitan hospital, he is a psychopath, and I can only imagine how he treats patients, knowing what I know about how he treats his family.

    Here are a few of my experiences with “modern” medicine.

    My exgirlfriend was treated for ALL. Here Oncologist also recommended AGAINST taking any supplements during the life-drainig chemotherapy treatments. Not that it’s about me, but if I hadn’t insisted she take milk thistle against the docs orders, here liver would have likely failed and she would have died. Her enzymes were so elevated they admitted her and were going to stop treatment. Fortunately, she is cancer-free for a decade. I also insisted she take selenium in higher doses, and several other minerals and nutrients. She is now the mother of a very healthy child. I like to think I had something to do with her survival. I was the one who challenged the docs and encouraged her to supplement outside the chemo regimen.

    Recently my dad, a vietnam vet, was getting checkups at the VA. They said his cholesterol was “a little high”. This is one of those markers that is VERY individualistic. Even my dingdong brother in law said it’s a useless test for most people. The benchmark is the average white 25 year old male. My dad is 65 and far from average. Anyway, they wanted to put him on a statin. He called me and told me and I nearly jumed through the phone. “Did you take any yet!?” He said no. I said DONT! I put him on high quality garlic, soy lecethin and a cholesterol health omega supplement, and in 30 days he dropped 20 pts in his LDL. Went back to the VA and they didn’t believe it. They asked him what he is doing, he told them, and they said,”well, keep doing it because it is working.”. I am sure if he was put on a statin at this stage of his life, it would be a matter of a few years for dementia to set in. Anyone who does not know what statin drugs do should learn now so you can help family make good deciesions about these poisons.

    Last story, another ex of mine works in outpatient chemo. She mixes and administers drugs. She is very depressed because 8 OUT OF 10 PATIENTS DIE! I suggested that a 80% failure rate would indicate the treatment doesn’t work. DUH! She’s in denial, but I beleive this in my heart. These people have no chance. She said when someone walks in for the first time, she knows they odds are, they are walking dead and they don’t even know it. Cattle to the slaughter. One look at the list of meds they are already on and she can even tell about how long they will withstand the poisoning process. She also knows that if certain dugs or a cocktail of drugs is prescribed to be administered, they are definately going to die. It’s sick, sad and enfuriating. Ti put a major rift in our relationship. In a stroke of irony, the head doc’s girlfriend is being treated at the clinic, is suffereing, and will likely die as well.

    The most important thing to take away from this all….DONT GET SICK. Do everything you can to live a healthy diet. Be fanatical and extreme. Eat organic only, veggies all day long, hydrate a gallon daily, and excercise, rest, and pray. God bless.

    • Health Warrior

      @Archangel and MPB you are both very astute and awake. Thank you for your kind words. The statins are famous for causing 3 things 1) congestive heart failure (depletion of the energy molecule the heart uses COQ10) 2) irreversible muscle damage and wasting (that you don’t know till it’s too late) and 3) memory loss. Anyone over 40 and taking statins MUST investigate taking COQ10 (again there are no absolutes) or they may very well develop congestive heart failure. A cardiologist noted a sudden huge increase in congestive heart failure in his practice and he found that it was all related to the statins. I told my dad not to touch them. Evaluate the risks against the benefits yourself, since many doctors only follow the cookbook, and in many cases you’ll find “it may be helpful in reducing your risk of heart attack”. Well I’m sorry, but may be helpful is not a lesser risk than “will have the dangerous side effects”. His doctor is furious because we were able to get his levels down with flax seed meal. It’s not in the cookbook. So what? It works.

      Everyone needs to find what works for them. Diet is KEY to health, not a good idea but a KEY. Without a good diet and activity, there is NO HEALTH and no drug or herb or remedy can substitute for it. This is why the control of the food supply, limiting gardening and sharing foods between neighbors is being legislated away under the guise of “food safety”. This is why the industry desperately wants to control and limit our access to supplements and vitamins (Codex alimentarius; the Europeans know what happens when “safety” is used as a guise for restricting access to vitamins.) In fact it is now illegal to send relief food in the form of nutrient dense biscuits in the case of emergencies around the world, because the nutrient levels are “too high”. We call it nutricide, killing by starvation and nutrient depletion. With the huge movement toward organics, supplements and health we are not as sick as we “should” be in order to be easily manipulated (sub levels of vitamins and minerals don’t allow adequate brain function and thus foggy thinking). “For your safety” you must give up your freedoms to grow and harvest and save your own food. “For your safety” we must irradiate all your food. Hogwash, have you seen the list of “allowed amounts” of rodent hairs and parts, bug parts etc. in the processed and canned food we eat? Have you read the chemical names in the ingredient lists of the foods we eat? These are only the ones they have to list, there are more. Have you seen the amounts of pus and other infectious material allowed in pasteurized milk? The animals are allowed be so much more unhealthy. The milk hormones given to produce more milk caused such vitality depletion of the cows that they were dying like flies. How is this milk from these devitalized cows good for anyone? Where are the animal rights groups? People and animals are NOT MACHINES and we cannot be treated like it, we cannot allow it. If animals, even when used for food are treated well and cared for they are better for you and healthier. Doesn’t that just make common sense? I know I’m preaching to the choir, but you know what I mean.

  • MPB

    @ Archangel, Yes! This is exactly what I meant when I said research alternatives. Better yet too, yes, don’t get sick in the first place. Promote good health, eat good food, as free of processed and chemical laden foods as possible and still more yes, HERBALS too. BTW: Milk Thistle has played a key role in saving my life. My Dr (as mentioned who is willing to not only think out of the box but promote it too) has placed other patients of his with similar Liver issues on Milk Thistle. Same Successful results. No TOXIC interferon treatments and ZERO side effects, except restoring good health.

    Peace and God Bless too.

  • Archangel, Right on!! This is the first time I have heard about cookbook medicine. A friend of mine took himself off of a statin because of the adverse side effects. I do not blame him because I am trying to get off an antidepressant.

  • Gary Bullock DO MPH

    If you want a physician to practice good medicine, would you be willing to pay him or her directly and get reimbursed by insurance afterward?
    That is the only way I forsee treating my patients in the near future as currently more than half the staff and my resources are forced to do non medical redtape at no reimbursement from govt or insurance. I see 25 patients a day and still havent made a salary since opening 2 years ago.

    if you want an old school doc, pay with old school money.

    Are you willing to pay $40 for a sore throat to be treated or $120 for comprehensive and preventive treatment of heart disease or diabetes?

    I am interested if this group of readers is willing to piss in the teacup of their hmo or obamacare.

    dont tread on us…either.

    primum non nocere

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