Silver Shield Report #9 The Big Silver Picture

This Silver Shield Report I have my guns a blazing about silver. I spend 2 hours dissecting the whole silver picture from the Black Death up until the MF Global scandal. I believe this is the most important piece on silver I have done since the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.  The Silver Shield Report #9 focuses more on the larger forces pushing silver and how all of the major trends seem to be pointing to right now for the final countdown.  This report should get you reengaged into the physical silver market in a big way. I will show you the Black Box  silver investing strategy to increase your purchasing power to buy 30% to 40% more silver and get around the VAT and income tax.  Don’t worry it is legal… check with your tax attorney and DYODD.

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O:OO The Dollar Value and the Technical Charts of Silver do not matter. The Markets are rigged and we need to value silver with a new consciousness.
2:40 Paul Volker defender of the Establishment.
3:40 Silver is your ark to the next paradigm.
5:41 The HUGE picture of silver. European collapse.
14:43 European Renaissance.
18:31 Industrial Revolution.
23:05 China’s Trade Surplus was 40% of the world’s silver. The West conducts the two Opium Wars.
28:45 The Crime of 1873- The bankers pushed for the demonetization of silver ahead of the largest silver finds in the world like the Comstock lode to come on line.
32:27 Manipulate you to stay in the paper paradigm
34:43 Crushing deflation in a real monetary world. The period after the civil war and Crime of 1873 was the hardest economic times in America with massive deflation.
37:08 The Sick Symbiotic Relationship of the Bankers and Politicians.
39:33 The crisis cycles- 80 years of crisis where the civilization is threatened.
42:19 The Hunt Brothers fight back and lose.
48:22 Debt, Death and Drugs.
49:16 3 Major Cycles turn negative in 2000 Oil, debt and China trade.
54:26 The 3 Demands of silver- Industrial demand.
1:00:28 The 3 Demands of silver- Investment Demand
1:02:48 The 3 Demands of silver- Monetary Demand
1:07:07 3 Stages of a Bull Market- 1. Smart Money
1:09:24 3 Stages of a Bull Market- 2. Institutional Money

1:16:38 Autopsy of the Silver Drive By Shooting

1:20:53 Why I am so excited about silver right now. The short position in silver is the lowest since I have been involved with silver. With less than 20,000 contracts short, they are still three times more than all of the silver available in the Registered vaults. I do not see another massive take down as paper traders have been burned twice and MF Global did a third, but if there is this should be the end of the paper manipulation as it is clear that they are running from these short positions in the face of an oncoming silver tidal wave of physical buying.

1:22:19 MF Global- The silver stake? Look at the volume for the year in COMEX Silver contracts for the year and then the complete drop in November right after MF Global.  Also realize that there is 18.8 million contracts 5,000 ounces (94.2 billion ounces) trade on about 34 million physical ounces. That is 2,771 paper ounces traded versus 1 ounce of physical.  This is a nuclear bomb waiting to blow!

1:26:14 3 Stages of a Bull Market- Public Money

1:30:41 The Cup and Handle of Silver- Silver Supernova

1:37:47  The Great Silver Debate- Jeff Christian private feelings towards Eric Sprott, Eric King, and Gerald Celente.

1:46:01  Examining the Silver Handle

1:51:22 The Silver Mentality Shift Happens

1:59:58 Putting Value On Silver

2:07:06  The Black Box  silver investing.   Increase your purchasing power to buy 30% to 40% more silver and get around the VAT and income tax.

8 comments to Silver Shield Report #9 The Big Silver Picture

  • Bigdad06

    Good session Chris! Thanks for talking about the history of silver, very interesting!

  • Alfred Newman

    I was asleep in the hospital room, napping during EDTA therapy – an epiphany came to me as the mercury, fluoride, aluminum and lithium drained away

    God appeared and He said, “I was calling you; it’s good to see you have pulled back the curtain. You have some work to do.”

    I said, “Yes I think I can go home and sell my insurance policies, buy dry beans and brown rice, close out my federal bank accounts and buy GOLD and Silver.”

    Then He said, “You better tell your friends…” I said, “I’m on it!”

  • trailhiker

    Some great historical context along with valued insight into the very close future. Great job SS!

  • John Percival

    He who holds the Gold and Silver makes the rules

  • FiatFlatline

    Finally finished the “whole enchilada” (2 hr. 17 min.) after two aborted starts and some interruptions. A tour de force in every sense. I’m surprised, frankly, that I am only the fifth commenter. Maybe, it’s so intuitively obvious that no comment is needed. Still and all, this cogent, well-supported presentation is a “Must Listen” for any newbies to the silver picture. It is especially valuable and persuasive, IMO, as a educational “share” with relatives and friends who are ignorant of the immutable forces, historical trends and unprecedented economic realities facing the entire world, particularly if they hold significant FRN “wealth” that we all know is earning them zilch, but which they may not realize is greatly at risk and will inevitably evaporate after a horrific fiat death-dance.
    Terrific job, Chris. (You must have been an ace car salesman. Ha ha … no offense.)

  • Patrick Navolio

    Thanks for the extremely enlightening information on the recent history of the silver market. It really helps to put the market in perspective and create confidence in my decision to transfer most of my assets to silver.

    I first became aware of silver in summer of 2011 after discovering and bought my first position on Sep 29, 2011. I’m about halfway to my goal and I need the price to remain in the 30’s until summer 2012 to reach it. Even if it breaks out before then I am very grateful to Chris and for influencing this decision and I feel very fortunate to have been able to buy in the low to mid 30’s.

    BTW, this site is has been an obsession for me lately. I enjoy listening to the shield reports while at work and watching the SOLA videos for a few hours every night!


  • Patrick Navolio

    Following Chris’ tip on the report I contacted my tax lawyer/accountant yesterday…

    Me: I purchased 150 silver bouillon coins in 2011 with the intention of reselling these sometime in the future at a higher price. I intend to do this via a new website through my internet marketing LLC. The question I have is can I write of the purchase price of these coin in 2011?

    Tax lawyer: Generally, the cost of the coins would be treated the same as an investment in stock. No tax effect until you sell the coins. No write-off until sale.

    Hence this does seem to be a bit risky according to my tax guy. However, upon thinking about this further, I’m not sure it would be a good idea to claim these on the taxes anyway since it would then put the amount of silver you have in the government’s file. Then in the future if they decide to confiscate silver the way FDR did with gold as soon as he took office they will have a database of people to go after. Thoughts?

  • Eric Hartmann

    What a report! Thanks Chris! I’m a newbie to the SSG and struggling to catch up with all the SSR’s and it’s cutting into my infowars time :)

    I started investing in silver in 2011 like Patrick. Very soon I will be in the 1000 ounce club :) Keep stacking!

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