Silver Shield Report #8 Fiat Illusions and Real Threats

This new Silver Shield Report is my latest take on where we are and where we are going.  After being out of commission for the past two weeks I am back and this report you can really feel it.  (I worked up a good sweat on this one.) The idea that we are focused on the distractions while the magicians make real moves to manipulate our world is one I really drive home in this report.  I cover…

  • The victim and victor of MF Global
  • The consciousness war
  • The recent CRIMEX vault moves
  • The magnitudes of order in crisis
  • The Central Bank liquidity event perspective and how this is the warning
  • How the banksters are operating on a whole new level
  • Why I fear for Eric Sprott
  • And much much more…

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0:00 Recap of the Morgan Mastermind Series

1:20 Parasites to Kill the Patient Before It Dies

3:45 Global Mother Effers- Two Major Rubicons Crossed

6:04 Planting Seeds On the True Nature of Our Problems

7:15 Who Cares About Your Bet If The Casino Is Going To Be Demolished?

9:06 The Victim Of The MF Global Scandal

11:34 The Hitman Cometh

13:40 The Autopsy Of The Trade

17:01 Consciousness War

19:30 The Victor of MF Global

21:34 Ideas Are Resonating and Reverberating

22:25 Panic Now! Beat The Rush.

23:31 The Last Level Of Crisis- Hedge Funds Saved By Wall Street- Wall Street Saved By Sovereign Nations- No One Will Save This Paradigm.

27:52 “If you can describe a problem better than your audience can, they will assume you know the answer, and they will follow you anywhere.”

34:17 Morgan Mastermind Series- Behind the scenes.

39:01 Did you see what happened right after MF Global?

Short Term Up After MF Global with a big delivery months in Decemeber and March coming.

Long Term Down…


41:45 Understanding the Central Bank Liquidity Event- You can’t solve a solvency fire with a liquidity hose.

48:24 Something wicked comes this way. They are all singing the Inflationary tune together.

49:20 No tightening before loosening? The monetary equivalent to preemptive war?

51:24 A Fiat Riddle- The DXLie

56:06 Look for Real Physical clouds of the storm not the Fiat Digital clouds they play with.

58:08 The Bankers in their own little fiat world with no real world accountability.

1:00:05 Bring in the Technocrats

1:04:56 $1 Trillion in Taxes Impossible… $16 Trillion in inflation unnoticed.

1:06:11  Magnitudes of the obscene. Fed’s $16 Trillion Dollar Secret Slush Fund Props Up Our Way Of Life

1:08:05 That which you seek to control, eventually explodes.

1:18:23 Why I Fear For Eric Sprott: Pushing the real in the face of the fiat, digital, paper world.

1:24:44 My One Question For Bill Gates and Warren Buffett at Dinner.

1:27:59 Even Warren Buffett knows his place. Silver has permanent value but not allowed to keep

1:30:42 The Hunt Brothers shown their place. The Fed, the Treasury and the SEC emergency sessions over the Hunt’s real world investments to break the fiat world.

1:34:03 Sprott: Buffett or Hunt?  Either way the Real power is going to confront him.

1:36:59 Even I Know My Place… :) Katie asks me if when I am done, am I all hers?

1:37:20 Throwing ideas out on the table that would of a different consciousness to win the battle.

4 comments to Silver Shield Report #8 Fiat Illusions and Real Threats

  • Mary Dougherty

    Hi Chris,
    I really enjoyed listening to your Silver Shield Report #8. I have also had the same concerns regarding Eric Sprott when I read about his new search for silver and proposing to the miners to save in silver. Images of Matt Simmons come to mind but I am confident that he does indeed know what and who he’s up against. He’s a very smart man.

    It’s tough living in this paradigm knowing that it’s not real and most people don’t have a clue. Looking forward to your next report.


  • Joseph Secola

    Very Informative about the current events, especially MF GLOBAL and the central bank parade. You need to join the Silver Shield Report if you really want to know what is going on. Get in the physical and escape the paper casino!

  • howie trinh

    Never made sense to me that some of the “pros” tell u to buy gold and silver then direct you to a paper derivative of gold or silver, but logically they have to make there money somewhere, and unless there in the business of selling bullion like say mike Maloney, the Dave Morgans and Peter schiffs will continue to push these paper products on people even tho they themselves say the system is comming down… Great session Chris !

  • Gareth

    The question I would ask Buffet and Gates is:

    Why do you think it was appropriate to invest in pharmaceutical manufactured drugs to distribute to people in the ‘third world’ esp in Africa. Why didn’t you use such ‘charity’ to build a clean water infrastructure? Do you think jabbing and forcing infants to ingest some manufactured drug more important than clean water? Do the chemical oil-based drugs you funded counter drinking shit-filled water?

    Do you both regard yourselves as ‘philanthropists’ due to poisoning infants with your chemical drugs whilst leaving them to clean in, and drink, shit-filled water?

    Did you know that Rockefella trys to convince the world that he’s a philanthropist?

    Did you know that Rothschild viewed himself as a philanthropist after building ‘work’ hell-houses and robbing land from the peasantry and throwing them into factories and mines?

    Do you realsie that you are both just a couple of cunts? Dinosaurs of a soon-to-die paradigm.

    Do you know that Bix Weir wants to bum you and believes that you two are ‘philanthropists’. In fact, Bixo would like a four-way gang-bang between you two, himself, and Alan Greenspan – would you be up for that you fuckin’ dinosaurs?

    Okay, that’s more than one question :-) Rant over.

    Sorry for the profanity, Chris. Thanks for the report. I look forward to report number nine.


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