4 Piggy banks for the working poor

Unfortunately for me, I most certainly fall into the bracket widely-regarded as ‘the working poor’.  Having arrived back in my home country England after a few years in the far-east I found a country in an economic decline of epic proportions. I therefore took an interesting yet low-paid ‘job’ working with those with learning disabilities and/or mental-health problems.

My take-home pay is a mere $350 per week, but this is sufficient if you put your head in gear and think of methods to accumulate tangible assets for the upcoming paradigm shift.

Before anything else, you should obtain a food and seed bank.  Rotate and monitor your cans and listen to Country Codger when he provides advice regarding food storage and preservations.  Get real seed, and never purchase F1 hybrids.  Obtain weapons, and vital physical paper information.

Once the basics are in place, you should then consider your monetary metal bank.  Do you have any savings in the high-street banks?  If so, why would you do this?

I was fortunate to accrue approximately $10k in savings whilst in the far-east.  This was quickly converted into precious metals mid-2010 after I discovered the behaviour known as usury.  I’ve continued to purchase silver ever since, and I’ve four primary ‘monetary metal’ banks in play at the moment.

Bank One: Precious metals savings store

As stated I had a ‘head start’ on this bank as I had a small amount of savings.  I didn’t know anything about how the monetary system worked until mid-2010, and after reading Mike Maloney’s book ‘Guide to investing in gold and silver’ about seven times, I cashed-out with 10% gold and 90% silver new savings account.  After following Chris Duane’s advice, I’ve since converted the gold into silver through selling the gold then buying more silver.  My precious metal savings store, as of Dec 2011, is 100% physical silver.

Due to my low income, I now add to my precious metal account with small purchases.  My last buy was fifty 1/10 troy ounce coins in a tube, and just prior to that I bought a 100g bar.  It is still possible to accumulate silver at today’s bargain prices, and it’s better to have some than none at all.

Bank Two: Copper

My ‘gut’ tells me that silver will not become a currency in my area, nor will it become the currency in many areas across the western world.  Silver will be a store-of-value, but the everyday run-of-the-mill folk will probably utilise the semi-precious metals of copper and nickel.

If you’re in the US, and you’re like me – a member of the ‘working poor’ – then I suggest you collect the pre-1982 pennies still in circulation.  They’re 95% copper and you will be able to collect them in change and also at amusement arcades etc.

If you’re in the UK then I suggest you collect-in the 1971-1991 one pence and two pence coins.  They are 97% copper and a face value of 128p equals a full pound weight of copper.  Four two pence coins have a total weight of one ounce, and eight pennies also equal one ounce.

Bank Three: ‘White copper’ in the UK, or ‘Nickel’ in the US

What the Americans call a ‘Nickel’ is starting to be regarded as ‘white copper’ amongst the Brits.  These coins have a 25 % nickel and 75% copper content.  These coins, like the pennies mentioned above, will be far more valuable once this debt-based paradigm has collapsed, than they are under the current system.  Fish them out and store your ‘white copper’ or ‘nickel’ in a separate jar/tub.

In the US, the coins called a ‘nickel’ or ‘5 cents’ are the ones to fish-out.

In the UK, the 5p and 10p coins are the main coins to fish-out.

Bank four:  Paradigm shift monetary metal

Many people will advise you to hold some physical cash for the early stages of the fiat collapse and I agree with their views.  However, I advise you also use monetary metal instead of physical paper.

My ‘paradigm shift’ monetary metal bank essentially contains coins with a nominal value higher than the metal content value.  After the crash, however, the nominal value will be non-existent and the coin will be valued by its metal content.  Surely that value will far surpass physical cash.

Alarmingly, even physical cash is better than digital currency.  At least we can wipe our noses, wipe our asses, or even make paper-darts from the pieces of paper.  Digital doesn’t even exist – it’s simply a computer game and one day we’ll all see a statement saying ‘game over, no more credits’.

