The First Great Ad For The 2012 Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul puts out a stunning ad against the front runner of the month, Newt Gingrich.  I like how he uses the lame stream media to cut him to shreds. And yet he stays above the belt, unlike my article, Don’t Fall For Newt.

This whole field is a joke with Ron Paul as the only real Constitutional choice.  Dr. Paul will have to call these guys out if he is going to make any waves in this race.  If he does not get the nod, I hope he runs third party and put this false left right paradigm on notice.  If not for this year, so that he can be the inspiration for a whole new generation of politicians that will heed the call of history.

3 comments to The First Great Ad For The 2012 Presidential Campaign

  • lastmanstanding

    Nude is a immoral, elite piece of trash…this was a very surprising, shocking ad for Ron …If he takes the gloves off and hammers away on the rest of these of the repubs, he will stand a better chance…Please deliver Ron Paul forward to the presidency in Nov. 2012

    Rick Perry “for those of you that are 21…I could use your support.”

    Are you fuckin kidding me…

  • Ben

    That is a great ad. I have no idea why this globalist shill is being propped up by the American “right paradigm” media outlets. Worse yet, is why the people buy this drival? Can no one think for themselves any longer? Personally, I don’t think he has a chance. I used to think it would be Perry but he was “outed” rather quickly. If I had to make a bet, I would think Romney will get the nod. Does it really matter?

    There was a pretty good article on American Thinker today about Newt. It pretty much says it all about the man.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    How am I supposed to share the planet with people like Newt Gingrich? We are matter and antimatter. We are the mutually exclusive. What does he tell himself when he sees himself in the mirror with a record like this? Does he feel happy or redeemed by all his millions? Honestly, I must have an organ or two lacking, because what I see in this video is not disgusting or abominable – it’s simply off my scale. I can’t imagine this existence.

    Why live at all if you can’t hop into the corner store without a truckful of SWAT to shield you from the consequences of your decisions? They are not human. It’s 100% John Carpenter’s They Live.

    But I won’t deny Newt Gingrich his merit. He does all he can to make the absurdity of representative democracy obvious even to the blindest of the blind.

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