The Last Great Act of Defiance

Me and the little mouse in the picture have one thing in common, I don’t intend to give up. Maybe I won’t solve all the world’s problems, free mankind from the shackles of Debt Structured Bondage, find a Real cure for warts or anything else profound. But I promise you this, I will do everything in my power to keep my family and friends free for as long as I possibly can. After I have fired my last shot and the enemy is still coming I will have the pleasure of shooting the finger at the would be world rulers.

I was asked again last night “Where are you running to?” I ain’t running. If they want me I’ll be on my front porch. I ran once, in the Great Mekong Marathon. Early in 1975 we had to stay one jump ahead of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and gathered up as many of our people as we could along the way to get the hell out of Dodge. I am not saying what I do because I don’t know any better. I am saying what I do because I have already been there and it stinks.

I know that all of you are well read and informed and are aware of what is happening with regard to S.1867. I know that all of you have seen or heard Obama speech in 2009 about Preventive Detention. (If you haven’t look here ). But invariably someone is going to ask,  “How can you stay in the US?” Where do I go?

Name one nation in the world that will allow me to bring ALL my belongings, including gold, silver and firearms and keep them without interference. I know a lot of people are FLEEING to Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and Chile. How is that better than where we are right now?  Mexico has seen about 30,000 of its citizens slaughtered in the last 2 years. About half the number of American servicemen killed in Vietnam in one fifth of the time. Technically, your odds of getting killed in Mexico are better than in Iraq or Afghanistan. If you want to flee to an English speaking country, outside of Europe, that would leave basically New Zealand and Australia. Many people are leaving Australia because of some of its draconian laws (anti-gun) and New Zealand MAY be better but you would have to prove it to me.

My question back is why should I run? It is my country. I was born here. I wore the uniform. Why should I have to leave my country because the government has gone totally beserk? I don’t, and I’m not. Is it insanity? Probably. But if there are two reasons I would willing lay down my life for, it would be for my faith in God and my country, which God has so graciously given me for a home.

So don’t try to use logic or reason to tell me how wrong I am for staying and fighting for my Constitution, that I have sworn to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. Insanity knows nor cares about, reason. We insane people do things because they FEEL right. It is a tense, tugging, almost sicking feeling, not in your head, but in your heart. And no, it is not heartburn.

You think and reason with your head, but you fall in love with your heart. And, yes, I am in love with America. I am in love with everything that America was meant to be.  I am in love with those champions of freedom who got together and had the unmitigated gall to declare war on the greatest superpower of its day, the British Empire. Two percent of the population, 2%, found the courage to take up arms and fight the mightiest nation on Earth in 1776, and fight for their freedom. I will not defecate on their courage, sacrifice and memory by running.

Do I have any false illusions or delusions? No! I spied for the United States Government while working for the National Security Agency and I have no illusions as to their capabilities. They know who I am and where I live. There are no secrets from the god Asmadeus.

I have no illusions about my physical capabilities. I’ve had two heart attacks and Agent Orange has diminished my nervous system as well. I am overweight and walk with a limp. My back was messed up in a bad  jump so I am in pain most of the time, but I choose not to use pain killers. I have arthritis in both shoulders from carrying that stupid radio direction finding equipment around for years. I look more like a fat PeeWee Herman than Rambo.

Why am I saying all of this? Because our time is growing short. I have said it before, you don’t have much time left to prepare. Prepare your retreat, prepare you food supplies, prepare you firearms and ammunition and most of all prepare your hearts and minds. The little mouse in the picture above has prepared his heart and his mind. Have You?

S0, please don’t waste your time and mine by writing telling me how stupid it is to stay here. I know. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Don’t write and tell me how wrong I am about New Zealand or Mexico or Canada or any other country. I know. They are beautiful and the people are wonderful. But I’m in love. And my love is in America. I hope you love your new country as much as I love America. But what happens when they come for you there? Good Luck! 



