Rockefeller On World Domination

Here is a stunning clip from a 1991 roast of Pat Buchanan.  John D. Rockefeller IV “jokes” about politicians being a tool for the Elite, the globalist hierarchy of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group, culminating in a total domination of the world.  He finishes with a subtle threat about his banking and where the real power lies.

Thank God for the internet.  Without it, all of this information would have remained hidden from our eyes while these powerful men manipulated the world for their own selfish, psychopathic means.  Maybe this is really why he states the internet should have never been invented.

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  • Gareth

    Yup, they made a mistake by allowing the internet to develop. They couldn’t help themselves though, they had ‘wet dreams’ of a global digital debt-based currency to dominate us.

    They even hate their own cash. Off-the-radar trade can be done very easily with their crappy toilet-paper currencies. They hate off-the-radar-trade because they are control freaks.

    Get monetary metal for off-the-radar trade and find trading partners.

    Keep on exposing ‘them’, Chris. Good job.


  • AgainstTheGrain

    Wohoo! more people will see this!!

  • Yes, the internet will be their undoing as the minds of hundreds of millions more wake up and realize what is really going on here. Without the need for violence, we could undo their entire structure by simply becoming as self-sufficient as possible and dropping off their control grid. By growing much of our own food, bartering with local ranchers and farmers, by building our own power systems, by producing our own water, educating our own children and by rejecting anyone that would say otherwise. The more of us that do these things as much as possible, we can undermine their network of control.

    Sorry Jay, you, my fellow human, are a ruthless psychopath bred from a long line of megalomaniacs that would seek to destroy us all. For that, the rug will be pulled out from under you and maybe you can rejoin the human race. However, I foresee an angry mob developing in this world. People that didn’t have years to absorb this arcane knowledge of your insidious deeds. People that will be in a state of information overload and shock. It will be this massive population of freshly awakened, shocked and traumatized people that will be coming for the likes of your brand.

    Those of us that have spent years and for some, decades, learning of how your ilk operates and what you’re doing to this world, we will be watching. Remaining on the sidelines protecting our own. We have had the time to come to terms with your evil deeds, while the freshly awakened may only have months, weeks, or even days to deal with it when this Ponzi scheme finally comes undone. Hell hath no fury than millions of sheeple awakening at once.

  • Ben

    That’s amazing.

  • marz

    “…it has genuine consequences…”, yes, like “now it´s not only us who can make the attacks, but also anybody, even a kid. It became an individual act! I can´t believe it.” What is shutting down the banking system is fiat money, QE2,3,4…the derivatives, fractional reserve… Sounds like “paper & pencil” was the least stupid thing he said.

  • Archangel

    This guy is pure spawn-of-satan. He has alot of brothers and sisters that have reserved seats in hell. I find it so interessting how the “hidden in plain sight” tactis seem to work on the masses. I mean, they basically tells us what is going on, it’s in our face. Heck, if you have a dollar bill in your pocket you know there is something funny about that great seal. Numerous presidents and world leaders are on the record, video and all, referrring to a ne w world or der. Yet if an awakened individual suggests its existence, they are ridiculed and called a conspiracy theorist. I still don’t understand why so few are awake given the signs. I guess the brainwashing goes deep. As for the internet, look at who funds the current chairperson of the IETF. The web has become their best friend and worst enemy simultaneously. Amazing. If it wasn’t for Youtube, and later, sites like DTOM, I would still be sleeping. Thank you God for the internet.

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