Ann Barnhardt- Still Stuck In A Hegelian Dialectic

I really appreciate Ann Barnhardt’s commentary and actions in light of the recent MF Global Scandal.  I like that she is going Galt in shutting down her business. I like the fact that she recommends people get out of all paper, digital, fiat assets and into real assets.  I like the fact that she points out that there are psychopathic individuals that are at the root of our financial problems.  These are all things that I have done and recommended to others. I do have a bone to pick with Ann though…

“If you can describe a problem better than your audience can, they will assume you know the answer and follow you anywhere.” Media Guru.

Time and time again I have fallen for someone that talks a great game, but inevitably lets me down.  First it was politicians, they would talk about small government and lower taxes and then do the opposite.  Then it was financial gurus that would correctly describe the problems with a fiat, debt based currency and then recommend some sort of paper asset like a bond or mining stock as the answer.  Now we have Ann that goes on to describe the problem and offer a real solution by getting out of all paper assets and then I come to find this…

Really?! Islamaphobia is so ridiculous on so many levels.  First, it is a psychological warfare against a culture that does not vote, does not buy our corporations consumables, does not watch our media, does not practice debt, fractional reserve banking or interest, they are a religious and not secular centered society and they happen to be sitting on the oil we covet to dominate the world. They basically stay away from all that is wrong with our society like secularism, consumerism, narcissism, soulless, violent propaganda, and debt slavery.  They are not a perfect society, but their culture stand in stark contrast to ours, that spreads debt and death throughout the world.

“As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.” -Voltaire

Our media propaganda has for decades dehumanized the Muslim world as subhumans.  This is absolutely necessary for the Elite to get any population to engage in war.  Unless people believe that the enemy is evil they cannot commit the mass slaughter necessary for our elite to dominate the resources and people of other nations.  Makes you wonder why the Nazis and Muslims are the bad guys in just about every movie…

You have much more to fear from your government, bankers, police officer, the flu, drunk drivers, your prescription medicine, or slipping in the tub than any Muslim person thousands of miles away.  If we do not have an enemy, how can we get trillions in funding a global war machine to dominate the resources to create the capital and debt to run our constantly expanding empire?  Well, we can’t, so we need useful tools like Ann to get people all fired up in ignorance to sacrifice their lives and wealth fighting an imaginary enemy to profit the same psychopaths that she screams about in her interviews.

“There are only two kind of people in this world; those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone.”  -Silver Shield

You literally have more in common with the average Iraqi family than any of the sick people that created, profited and control this paradigm.  And yet we actively or passively support the wholesale slaughter of these people to profit the real enemy of our freedom.  I would not spend 10 minutes talking to a Ben Bernanke, Nancy Pelosi, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soros, David Rockefeller, because of their sick psychopathic view of the world.  I have known, be friended and even served with in the Marine Corps with many Muslims.  I have yet to meet one that would harm me or my family.  People need to get their minds wrapped around this and stop with this mindless crusade mentality.

This “War on Terror” was started after 9/11, but as I proved in my massive Decade of Denial and Deception article, this was a false flag event designed to create a war to steal the world’s remaining oil.  But let’s say you don’t buy that, you would have to then look at what we have been doing in the Muslim world for the past 70 years.  We have supported tyrannical regimes like the Saudis, we overthrew a Democratically elected leaders like in Iran, we supported Saddam Huessien for decades, gave him weapons of mass destruction, we then stood by as Saddam committed genocide of 300,000 Shiites after we encouraged them to rise up, we support Israel that has and awful record of abuse of the Palestinian people, and “preventative wars” occupying and destroying their lands.  Any action against our troops can be directly attributed to our actions of not leaving these people alone.  This is called Blowback.

What if China was doing to us as we have done to the Muslim world? 

What would you be doing?

What is most dangerous about this Islamaphobia is the enabling of the Elite to wage war against us at home.  What is a terrorist?  Is it out of the realm of possibility that those that support the Constitution, the right to bear arms and owning Gold and Silver could be labelled as terrorists?  If we do not fight this injustice it will eventually turn on us.

Another fault I have with Ann is that she is stuck in the False Left Right paradigm.  She will cry about Marxism, Communism, Obama and Corzine, but is quiet on the same actions Bush and Paulson pulled in 2008.  Both sides are bought and paid for.  Nothing has changed in 30 years as we lose our life, liberty and property.  This is by design.