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  • BlindersOff

    I get your points and I do appreciate your point of view…but I still like/need to know the true options; a lifeboat if you will. Are there any countries that even have a little hope or promise as this Satanic dictator
    government readies it sword for the neck of its own people under a chemtrail sky?
    I’d love to hear about places where we might buy time and a humble existence as this storm trooper despot nation slaughters its own.
    I agree that it may be near impossible to find a nation where we can bring even a trite portion of our stored food, ammo, weapons, books, and survival gear…not to mention silver or gold.
    I think we are on borrowed time if we stay in this land of resident evil. Sorry. But a seasoned vet, the odds are grim for our victory for liberty. Too many are asleep and whore their lives away for a few more China trinkets come payday, and laugh as we play the good squirrels blindly digging holes for a winter they can’t imagine. Each day D.C. pimps pass more draconian laws that make the slaughter of America all ‘legal’ and pretty. I love America, not this Amerika. America is a photo I keep for memory’s sake. Our nation was blessed. It is not blessed any longer. Our Creator gave us this earth to live upon. I trust all His lands are good. We must remember America is no longer the land we knew…minus the nostalgic memories. America was dying slowly already before the towers were imploded, the false flag of 9/11 put a jet engine on that decent of the Constitution for the real crash and burn hit.
    As the Jews left Egypt for the promised land, I see we too may have to walk through a dry river bed of faith before the waters fall before us and seal our fate. Revelation is alive and pages are turning. I pray for us all.

  • bogbeagle

    I daresay that we won’t see eye-to-eye on this subject, CC. But, it seems to me that a defensible retreat is just an elaborate and slow form of suicide … except in a very special set of circumstances in which the State completely disintegrates.

    The likely threat, though, comes directly FROM the State. So, I can’t see how you gain anything more than a bit of time by holing-up in some remote place. Certainly, if you are “off-the-grid”, you are having no effect upon the outcome of the upheaval.

    You served in Vietnam; now those Vietnamese didn’t come out on top by dint of defensible redoubts, did they? “Everywhere and nowhere” wins the day, I reckon.

    I can see the logic behind cached supplies, but it seems to me that it is folly to try to hold ground against an overwhelming force, such as you’d face from the State.

    As to “acts of defiance” – they say that dying for you Country is easy. You know the rest.

    Personally, I don’t “do” patriotism.

    Meanwhile, please keep it coming. I love the mental stimulation of the internet.

  • bogbeagle


    Nowhere left to run. Everywhere has much the same systems of State control … fiat money, democrazy, theocrazy, collectivism. The whole world is infected.

    No point in trying to convince your friends/wives. They will have to come to their own senses; or not.

    Outside of t’interweb, I don’t know anyone who shares my beliefs; not even a little bit. Of course, I live in England and here, “the Collective” is all. It’s a bit scary, sometimes. You want to know what social ostracism feels like, mention the word “gun” and fail to display hatred of the same.

    Of late, I’ve been debating with a couple of theologians on-line, C of E guys; men of the cloth. Now, one of these chaps is a dyed-in-the-wool Statist. He argues that the rule of man should be pre-eminent. That’s how bad it is, here. Vicars who don’t actually believe in God.

    BUT, the other chap is of a different stripe. This one has been blogging in the Daily Telegraph and he warns of Totalitarianism in Europe … you know, that thing which happens here every few decades.

    I’m not a religious man. I equate God with Reason and with Law. Seems to me that the three should be indistinguishable. That said, I’d attend any Church which had truly ethical leaders. I do have a little hope that the Church could throw up some real men and women of principle, behind whom we little people could rally. There seems to be no other institution which has even the faintest prospect of turning this Country around.

  • Country Codger

    Okay guys, what is the answer? Where can I go? What do i do, give up and go to a FEMA camp? Give me the answer so I will know definitively where to put my time and efforts.

    Only Switzerland is similar to the US in freddom but it is the HOME of international Bankers and the Illuminati. Where do I go?
    Your turn.

  • Not You

    Amen…same way I feel.

  • rainmaker

    I’ll dive in here because I have thought about this, studies it and don’t have the answers. We looked into New Zealand several years back and probably could have pulled the trigger, but it would have been very costly, time consuming (around 9-12 months to get through the immigration process) and in the end, all we would have is legal residency, not citizenship, and that residency could be stripped away at anytime. The appealing part of NZ is how hard they make the process. All have to speak fluent english and pass ESL test. They award points for age (younger more points), education, job skills, savings, health, etc. etc. After age 54, you can get in, but it takes around $10mm NZ invested in order to do it.

    We have had other opportunities as well our of the country as well, but I keep thinking about being an American somewhere else when the shit hits the fan and thats not appealing. We are looking to the American Redoubt on the James Rawles site You can access the site here:

    Simon Black has a very interesting site where he speaks of multiple passports and protecting wealth in other locales:

  • Country Codger


    James is a good man and a fine Christian. Very knowledgeable and very intelligent.

    Truth be told I was within two weeks of leaving the United States in 1989. I was headed for Quito, Ecuador. I had a 20,000 hectare concession from the government, I was listed as a security contractor with the Ecudorean government, and could import all my guns without restriction or duty.

