Weekly Roundup (Nov 28 – Dec 4)


The Western world is financially finished proclaims one headline; well, some of us have been tracking this for years. The status of the US dollar is on such decline that even Zimbabwe is making fun of it and running into Chinese arms!

The whole narrative has been progressing according to script, as the IMF seeks to pull the legs out from under US Corp. and transition to the ultimate engdame: a global fiat currency, known as the Special Drawing Right (except there is nothing special about it).

In other “news”, the U.S. is caught again laundering Mexican drug money. There is a flight by banks and Thai citizens (among others) to precious metals.

Christopher Booker discusses the greatest delusion in history on the heels of Climategate 2.0, “global warming.”



1) Activating European early warning radar systems in preparation for US-NATO missile shield (it has good reason to not trust the U.S.).

2) Putin gives stern warning to the West.

3) Considers blocking NATO route to Afghanistan as another card to play in advance of planned missile shield (Pakistan seems to be permanently shutting down border to NATO due to the deliberate killing of its own soldier by NATO).

Meanwhile, Obama builds bunkers on the White House lawn.


1) Rumors of war abound as the New Cold War begins between the U.S. and China (and Russia).

2) US elites even come out publicly declaring their desire to “take down China”.

3) China declares its support for Iran in the event of an attack.

4) Studies find China to be hiding 3,000 nuclear warheads.


1) Iranian students storm British embassy.

2) Not one, but two blasts hit Iranian nuclear facilities.

3) Iran shoots down a US spy drone within its borders.

Of almost a prophetic nature, Israel calls its Jews to come home.

Propaganda Debunking:

1) The truth and lies about Syria.

2) Libyans say Gaddafi was great and that everything is terrible now, surprise!

3) Haitians tell the United Nations to get out of town!

Regional Integration

Furthering American integration, US police will now be patrolling Canada and Mexican illegals in California will be allowed to work legally!

Meanwhile, the new Latin American integration project is touted as a great step toward world governance! Chile also is super pro-globalist with its desire for world government.

Nigel Farage yells at the New European Soviet for bribing the Croats into dictatorship, while Daniel Estulin is brought back to talk Bilderberg:

The “Total Information Awareness”

Everyone knows by now about the military detention bill, citizens and non-citizens alike can be detained at will, I don’t know why more people are not freaking out. Judges are ordering internet websites to be de-indexed. NYPD is Mayor Bloomberg’s own personal army and one of the last constitutional judges was really the target of the MK-ULTRA shooting back some months ago.

The Occult and Esoteric

Occult and vampire entertainment continues to rise rapidly, some of it even giving people actual seizures. The US Air Force pushes pagan practice in its workplace.

Some companies refuse to advertise the controversial 180 film.

A commentator describes Evangelicals as a possible national security threat stating his shock that Christians put their faith before their country, news that is two thousand years old because the Bible clearly mandates Christians to put God before anything else.

Finally, the UNHCR refuses many Christians asylum stating that “they aren’t really in danger”. It’s funny, the UNHCR HQ is right next to the Lucifer Publishing office in Geneva!

Global Governance Archive’s weekly news roundup and commentary on the worldwide process of integration.

Items of focus include:

  • integration of continental blocs into regional unions as based on the European model.
  • integration of numerous institutions ranging from education and health to religion.
  • the advance toward totalitarian surveillance states and societies.
  • the unethical, unscientific and authoritarian lies of the Global Warming movement.
  • the increasing destruction and control of economic systems by the gods of money.
  • the geopolitical maneuvering between factions toward global government.

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  • bogbeagle

    I just watched the video, “180”, for which you provided a link.

    Very, very good. That bloke’s arguments are powerful.

    Made me think.

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