One of the most important weapons the Elite use to enslave humanity is the Hegelian Dialectic. The Hegelian Dialectic is a framework to guide our thoughts and actions to a predetermined solution. Understanding how the Elite manipulate us into their clutches is vital if we are going to be free. When you are aware of how the Elite use this Dialectic to steer societies, you have a pretty powerful tool in staying ahead of not only them but the crowd also.

The Hegelian Dialectic is designed to get us into a frenzied defense or offense of a particular idea or thesis. The natural outgrowth of the original idea is the opposite idea or anti-thesis, which will breed it’s own defense and offense. The predetermined answer of the Elite will be the synthesis of both sides of the conflict.

In America, the most familiar Hegelian Dialectic is the Republican and Democratic parties. On the right we have the Corporatist, Fascist, Republicans that are pro debt, pro war and pro corporation. On the left, we have the Socialist, Communist, Democrats that are pro tax, pro social issues and pro labor. Both of these two fight back and forth every year in a contrived scripted drama known as Washington politics. The synthesis, of these two seemingly opposite ideas, is this middle of the road “lesser of two evils” mess we have now.

When you see that the Elite are collectivists that seek to destroy individuality and freedom, the picture is easier to see. The proper scale is not this false left right paradigm, it is total government power or total freedom. If you are a freedom lover, it does not matter if your government is Fascist or Socialist, you lose. The synthesis of these two is that we get more power and money taken from us to fund every special interest in the world.

You want funding for a trillion dollar a year war?  Sure,  just support a trillion dollar prescription drug plan.

You want unemployment extended? Sure, just support a tax cut for the rich.

There are thousands of examples of these trade offs but they are not really trade offs at all. They are ALL against freedom. The use taxes, regulations, and force to take from one group to give it to another. This gets us all into our little camps to fight in their controlled paradigm. We fight for or against all sorts of ideas like mortgage deductions or minimum wage that just end up slitting all of our throats because we are stealing from each other. This only serves the Elite that derives power and profits off of this sick system.

When the Elite want to move something fast they create a Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario. The Elite over and over again create problems, they wait for it to create the inevitable mess, and then walk in with a predetermined answer. Almost anything that happens in a crisis, follows this same pattern.

Take for example the 2008 financial crisis. The Elite took away a lot of the regulations that were enacted during the Great Depression to regulate banks. They lowered the lending rates, sparking a boom. Created all of these exotic/fraudulent funding vehicles. Made billions on the way up, knowing all along that this was going to blow up. They waited for the music to stop and for America and Congress to panic. They then had the balls to walk into Congress with a $700 Billion dollar ransom note and said sign it or there was going to be martial law in America. This financial coup d’etat was a carefully planned and executed operation by the Elite. All of the right pieces were in place to pull off this heist in less than a week.

If you think this is amazing, wait until they finally knock the legs out of the dollar.

There is always a ‘freedom choice’ in any of these Hegelian Dialectics that the Elite don’t even want us to consider. That is the kind of “out of the box thinking” that threatens their paradigm of power. Instead of the Fascist or Socialist false choice, you can choose the Constitutional choice that limits the power of the centralized Elite. The collectivists want to abolish property rights and the American Revolution and Constitution are about protecting property rights. The Elite will never give you that choice, because it does not serve their interests.

I hope Ann and others see that this crusade against the Muslim world only serves to empower those that own and control your world.  Only by adopting an opposite consciousness can we advance humanity. You need to start by freeing you mind in the Sons Of Liberty Academy.

55 comments to Ann Barnhardt- Still Stuck In A Hegelian Dialectic

  • Country Codger

    Obviously emotional outrage trumps logic. I have therefore have no defense.

  • kybelboy

    Sometimes it’s better to just agree to disagree. Pro 16:18

  • Big Dawg

    There seem to be a bunch of “NEO” patriot intellectuals.

    Show me 1 gallon of gas that was produced for us from Iraq. Most are correct but only kind of. Muslims are of no consequence to others providing they stay among Muslims and just kill each other. Problem is when totally incompatible cultures collide. One just needs to know. Were the Crusades an Action or a Reaction. Most sound like decent enough well meaning folks. But grossly too RonPaulina.

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  • wyllow

    Granted, I’m extremely late to this discussion, but before you defend Islam, have you read the Quran and the hadiths? Or have you just absorbed what the mainstream media would like you to believe about Islam? I would venture to guess that if you had read those documents, your response would have been quite different. Not only that, but in terms of “following” someone… you will be disappointed by “following” any human being. Follow Christ.

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