    I was leaving because someone I truly detest was president and certain things had been implicated relative to the safety of my family. Two weeks before I left, my youngest son was going blind and required immediate cryo surgery. It took every penny that I had and then some.

    So, I stopped my preparations, dropped everything and prayed. It was then that I saw that I was not going to leave the country again and never give up my citizenship. I thought I could run from my prblems like Jonah did when God spoke to him. I’m no Jonah that’s for sure but God taught me you can’t run from yur problems to make them better. If you turn and face them He will give you the strength to meet them, you may not be victorious, but just the fact that I faced my problem, with our first president that is an illegal alien and got away with it, God blessed me richly. My son regained his eyesight, somthing the doctors said was impossible, and we spent always ten more years together before I lost him. I won’t run again. It may not be right for others but it is right for me.

    God bless you in your search an preparations.


  • It’s a funny thing, this one particular question here. I have had many a heated conversation with several of my closest friends about this exact subject. These friends of mine are totally awake as well, I feel lucky for that.

    The conclusion at the end of each of these conversations is always the same, “There is nowhere to go.”.

    Even if you so had the desire to go, you’ll find out the reason why it is called the New World Order. It’s not new, there is no order, but it does encompass the entire world.

    I don’t claim to have any better answers, but I will say this much; No matter how and when this all comes down, the only thing you’ll really be able to do is lay low, protect your family and simply do the best you can. That may not sound like a real answer to many people, but it is the only answer that exists no matter where you are or go.

    The only real chance we have is a mutiny from within their own system. Once the men and women they order to commit the atrocities come to realize how far gone everything is and that what they are fighting for isn’t what they signed up for, you can bet the inner tapeworm of dissent will burn through the ranks. From what I’m hearing, it already is, hence, Oath Keepers.

    On that, I am not willing to bet my life, yet I do find some solace that there are forces within their own ranks that will eventually turn on them. This cycle of evil has occurred many times in history. People start to forget, the evil worms back in, the tyranny comes to head, a lot of terrible things happen, then the perpetrators get their asses handed to them. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    So, I am going to keep my head low, do my best and protect those dear to me. There really isn’t anything else to do at this point in time. We’re way ahead of the masses don’t forget. When they are forced to wake up in a matter of short time, they’re going to lose their minds. This mess began because of sheeple, and it will end because of sheeple. When the time is right, they’ll get the ball rolling, not because they are true to anything, but out of desperation and necessity. Things will get ugly, but things will eventually get better again, this is the cycle. The real trick may be to not inherit the Earth, all six feet of it, before things start to get better.

  • Ben


    I am with you brother. I thought about leaving awhile back but I am here to stay. I was born here. I will die here. I have no real retreat to go to but I am working locally with neighbors and friends. Perhaps we will make a stand here like they did in the novel “Lights Out”. I am just outside of a major city and I am certain things will get bad rather quickly. I have enough supplies, food and “defense” to last me a long time. That however, depends on how “long” it is going to be. I am not sure I have the stomach to gut it out for more than 2 years. I do not want to “fight” my neighbors and surrounding community members for survival. I want to work with them to make it through this together. I started these preparations a decade ago and let my neighbors know about this about 3 years ago. They all thought I was nuts. Now, I dare say, none of them think I am a kook and they are working with their families and friends to prepare for an event. None of us knows what the future will bring, but we all know that if we stick together, perhaps we can weather the storm and make it thru this paradigm shift. If that is not the case, then God willing, I hope for mine and my wife’s sake….we go quick. I feel I am prepared for that inevitability. I feel good to go and squared away. Like I just stated, I just hope I go quickly, when I served in the military, I never had the misfortune of being in combat. As a soldier, I thought about the pain of death or the unknown and it was unverving. However, even back then, I guess I felt prepared for it if I ever had to be in that situation. I am glad I was not, I am sure combat would have scared the hell out of me, but I was always afraid of something more.

    For me, that was capture. I would fear that more than death itself. I can’t imagine what the POW’s of your generation went thru in Southease Asia or what people went thru in places like Bergen-Belsen or Auschwitz. That thought keeps me up at night. I will NEVER go to some camp. I will starve to death before I get put somewhere behind a fence with guard towers.

    So Country, I am with you. I am here to stay. If I was in your neck of the woods, I would stand shoulder to shoulder with you to defy these bastards.

    I hope that day does not come. I fear I am wrong.

    Best of luck to you. Keep the good articles coming and God Bless.

  • bogbeagle

    I’m with the consensus view, that there is nowhere to go. North America was probably the last virgin(ish) refuge for those fleeing oppression.

