Real estate agents in cars

Signs of the times, baby. Something for our grandkids to feel awkward about – if they are ever able to wrap their minds around the concept of a “real estate agent”.

4 comments to Real estate agents in cars

  • Ok, color me confused. I dont get the premise at all… What next, commuting secretaries? Bank tellers in subway cars? Waitresses in buses?

  • Mustafa Cohen

    It’s an absurd trend among absurd group of people. Not only is their profession outrageously meaningless – they don’t even have enough imagination to do it properly.

  • Twisted Titan 4040

    What is the premise of doing it in a car??

    And if I heard the first one correctly did he just say a unit that listed at 445K went for 235K???

    Im still trying to warp my mind around how is this effective???

  • Silverfox

    I agree that the agents are not worth their fee. If, hypothetically, the entire industry disappeared tomorrow people would still sell there homes and people would still buy them and at the same rate. No real-estate agent ever “SOLD” a house to someone that would not have otherwise bought a home.

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