Nazism vs. Zionism

Not all Germans were Nazis. Not all Nazis were German.

Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Zionists are Jewish.




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  • Somebody

    This is a controversial topic for sure. Just because it makes people uncomfortable doesnt mean its untrue. Just because horrible things were done to the jews during ww2 doesnt mean they can do horrible things to others and not be criticized because its “antisemetic”. Get over it.

  • Like Patrick so elegantly pointed out. The Zionist Jews in control of Israel right now are not even Jews. They are Khazar Jews. Not even Semites. If you want to know what that means ladies and gentle do a little research on a little know empire called the Khazar empire. Or read a book called the thirteenth tribe.
    There was even a recent DNA study PROVING that most of the “Jews” in Israel are not Israelites.

    But even then, that DOES NOT MATTER. So they stake a claim to Israel, the Indians have a claim to this land (USA). So what is it with some of these Israeli supporters, might equals right? Modern day Zionism is modern day Nazism. For those of you that fail to recognize it as such, they it’s your loss for not seeing the world how it really is.

    And Jews are NOT god’s chosen people. We are all children of god he/she/it does not play favorites.

  • doug

    hmmm.Ares sorry to say we are not all Gods children but we are are all Gods creation…to be a child of God receive Jesus and be born again…oh sweet salvation…and call God father(masculine)but anyways come on silver shield give us another siver article or i could get to preaching cause i am sure i could be one of His favorites…lets move on

  • ximmy

    The problem here is it’s good when Zionists kill… bad when Nazis kill… (sarcasm)

    Thanks for showing this

  • bikemania

    Thanks Silver Shield for reminding us of this continuing tragedy. It is a shame that so many politicians; and, uninformed Evangelicals actually support Criminal Zionism. My response to their sanctimonious apology for such evil is to ask them if they love israel so much- why not just get out of the this country and put your love into action? The pro-zionists are a plague on our land.

  • GuyNoir

    Ask yourself, if certain American Jews think Israel is so special, why are they living in America? Aren’t they disobeying God by not living in Israel?

    The reason they are in the USA is because they can make a lot more money here, and use Israel as a “backup” plan – they are not committed American citizens, just going where the money is good. Since they feel so little connection, their conscience is not troubled when they rip off non-Jews…

    For the Christian-Zionists, I suggest you check out the $70million+ per year charity called “” – Rabbi Eckstein is happy to take your donation to help OTHERS make aliyah to Israel; he himself lives in Chicago and pays himself $400K per year to run the charity. A tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

  • Mac

    Damn fine collection of pictures Silver Shield. The irony of “God’s Chosen” as racist ethnic cleansers passes by less with every passing day.

    Let’s play a game, shall we?

    Q – Guess who the Israeli shill is?

    (Here’s a hint, “Muslims are the real Nazis!! They were in league with Hitler!!”)

    Lulz. Learn some history “Son of Germany” – unless you really are a son of Hitler’s Germany as Hitler is the father of Israel. Lord Balfor is the grand daddy of Israel. More so called Israelites enabled the rise of Nazi Germany than any Muslim or Arab. Thank you Lord Rothschild, Mr. Harriman and your political supporters in the Vatican.

    Liars, cheats, crooks and murderers. That is their game. The political supporters of Zionism are the foremost enemy of peace in the world today. Zionists also happen to run the world’s central banks. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  • *****More so called Israelites enabled the rise of Nazi Germany than any Muslim or Arab.*****


    …..You mean “israel”-LIE; I had demonstrated the distinction above, and yes, it is of vital importance…

  • Raj

    wow this is confusing and hard to follow and know the truth??

    I need a lot more scripture proof to be convinced from the teaching’s of Jesus OT or book of revelation ?
    Pictures can be manipulated !

  • Raj…

    …..That’s exactly the point; it has already been manipulated into a “jewish” fable, which Scripture had warned us against… do you have any specific questions?

