I Hear You Loud And Clear…

I have been asking the members what they think about the Silver Shield Report and they have spoken loud and clear with their 50+ testimonials.  I got one today that I would like you to take a look at as it does not want to persuade you, well, I will let him explain…

“I’ve spent some time from attending the meeting in Cleveland until now, trying to think of a way to word my thoughts to help others consider signing up for SSR and being part of any other additional efforts that  come from members that make this group unique. I’ve come to the conclusion that one shouldn’t have to persuade any one individual to take part in any one thing. You, as an individual, either do or you don’t.

You either take part in something you believe in or move on to something else you may feel comfortable with that you can benefit from.
For those that are committed to changing their life, will find a way to do so. To truly change yourself and make an impact on others you have to overcome your own doubt and fear. Chris has done exactly that with his work. I agree with him about not having a whole lot to do with those that show up late to the party. Why invest time, emotion and risk into something only for John or Jane Doe to come in at the end and enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Now is the time, the beginning, to overcome doubts and fear, to be part of an effort being put forth to help in the creation of a new paradigm. I believe with what Chris’ ideas are transitioning into is the start of something bigger and better for us all as sovereign individuals, and in a sense, a litmus test as to who he can consider truly committed or not.

I think that for the amount of sacrifice and work Chris has done, and to have willingly presented the material and knowledge available from the Academy for free, is a testament to his character and integrity. Last  time I checked, I didn’t work for free. I myself have no problem in supporting someone who has overcome adversity and walked away from everything, including toxic family members, to start a new life and to help others, including myself, wake up to a dying paradigm and help them prepare to the best of their ability for what lies ahead.

You should only do what you feel is right for you and what you feel comfortable in doing, but if you feel you have benefitted from Chris’ work so far, as well as other members’ contributions, and it has affected you in a way as to question and alter your whole approach to life and the meaning and purpose behind it, then ask yourself this… ‘Wouldn’t I want to be part of a well informed effort to stay ahead of that curve, so that I and others can prosper in the end?”- Jackson

As we push this conversation forward in shaping a positive action plan, the Silver Shield Report covers issues and topics not suitable for a public conversation.  One member suggested I create preview videos so people can get a taste of what we do in the Silver Shield  Report.  I created 5 preview videos of the first 5 Silver Shield Reports that you can check out on YouTube.

Silver Shield Report 1 Preview

Silver Shield Report 2 Preview

Silver Shield Report 3 Preview

Silver Shield Report 4 Preview

Silver Shield Report 5 Preview

This week’s Silver Shield Report is just released and it is an exclusive look into David Morgan’s Mastermind Series.  (Click here for SSR #7)  I was very humbled to be brought into speak to David’s Mastermind series that has had Eric Sprott and Jeffery Christian into speak previously.  This group is mainly fund managers that trade the paper metals and seeks David’s perspective.  I made a very compelling case for the investment of only physical silver. I hope I made some sort of impact in this group, even if it is just laying a seed in some very deep pockets. (There is also a special insider’s look of the trading floor of the MF Global scandal.)

If you would like to join the Silver Shield Report, click here to join today and get all of the archived material from the very beginning.  The Silver Shield Report is just the beginning of a much bigger movement as we push forward the conversation to create our own paradigm in the face of tremendous challenges.

Live Boldly,


P.S. I have also been asked to provide the Silver Shield Report for those that cannot afford the monthly payment program.  I will be giving away free reports to those that can demonstrate their passion for the issues we cover and show that they cannot contribute at this point, but feel that they can be a valuable member of our community in the future. Send me an email about your situation, how you came to find us and how you feel that you can become an intregal part of our community in the future.  I will select a few applicants each month to help grow and diversify our community.

7 comments to I Hear You Loud And Clear…

  • scott decker

    I have been reading your investment research for a while,I found you from kitco and I have been trying to save enough to join the club,but at this time I can not afford to do so.I try and pick up some of the info you give out for free and would love to be a member so my family and I can benefit from your advise.no one listens to me when I read your column to load the boat with silver they laugh I will be laughing last

  • James B from Canada

    DAvid Morgan is to silver what peanut butter is to food.

    Am I the only one that sees him a friendlier version than Jon Nadler or Jeff Christian?

    David Morgan, in an interview with FOX news downplayed the issue of PM price supression.

    Morgan is no Bill Murphy.

  • Archangel

    @ James B, just a thought, is it possible David intentionally downplayed the price suppression to ensure he is allowed to go on air in the future. Sort of a way to protect his position? He won’t wake up the masses if Fox cuts him off for being too blunt about issues sensitive to those that pull the strings.

  • Rob from UK

    @James B
    I had exactly the same thought about David Morgan, I couldn`t understand why he never spoke up about the silver/gold manipulation – especially when he was displaying his GATA poster in tghe background.

  • ScroodeMcDuck

    I know where you are coming from Scott Decker. I am facing the same ridicule and doubt.P.S. I’m starting to giggle, how ’bout you!

  • Chris
    I agree completely with your ideas and efforts and normally would join you in person with both feet forward except for one thing. I am pursuing a similar paradigm on a small isolated island in another highly developed country (Japan), in a format wherein a. we are isolated from big banksters, very cohesive supportive local community, b. isolation from big government and its laws and c. I am developing no-oil local production technologies for locavore. I wonder if you will be coordinating or at least developing relationships with other new communities in the world or US. My image is that after the collapse, the world will comprise vast wasteland and despair punctuated by a few individual successful communities and that such communities will establish wonderful relationships with each other to regrow a world network. I want to develop such community (but far away from you, (yet close via communication), based in part on using technology to solve problems and remove big government/bankster control by locavore. I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing what I am doing and give me your comments…….. On a related topic: I think that there is under appreciation of the role of new technology to make things work. Perhaps that is because there are so few real engineers left. I want to organize or at least make an inventory of resources in that area. Indirectly I am saying that I want to be a positive player in your community from the technology side from afar……… does any of this make sense to you?

  • Twisted Titan 4040

    That is a incredibly kind thing to do Chris………for those of meager means but still have a hunger to hear what you have to say.

    Kindness like that is rare in this world nowadays

    Make it come back to and your efforts 70 fold

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