Use your own judgement in the US for collecting the coins for your bank four.

In the UK just store 20p, 50p, £1, and £2 coins in your paradigm shift bank.  They’re all made of cupro-nickel and could prove to be useful in both this paradigm and the next unlike BofE toilet paper.


Even if you are relatively poor, you can start to collect monetary metal for the next paradigm.  Be brave, be strong, be resourceful, and prepare yourselves to the best of your ability.


6 comments to 4 Piggy banks for the working poor

  • Silver Shield

    I think a great way for people to determine value in the next paradigm is garage sales. Most consumer goods you are lucky to get .10 cents on the dollar. But things like tools hold their value much more than consumer electronics. They have more intrinsic value. Things like guns and gold hold their value the best because their intrinsic value does not change or degrade.

    The more of your capital you can steer towards things that do not depreciate in value the better off you are.

    I love the idea that a silver coin will be valuable 5 to 20 years from now. Where as the best car, computer, phone, furniture, clothes, toys, etc. will be worthless.

  • Silverfox

    Good work Gareth and thank you. This is all good advice. One day we will hit rock bottom and the entire human race will be put to the test. Fear and anger will rule the day for the unprepared. Your plan taken seriously will save the lives of those who heed it in the near future. I often tell children to save these pennies and nickels. I explain how valuable they will be one day and you can tell by the look on their faces that they are on board. Thanks again Gareth.

  • Gareth

    “Things like guns and gold hold their value the best” Are you now saying I shouldn’t have sold my gold for silver, Chris :-) I’ve some encapsulated troy ounce silver coins that’ll be excellent ‘invaluable’ barter items. The bulk of my stash isn’t encapsulated – I just got the cheapest I could. I bought some .50 ‘juck’ silver coins today – about 5 1/3 troy ounces of silver for around 1-2% under spot price. Gotta love ebay at times.

    Thanks silverfox. I also try and teach the younger members about saving-up coins. They do learn quick do the children. I’m getting them some silver coins for Christmas :-)


  • Archangel

    I tell people as I’m out & about to keep nickels and pre 1982 pennies. I made it a habit to just pull them out of change everytime I get some in exchange for frn’s. Set a goal of ounces silver, as well as paper cash on hand. For example 1000 ounces and $10k. You can use the cash when the collapse becomes more symptomatic on a day to day level (like when people are lining up at the ATMs or banging on the bank doors to get cash out. In the beginning of the collapse deflation cash will be king and metals will likely fall. Good time to exchange the doomed fiat for cheap metals (fear and the deflationary commodity dip will drive the weak out of metals holdings) and also stock up on useful stuff the masses will want to dump to get ahold of the cash their bank just stole from them when they shut down atms and locked the bank doors. When it all gets too painful to bear, the treasury will fire up the presses for relief and we can all greet hyperinflation with a smile. Be balanced and profit.

  • Gareth

    Hi Archangel: Try to avoid saying things like, “1000 ounces and $10k cash” to the ‘working poor’ as you’ll freak them out, and they’ll ignore you.

    I will not reach 1000 ounces, and will not focus on it. The middle class should aim for that, bu not the working poor.

    Hell, I even had a $10k head-start of my fellow ‘working poor’ folk, but i’ll be lucky to touch north of 500.

    I tryo to get a montly target of 10 ounces. I ‘hit’ it this month, but if silver goes back over $40, I will need to adjust my target.

    One ounce is better than none.

    Fortunately for the ‘working poor’ they usually stash lotsa tinned food – just by habit.

    The ‘working poor’ in villages ans small towns could have a far less chaotic paradigm shift then those urban-city dwellers, regardless of the urban-city dwellers income.

    All the best,

  • SilberShark110

    f..k the Bank$t€r$, Buy Silver!
    Das Konig ist das Silber !
    Go Silber!
    Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Silber !!!
    Alles Fur Silber !

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