    …..The Key begins in Genesis, 3:15; Our Father was Speaking to the serpent and Eva, as a result of the “wholly seduced” act that Eva had committed with the serpent, (satan), when He Declared “I willput enmity, (hatred), between *your* SEED, (the serpent’s), and the SEED of the woman”; there were TWO bloodlines brought forth, even from the garden… these two lines have warred ever since, but the seed of the serpent had no chance of winning by outright war, thus mossad’s motto, “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”; this diabolical plan was outlined in Josephus, 4, 6:6, wherein their, (the serpent’s seed), “prophet” advised them “If you wsih to conquer the Israelites, don’t go to war with them, but bring out the fairest of your daughters and have them camp round about the tents of the Israelites; and when they are enamored of them, then shall they, (the daughters), lead them away from the Laws of their God, and He will destroy them”…

    …..These matters were promised, so we should not be surprised…

  • Silver Sword

    If a man shoots at you from a school building full of children and you shoot back and a child dies who is responsible in your opinion? These Palestinians fight their wars behind women and children and then cry foul when the innocent are killed and injured.

    Check this picture out of this ruthless Zionist;

    The ruthless Zionist is the 3 month old in the picture stabbed several times by our brave and noble Palestinian warriors.
    Check this one out:

    Palestinians celebrating the massacre of the Fogel family. You remember them, the same ones that danced in the streets when 3000 innocent Americans were butchered by their brother Muslims on 911.

    I guess the Zionists did something to deserve this. God forbid they should want to strike back and show their aggressive true colors.

    Pathetic Silver Shield.

    • Silver Shield

      This is from an email I just sent to a Rabbi who is also challenging me on this issue…

      “I am not aware of the Fogel family crime. That is truly upsetting. Let me ask you if that happened here in the US. Would that justify a loss of liberty for allAmericans or condem everyone of the attackers race or religion to terrorist status? What caused this attacker to commit this crime? How many crimes did this guy witness? Was there a connection between the victims and the attacker? We often look at the crime and say “see that proves they are evil, let’s get them.” meanwhile all of the unseen crimes against that attacker go unnoticed. It reminds me of the cases where a woman murders her husband. Then in the trial we see that she was abused for years and finally one day snapped and killed her husband. I pray for the Fogel family but I wonder how many other Palestinian families will be harassed or killed as a result? Will that lead to another young Arab man to take matters into his own hands? The circle will never be cut.”

      What is missing in your argument is that this is most likely the act of one individual psychopath.
      What Israel does in response is institutionalized, ruthless and indiscriminate.
      The whole point of both articles is that the US should stay out of entangling foreign alliances on BOTH sides.

      Murder does not cease to be murder when the weapons are by governments with bombs.

      You want to throw pictures around…

      For every one Fogel family there are probably hundreds of Palestianian families that have had their lives shattered.

      Keep it coming “Silver Sword” I have more where that came from…

      Oh, btw the only dancing people I heard about on 9/11 were these guys…

  • Silver Sword

    Put out all the pictures that you want it does not prove a thing.

    Women and children have always and will always bear the brunt of war and it is always a tragedy. The question that you are avoiding for good reason is how did these children get injured. Were they targeted like the Fogels or were they collateral damage because a freedom fighter used them as shields. If that is the case then who bears the blame.

    Right now rockets are being fired from Gaza into Israel (most likely a Mossad operation), assuming that these rockets are being fired from a school building what would you do as you watched your people being killed? Stop the rockets by any means available, (BTW this is what a responsible government is required to do in case you forgot) or would you say, “Oh it is probably a lone psychopath with a rather large store of Katyusha Rockets, and he is just venting his anger at the harm we have inflicted on him.”

    When in doubt ask yourself this question, What would George Washington do?

    • Silver Shield

      “When in doubt ask yourself this question, What would George Washington do?”

      George Washington’s farewell address is often cited as laying the foundation for a tradition of American non-interventionism:

      ” The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. Europe has a set of primary interests, which to us have none, or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves, by artificial ties, in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities.”

      Silver Sword, thank you for proving the point of my article.

  • Silver Sword

    Wow Patrick

    You should share this intelligence with the Palestinians they sure could use it. I mean you would think that having mossad agents right next door firing missles into Israel would be a tip off. I mean here are these guys wearing mossad uniforms and badges and those funny mossad hats in your neighborhood shooting missiles and the Palestinians are clueless.

    you need to get over there right away, your people need you.

    Oh and don’t forget your meds you don’t want to go off of them again.


  • Silver Sword

    “Silver Sword, thank you for proving the point of my article.”