    I think that Joe Republic is correct in saying that, if you want to live, your best bet is to keep your head down, don’t make a fuss. Comply.

    If you can swallow that.

    The evidence of history suggests that a strategy of compliance is most likely to ensure your survival, I suppose. We know that 95%+ of people did exactly that in Hitler’s day, in Stalin’s day and so forth. This time won’t be different.

    It’s unfortunate for you, CC, that you want more than “mere” survival. I do empathise with you, because I know how every act of compliance tears a little piece out of you. I guess that’s how it feels to be a Palestinian.

    ISTM that the only viable form of resistance is to adopt the philosophy of Mao … a guerilla war of propaganda and measured violence. But, without the tacit support of a large portion of your society, you can’t operate successfully. The time isn’t yet right. It IS coming; and tptb know it’s coming. They are “prepping”, too.

    We don’t really “do” prepping, over here, but I do enjoy reading some of the American sites … like Rawles’ and TSM. It strikes me that most of the preppers devote comparatively little attention to the subject of co-operation. I’d have thought that relationships are more important than guns. The idea of the “rugged individual” is appealing, of course, but only in a Hollywood sort of way. You need a community, if you want to survive. You need a huge community, if you want to win. That’s why Mao believed that the most important work of the guerilla is education (propaganda) to develop the spirit.

    Therein lies the fundamental weakness of the State. You can get compliance at the point of a gun, but you can only get co-operation by voluntarism. You know, “one man willing is worth ten men pressed”.

    Ooops, I’m meandering. I’m sorry that I can’t offer you a prescribed route to the Promised Land. I just don’t know. I do have faith in people, though. They organise, spontaneously, to meet the environment.

    It does seem as though all the pressure is “one-way”, from them to us and that we never react. But, I think that each of these slights and insults register upon a lot of people; it’s just that they think hard, then swallow it down for the sake of avoiding conflict. There will come one straw too many, one day.

  • @BodBeagle

    Oh, I think you completely misunderstand what I’m saying here. Not once in my comment did I ever use the word comply. In fact, I’m hinting at silent non-compliance. What I’m really saying in a nutshell is this:

    1) There is nowhere to go, so don’t bother trying.

    2) We’re not yet in a hot tyranny, so blatant acts of defiance now are just going to get you prematurely in trouble.

    3) No need to go out with a bull horn on a corner and start protesting, the sheeple are doing that.

    4) Avoid early confrontation now, you’ll have plenty of opportunity for that later.

    5) Only when the tyranny runs hot will you be able to organize any meaningful resistance worthy of being called a “Last act of defiance”.

    It’s called biding your time. Maybe I should’ve been more clear. We’re in a soft tyranny right now. It’s all being done on paper. We can protest the machine all we want and the result will be nothing changes. Not until these psychopathic megalomaniacs make their big move can you even consider responding in kind. Believe this, I will never go quietly onto the train headed for a death camp. Never will I submit to what is happening now, either, and I don’t.

    With that said, the best move from my point of view is becoming as independent from the control grid as possible. Grow your own food, produce as much of your own power as you can with solar, distillers and so on and have a well. Basically, everything you can do to stop participating in the Ponzi scheme helps to destroy it. When you’re as far removed as possible, help others to do the same. At this point in time, I can think of no better protest than with that of your wallet.

    Is this clear enough?

  • MPB

    Country Codger – AMEN!

    I will only add to this, New Hampshire’s motto; “Live free or Die.”

    Ultimately I believe that probably says it best.

  • Country Codger

    @JOE and MPB

    I couldn’t agree more. Let someone else bullhorn. I try to keep a low profile. I do disagree on one point Jor. DOn’t wait to organize your resistance. Sit down and talk to yur neighbors, feel them out about their beliefs and CONVICTIONS, not preferences. Remember, convictions are those beliefs you would die for. Start now and you will be ahead of the masses.

    The big problem city dwellers will have to deal with, in my opinion will be gangs. The gangs are organized, they have a core belief system and have no moral compunction whatsoever about killing, robbing and raping. After the full out collapse, gangs will rule various cities like they did in Somalia.

    Also, remember this. Just because you live in a near a city does not mean you cannot high tail it out of there and bring your basic survival gear with you and head to a secluded national park. Most Americans do not realize that national forests and parks CAN be good retreats in an emergency. Research it. You’ll see what I mean. I have hiked from the Mexico borrder of New Mexico to Wyoming border and stayed clear of everyone except and Indian and his wife who were getting out of the “HEAT” for he 4th of July at 11,000′ elev outside Leadville Colo. It can be done and I have done it.

    Good luck to you all.

