Copper and Nickel are MONEY

Although this video is about coins in Britain, the concept is the same globally.  Fish-out and collect the copper and nickel coins!

There’s an excellent website for US coins called coinflation.


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  • rainmaker

    The amount of nickel in a Nickel is worth more than $.05 cents. Everytime I go by a casino or a place with slots, I get $20-$50 dollars worth and stash it somewhere. You can get it from the bank, but they will look at you funny. I tell them we are starting a coin collection……..

  • Gareth

    Hi Rainmaker. If I was in the US, I’d be doing the same and also collecting any bronze pennies that are left. We don’t refer to our coins as ‘Nickel’, but people are starting to call cupra-nickel coins ‘white copper’ :-)

    ‘White copper’ and ‘copper’ this side of the pond, whilst ‘nickel’ and ‘copper’ on your side of the pond.

    Monetary metal made of copper and/or nickel could serve the basis of a good currency for many people. Silver will not be currency in Britain, nor in some parts of the States. It’ll be money and serve as store-of-value, but the English won;t be walking round with silver as currency – ‘they’ fleeced us a long time ago.


  • Archangel

    I’ve been separating out pre-’82 pennies and all nickels whenever I get change. Sometimes I ask for all nickles at the register. Ususally gets a funny look, but it’s an opportunity to educate another soul. Sometimes when I get cash out at the bank (I only use my account as a transfer point. I keep a near zero balance at all times.) I ask for a box of nickles. Bank tellers seem to be the LEAST aware. But not the VP. They know what’s up.

  • Agent047

    You can go to your bank and order a box of nickels for $100.00. You will be exchanging worthless paper for a semi precious metal. A nickel is worth almost 7 cents due to it’s metallic value. So you make money off the simple transaction. The dollar has lost 30% of it’s purchasing power in the last 10 years. That’s why you get less every time you go to the store. The gov. calls it inflation. I call it stealing from hard working citizens. Inflation is not a natural occurring event. It is a crime. Save all nickels no matter what year they are. In the next year or so the nickels will be pulled out of circulation. They will be replaced with a zinc slug like the quarters and dimes. A quarter is really worth 6 cents. A dime is really worth 2 cents. Sad but true. Pass it on.

  • Gareth

    What’s the VP? Is that the official mint?

    The Royal Mint are onto it, and as of 2011 the 5p and 10p coins are now nickel-plated steel. Same trick they pulled in 1992 with our bronze coins when the turned them into copper-plated steel.

    Thieving bastards the governments, aren’t they?

    Save the precious metals!!!!


  • […] My ‘gut’ tells me that silver will not become a currency in my area, nor will it become the currency in many areas across the western world.  Silver will be a store-of-value, but the everyday run-of-the-mill folk will probably utilise the semi-precious metals of copper and nickel. […]

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