    Good grief my entire post was about Israel and the Palestinians and the right of Israel to defend herself and you quote GW about foreign entanglements. You seem to be very confused. Defending yourself from missile attacks is not a foreign entanglement it’s war.

    This article if you will go back and look at it, was about Nazism and Zionism being equivalent in your mind at least, not foreign entanglements. You got to wake up before you can wake anyone else up my friend.

    you also refused to answer any of my very simple and direct questions which makes you either disingenuous or a coward.

    • Silver Shield

      The point of the Nazism vs Zionism pictorial essay it to show the irony of how the formerly abused turn into the abuser.

      The point of the Beware of the Zionist Presidential Candidates article was for the US to stay out of entangling foreign alliances.

      Would you like to review the video where the Zionist godfather sought to undermine the Oslo Peace Accord or how he was going to manipulate the US or how they were going to steal Palestinian lands?

      Nice try buddy.

  • Silver Sword

    Still haven’t answered the questions.

    still confused as to what article you are responding to. Don’t care about what Israel does they are no better and no worse than any other corrupt nation out there including ours.

    Stay focused now; Does Israel have a right to defend herself

    Circle Y for yes
    Circle N for no

    Imagine you are GW and president of the US today. You get a 3 AM phone call, “Mr. President we have rockets being fired from Tijuana into San Diego, some Mexican psychopath that we created has a whole stash of non government purchased rockets what should we do?” tic toc tic toc.

    I await breathlessly for your answer:-)

    • Silver Shield

      Yes they have a right to defend themselves with equal and proportionate means.
      Just like the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves.

      In the case of the Fogel family the police should capture the murdering criminal and not invade, attack, or destroy a nation of people not involved in the crime.

  • Mark Wolcott

    Thanks again Silver shield for making clearer an issue that has long been dressed up as something else for the nightly news. The Irony is perfect. The arguments against are just plain silliness…suggesting that mossad agents wear badges and funny hats…you know that the pro israe-lie side is full of poopoo when they start to use arguments like that…Thank you also for trying to keep the scripture quoting out of the political discussion. (personally it is one of the qualms I have with the Academy)

  • Andrew

    Dear SS, (ironic?)

    Shameful post. With all your ranting about “elitist”, you’ve fallen in perfect boot step with them with this anti-semtic post. Do yourself and the people that follow your blog a favor and educate yourself. The land provided for Israel thru the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was for land that was barren and worthless in the site of Palestinians and other Arabs in the region, and not until Jews(approximately 360,000/40,000 non-jewish) began immigrating between 1920-1945 did they turn this desert and swamp land into habitable and productive property. Look at a map and see all the surrounding enemies of Israel and blame them for the Palestinian problem and their lack of concern for their countrymen; where are they to offer land and a home for these people? No, the Palestinians are the ponds and Israel the scapegoat for all that ills the middle east. Get on the right side of America because as Israel goes so goes the U.S.- They’re are only ally, ya dunkopf!

    • Silver Shield

      Is Steven Speilberg’s initials ironic to you to? (Very childish way to start this conversation.)
      You can spare me the anti semitc game I am fully aware of the anti Semitic trick of name calling anyone that disagrees with the Zionist cause. I know full well about the Balfour Declaration of 1917 when the Rothschilds forced England into committing to them a piece of land out in middle east that less than 1% of the population was Jewish. It may have been worthless land to you but it was not to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians that have been forced from their homes in this racist manifest destiny. And miraculously through a lot of debt and war the Rothschilds got what they wanted. Gee I wonder how that happened?

      Israel is such a great ally right and yet they are the only state to attack American militarily please look up the USS Liberty.

      18. Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents. If you can’t do anything else, chide and taunt your opponents and draw them into emotional responses which will tend to make them look foolish and overly motivated, and generally render their material somewhat less coherent. Not only will you avoid discussing the issues in the first instance, but even if their emotional response addresses the issue, you can further avoid the issues by then focusing on how “sensitive they are to criticism”.

  • Andrew


    Thanks for your response. Point taken on Spielberg having the same initials. As to “Very childish”; I would hardly view someone connoting the SS reference as childish unless you also believe Hitler’s response to the Jewish question as one of “race relations” and not an attempt on complete genocide. It was meant to drive home the very argument you make of Israel, and whomever else is in the cross hairs of your “Bad Guy for the Day” blog posts. I will say that using ink is a lot more peaceable than bullets unless some mistake your comedic blather as the gospel truth and decide to act upon it (strap a bomb on?). Agree to disagree, we will.