  • Archangel

    God, Family, Country. That’s called vertical alignment. This is our home. The numbers of those that will fight are far greater than any of us realize. Leaders must rise up and unify so ppressors can be removed. The same people driving the tanks for the State, live here, and have a sense of duty to the PEOPLE. What seemed to be insurmountable odds were overcome at the start of the Constitutional Republic, we can do it again. The colonists were far outgunned and outnumbered, but they were victorious. If we run, we abandon not only the legacy of the Constitutional Republic, but the good people, men women and children, the masses, who by design of the paradigm they are in, are unaware. We leave them to suffer. It is a moral question. To leave, is truly selfish. We stay, we fight. If we leave, the State wins, and it will be the greatest defeat free man has ever suffered. There are some things you just have to be willing to die for. This is one of them. If you choose to leave, God be with you. You will live out the rest of your days a man with no counrty, no loyalty. You have no home. But don’t worry, there are enough of us that will stay, face the oppressors, and defend what YOUR parents and grandparents came here for….the American Dream.

  • bogbeagle

    I think that we are in agreement, JR.

    I was reading about the hyperinflation in Germany (1920 -1923,as I recall).

    Well, supplies in the cities dried up pretty quickly, as you might expect. Apparently, huge crowds began to roam the countryside, like clouds of locusts. They would fall upon farms and strip them bare. So, there was no seed or livestock left over for the coming year.

    Of course, millions of people will have the same idea, of fleeing to the countryside and istm that those country-dwellers might view you as predators, rather than refugees.

    It’s a tricky one.

    I was giving a little more thought to the role of our police and army. Like America, the UK has what we call a “client State” … that is, a group of people who are dependent upon the State for their livelihood. This group includes the Welfare-dependent, political classes, civil servants AND both the police and the military.

    So, this whole group receives its privileges as a result of State’ violence; that is, the sequestration of taxes. We already know that the Public Sector’ unions will go to great lengths to preserve those privileges. How likely is it that the police and military will undermine the very system which supports them?

  • Flyingcloud

    I haven’t found the truth as short and brief before like in these two summaries:

    What’s the plans? (for NWO)

    Here is our plan (against NWO)

    I think in these short summaries, there is much of what Chris and everyone here is talking about.

    Just wanted to share…

  • bogbeagle

    Thanks for the link, flyingcloud.

    That blogger has some interesting opinions. I also liked this piece, which he wrote … … describing the power structure of the world.

  • Glad to see that you liked these articles. Its purpose is to help step back and look at world and your self in bigger picture.
    Actually – in theory – if we all wanted then whole world could be changed in one day – funny isn’t it?

  • My nations colors dont run. My flag will never touch unclean soil. My weapons will defend my family and friends and will eventually remove from this nation any unclean vessel that tries to destroy that which God has blessed it with. For those of you who want to run, please do with our blessings. Just remember its along way back by foot. Since 1839 my Grandfathers were upon this soil. They fought for this country they died and have been buried in its soil…This tradition of defending this nation and the freedoms that it has been blessed with will not be destroyed by those who now are planning its destruction. We will not go quietly into the eternal night and I KNOW that THEY (anyone who doesnot believe like me and you, and I’m not to sure about YOU) know it. Only through fear will we be defeated…many have tried to defeat the dream of America only to find that they are fighting not only men, but a power that defies logic. Run if must, hide if you can, but please remember,

    Deo adjuvante non timendum —

    A proud member of Oathkeeper

  • Tess of Kansas


    My husband said something to me not too long ago. He reminded me that the USA has only known freedom. Citizens of other countries do not have what we have. We have only ever known freedom. We know what it feels like and what it SHOULD feel like. Our forefathers may have brought use the Second Admendment for that very purpose. I believe they did.

    In a nut shell, this is why America is different and worth staying and fighting for. I am not going. I would rather go 6 feet under than run to some other country. That is just how I feel about the topic. Sure I have traveled and I will again, if and when traveling becomes more sane. For now, its time or past time to stop fooling around.

    I love the passion in this article.

  • tom

    Right on brothers and sisters…
    There are Many out there who feel the same
    We are awake and peparing/prepared to do whatever it takes
    To see that America. Remains Free

    They…..will have the fight of their lives.

  • […] stay there instead of moving to the states. I wrote an article expressing my thoughts on it here: . If you are young and want a challenge the old soviet republics may be the way to go. I know a lot […]

  • […] stay there instead of moving to the states. I wrote an article expressing my thoughts on it here: . If you are young and want a challenge the old soviet republics may be the way to go. I know a lot […]

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