    On the USS Liberty- ? Because Johnson couldn’t figure out a better way to get the U.S. involved with the Six Day War other than to sink our own ships with the assistance of Israel only points to how evil Johnson was and to what ends he would go to accomplish his interests. But we already knew that…Nov 22, 1963.

    Last, thanks for the info on silver. THAT”S GOOD STUFF!

  • Martin

    Being a neutral observer on this issue I have found that the governments of every country on the world always try to manipulate the way the people thinks about important issues. Previous and during the Irak invasion, the media propaganda was so big that if you ask almost any American, they would tell you that they came to help the Irakies and because they had weapons of mass destruction, they do not even know these weapons were never found. it is the same thing with the Israel/palestinian conflict, how much of what the media is saying is the truth?, and how much it is not?, every intelligent and informed person would see clearly how the corporations and the government of the US are lying , the evidence is everywhere. How much of what the media on Israel is saying is the truth?.
    why can we doubt a government and not the other?.
    On Mexico during the 1968 student massacre, you only needed a “provocation” , an attack to the public forces, and get rid of the problem, you just need somebody on the government to order an attack to the public forces, and you will get a new truth created. one truth that the majorities will believe.
    1. the students were against the government , check
    2. the students attacked the public forces , check
    3. the public forces had to massacre the students on self defense, check.
    a new truth was created.
    How many of the Palestinians attacks were created and how many not?.
    does a universal truth exist? one in which the Israeli are 100% on their rights, or there may be a 70/30, 40/60, 60/40, 90/10, 10/90 ratio between the rights of both parties? lets say I have a supreme intelligence and know that the ratio is 60/40 , this would mean that the Israeli are right on their point of view on 60% of the issues, and the Palestinian on the other 40%, does this means that the Israeli have to keep 100% of the land, the land was not theirs to begin with. It was given after WWII, on what human rights for the people that lived there, why not give the Israeli a piece of inhabited Australia?, or an inhabited parts of the Baja peninsula on Mexico or part of Alaska, the fact that they were given that land it was because it had been their land 2000 years ago, and it proves mediation by powerful entities to make it so.
    those same powerful entities will go beyond reasonable means to make sure to prove that was the best decision, obviously it was not.
    I do not have any side for the parties on this conflict, I only have the human side, and whatever reason both parties have for fighting , there isn’t any reason to condone the killing of innocents for both sides.
    sorry for my English.

  • Silver Shield

    I am sorry you do not see the similar fascist tactics between the two forces…

    We could also probably do the same thing with American soldiers in Baghdad, have you seen the Abu Grahib pictures?

  • Timmy Huges

    Israel and Palestine have been mortal enemies for thousands of years. How dare you compare that strife with what the Germans did to Europe!! And not just the jews, they started with invalids! Any-one who wasn’t the perfect German was one day to be herded to the gas chambers! Is that what the Arab nations fear about Israel??? Really??? Grow up and stop adding to the hate!!!

  • John D

    It’s amazing how there’s no common sense among so many of the respondents. There is no difference between the Germans who massacred human beings, and Israelis who massacre human beings; they’re all murderers, plain and simple. Get the religion, the nationalism and the silly patriotism out of your heads; we’re talking murder, no matter who commits it. Look at the pictures. Take a big dose of common sense and quit believing the garbage you get from all governments. Good job, Silver Shield!

  • tom

    Vivid, accurate summary.
    Dont miss the fact that Hitler’s Nuremburg laws against the Jews were actually derived from Jewish racist ideology. In short they were a German version of Jewish law. This from the Feurer himself.

  • Jeff

    I just wanted to say that pictures tell a thousand words but don’t always tell the whole truth. These pics look disturbing, but I am sure that these “zionist” jews also have pics that could be posted that would also tell a tale. I am not a jew or yiddish, I am a full-blooded every day Christian American of Finnish/Norwegian descent who is proud to be an American and a Constitutionalist. I don’t buy the aryan brotherhood belief that the country of Israel is an evil entity. I do believe that those who curse Israel will have to pay a heavy price by Yahweh as they are His chosen people. You can believe it or not but His word is truth and will stand the test of time. The hatred that is gathering in this world towards Israel is unprecented and Satan is gathering his force to try to destroy her, but Yeshua (Jesus) will come back and gain total victory over Satan and his followers who hate Israel. I believe we are living in the last days and that times are going to get worse and we might see the destruction of this great country of ours (USA) because of our lack of turning back towards God and turning from our wicked ways. May God bless the land of Israel and may He broaden their borders! Semper Fi, Jeff

    • Silver Shield


      These pictures are to show that there is a huge difference in what is being told about Israel and what is really going on in Israel.
      Zionism is another collectivist, fascist and racist ideology and is not something to blindly follow just because they say so.
      I have said this before, “Not all Zionist are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists.”
      You prove this point.
      I do not curse Israel, I only wish that America follow a non intervention policy recommended by our founding fathers when they said commerce with all, allegiance to none.
      We are broke and we need to not be sticking our noses in the worlds business.

      You mention the chosen people, please do yourself a favor and look up Revelation 2:9 and tell me what Zionism is again?
      Jesus shows that we are all chosen people and the same money changers he threw out of the temple are controlling the world today spreading debt and death.

      Question everything.

      Semper Fi

  • Kelly James

    Interesting topic and conversation. I was obviously wrong about one thing LOL. Nevertheless, I’ve been learning a lot browsing around here :-)

  • ED

    Man AMERICANS need to wake up the zionist have brainwashed americans in every sense even they made their own sect of christianiyt to support israel christian zionism Christianity has been around 1000s of yrs but dumb americans dont realize that they are supporting genocied they have even added stuff to the bible to make americans like jews and have taken out stuff because they controll publishing houses in america even the ones that make the bible beleive it or not THE NIV bible has stuff taken out and changed to suit them believe it or not compare it to the KJV version zionists are very sick people all they care about is themselves a look at zionist atrocities:
    killing of thousands of palestinians demolishing and destroying their homes
    killed americans in uss liberty and strike on egypt and syria not preemptive like zionist media tells it was mediated slaughter
    1991- gulf war was a zionist invention a aipac member told saddam that if he went into iraq america would have nothing to do with to get america to fight iraq and build bases in arab lands to secure israel which then made bin laden attack the USA
    100000s of iraqis killed
    1991-2003- Sanctions on IRAQ killed 1.5 MILLION IRAQI CHILDREN!!!!!! also one of reasons elqaeda attacked USA done through puppet us govt heavily endorsed by AIPAC.
    2001- 9/11 israel had people in CIA that allowed for binladen to attack USA he did bc of reasons mentioned above but they allowed for this to happed so USA can retaliate and attack iraq and afghanistan for israels interest and build bases to protect israel while us does fight dying.
    JEWISH AMERICANS AS % of troops killed in iraq and afghanistan less than 0.005% if not 0%

    only benefactor in all this israel and SICK SICK Zionists


  • Todd in Sacramento

    Great job Silver Shield. I wish people would research the information about the origins of Zionism and the Khazar conversion to Judaism. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jewish. How profound that the same can be said of Germans and Nazis. Unfortunately our Christian churches are promoting support for Israel thinking it is in some way shape or form supporting a Holy entity. The 1948 ‘State of Israel’ is a hoax. If anything it has become the Synagogue of Satan.

  • Suddenly, this past 4th, I started saying to people “Happy Forced Under The Jew Lie”

    Sounds a lot like “Happy Fourth of July”

  • Zionism=Terrorism !

    Zionists are who we need to fight and exterminate ! They have infiltrated the American Government and Congress and are wielding the American Military as a club against all THEIR enemies ! Iran is not the enemy of America but they are the enemy of the Zionists , in other words , they are OUR allies ! MILLIONS have died fighting wars for the Zionists , NO MORE ! Hitler was easily winning WW1 and on TWO ocassions tried to get Britain to admit defeat so things could get back to normal . Britain was just about to when the Zionist Jews came to them and said if we can “TRICK” America into joining the war , Germany could be defeated . A deal was struck , the Jews would announce through THEIR media that a ferry , the SS Sussex was sunk off Dover by the Germans killing 38 Americans (Total lie). Americans charged to war and Germany was defeated , the payment for the Jews services was Palestine and the Balfour Agreement is the receipt for the transaction . America getting sucked into WW2 was another Jew job by way of Pearl Harbour . Many other false flag attacks have occurred since including 9/11 which brought them undone . The entire world knows they did 9/11 and we have been showing our rage more and more for the last ten years . I swear on my life to the dead , wounded and loved ones left behind we WILL avenge you ! 3000 souls are still trapped at ground zero that need closure so they can move on , their lives so quickly snuffed out by Bush , Blair , Cheney , Wolfowitz , Rumsfeld , Rice , Pearle , Zelikow , Silverstein , and hundreds more Zionists , they have been trapped at ground zero . We do not need to fight their armies or their police forces , just remove the cuckoo’s that have infiltrated your Government .

  • The entire house of Israel was chosen by God, but after Solomon he divided the kingdom. The Northern kingdom went bad first, and God intervened again, sending a foreign power to conquer them and to scatter them “in the lands of the North.”

    The tribe of Judah remained in Jerusalem, and although they were also taken captive they were returned to Jerusalem several hundred years before the time of the New Testament. After the Jews (tribe of Judah) rejected Christ, they were scattered once again, this time by the Romans .

    The country of Israel is NOT the same as the house of Israel. The 10 lost tribes have been scattered among the nations of the earth, and many of them came to America, which is a promised land like the land of Israel. The entire house of Israel is God’s chosen people–blessed with freedom and prosperity, but bound to obey the laws of God.

    We are in such desperate straits in America because we have abandoned the laws of God in favor of an atheistic system in which every person seeks his own interest (rather than seeking the welfare of his neighbor, as Christ taught). Like the Jews at the time of Christ, we have been tricked into rejecting the Savior in favor of an idolatrous religion of greed (moneychangers in the temple – ATM machines in our churches). If you doubt it, look at the symbol of our stock market–a giant metal bull. Read Exodus 32. Sound familiar?

  • Jeff

    At first I would have considered following your silver advice which I read on another post here, as it appeared sound. Oh, I may still buy but not on your advice. Because now that I know you are a Jew hater – I won’t dignify you with the phrase ‘anti-Semite,’ because unfortunately even Arab terrorists are Semites – I know what kind of person you are. And juxtapositioning photos of the Holocaust with the selective photos of Israelis DEFENDING THEMSELVES from attacks by Arab terrorists! That is horrendous, especially since on a DAILY BASIS INNOCENT ISRAELI JEWS ARE TORCHED, AXED AND KNIFED TO DEATH by your Arab friends. You don’t read about that in your NY Times or London Guardian, but it is not only verifiable but I know people living in Israel who are faced with this day in and out. The Fogel family massacre is only one news account – most murders of Israelis are ignored by the media. BTW, there’s a huge difference between what your Nazi pals did (targeting the entire Jewish population for extermination) and doing what the Israeli IDF are desperately trying to do(trying to protect Israeli men, women and children who are citizens in their G-d given land against continuous attacks). You are right about one thing…not all Nazis are German. You aren’t German, are you?

    • Silver Shield

      Biblical Jews have nothing in common with the war mongering Zionists in charge of Israel.

      If you are a Bible reader look up “the Synagouge of Satan” and judge the Zionists by the fruits of their tree.

      As far as my background, I am an Irish American who believes that the US should bring home our troops and let the world solve their own problems because we are broke and have too many problems ourselves.

      As far as silver the logic I use to break that issue down can be applied to the Palestinian issue.

  • Old-Shekel

    the photo at line 11 (with the horse)
    is actually took at srael’s unilateral disengagement plan

    when jews were forced to leave their houses .

  • The State of ‘Israel’ is not the Israel of the Bible. The tribes are scattered as they have been for thousands of years…

    The Talmudic tomes outline the methods used, no surprises there; plain language. Interesting reading – get an education – but it helps to have a strong stomach…

    The Jews who lived in Palestine before the Balfour declaration had very good relations (they would babysit each others kids) and lived in harmony with their Arab neighbors.

    Adolf Eichmann was not only the Einsatzgruppen SS’ ‘Jewish expert’, but a dedicated Zionist as well. Simultaneously Nazi and Zionist…

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