An Alert On All Of These Alerts!

“If you can describe a problem better than your audience, they will assume you know the answer and follow you anywhere.”  Master Media Guru.

The internet is full of people who accurately describe the problem with the dollar, exploding debt, the rigged paper markets, the benefits of gold and silver.  They create slick videos, write compelling articles, and insightful interviews describing what is wrong with the world to get this message across. What I find most intellectually dishonest is that nearly all of them offer a paper asset as a way out.

Here is a preview of Silver Shield Report #8 where I describe this point.

Now I have another on to add to the list…. as they released this very bullish video pushing physical silver.

And then today releases an alert that is focused on owning paper assets…

“Now as we pointed out in Monday’s email, it is VERY important for people in our opinion to have real diversification. That means cash, physical metals, stocks, and short positions. As you know, we’re always looking for new option PUTS, as they have been some of our biggest winners in 2011, Citigroup 50%, Bank of America 100%, Morgan Stanley 125%, and Home Depot 80%. Monday we announced we are also doing something we never do, accumulating a fund. Our staff last week and this week has been buying the Grizzly Short Fund (GRZZX) for some added protection to the downside.  We know this isn’t a very exciting trade, but sometimes when you face systemic risk, it’s good to buy a little insurance. The reason we like these guys who run the Grizzly Short Fund is because during the 08/09 crisis, they saw a 150% return, and in early 09 they actually came out bullish and told investors NOT to buy their fund. Again, we are only buying this for short term downside protection, kind of like insurance. This isn’t a long term trading idea, just something that we are buying “just in case.” We should note that bear funds don’t do that well in the long run, so if we see a big move down, we will probably be out of it pretty fast, converting to cash or looking for shares of companies that may be trading at a discount. For now, we plan to hold the fund until at least the 1st of the year, if we are still on edge, which we probably will be, we will continue to hold it longer. Since we have shared this trade idea with our members, when we do sell it, we will notify our member 24 hours in advance.

Do not have any money inside their paper fiat casino.  Don’t pull a Celente and get caught exposed and empowering those that seek to impoverish and enslave you.  I have spent a great deal of the past year building the case for the owning only real tangible assets. The most important piece is the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.  This article has been read by over 350,000 people and translated into 7 languages.  It builds the strongest case for owning physical silver as the only way to transport your wealth into the next paradigm after the 100% mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar.  These are very dangerous times where you really need to get this right as the systemic risk of our world explodes.  Any paper assets you have, has massive counter party risk.  When the system burns, any wealth in side that paper casino will be destroyed.  With the physical price of silver on sale today why would you even consider owning any paper assets.  I am making the largest purchase of silver since 2005 and my recent Silver Shield Report is a 2hour session explaining why right now is the time to be buying.  You can also get all of my articles in the Ultimate Silver Investor.

The Greatest Truth Never Told is a video project that helps people through the Awakening process through education.  It is an updated version of the massive Sons of Liberty Academy.

For those of you that are past the panic stage I have been working on multiple projects to advance the conversation past the inevitable collapse and into what is next.  First we did the Ultimate Exit Strategy where I create the case for how to best leverage this new found real wealth into a post dollar world and how we will have the power to create a paradigm that resonates with our view of the world that craves freedom.

The most advanced program is the Silver Shield Report where I discuss the issues we face and advancing the discussion beyond the doom and gloom that seems to be the flavor of the decade.  I could describe the Silver Shield Report but I feel it is better that you hear from those that have joined.

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  • Gareth

    Isn’t ‘future money trends’ written by the same person involved with the NIA?

    The layout of the blog, and the vids give it away. Can’t remember his name off the top of my head, but he’s been charged before with pump&dump scams.

    Good alert on the alerts, Chris

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    FutureMoneyTrends, IIRC, is a spin-off of VisionVictory and the Inflation dot us posse. If true, this is hardly a source to even mention in a civilized conversation.

  • Lawrence Connor

    I issue an alert on this alert!

  • hatethebanks

    johnathan lebed is the NIA pumpndumper. he started doing it in his parent’s basement when he was in high school, i kid you not. made millions and got a slap on the wrist from a judge. NO credibility at all.

    not sure about visionvictory. he did the vids for NIA but seems like he’s trying to distance himself from them now.

  • Silver Shield

    That’s the guy… Google Johnathan Lebed…

  • I went to the San Francisco hard money expo, and met the FUTURE MONEY TRENDS guy in person. He was terrific, happy to spend time with me discussing the issues personally, and a all around nice guy.

  • Silver Shield

    @ Gary
    I think all of these guys have their heart in the right place and are probably wonderful people. I do not think they are being intellectually honest in the pursuit of supporting their efforts.

  • fiatflatline

    Daniel Ameduri,Chief Strategist, touts “penny” stocks but in the fine print of the disclaimer for its most recent “find”, I note this discouraging language,

    “1. We receive monetary or securities compensation from persons that claim they are a non-affiliate shareholder (“NAS”) or an issuer; however, we conduct no due diligence whatsoever to determine whether in fact they are a non-affiliate;
    2. We may receive free trading shares from the non-affiliates, which we may sell at any time, including as soon as we deposit such shares in our securities accounts, during our promotion of the issuer’s stock (that the NAS owns), after our promotion, or at any time;
    3. There is an inherent conflict of interest between our information dissemination services involving various issuers and our receipt of compensation from those same issuers;
    4. We may buy and sell securities in the securities that we provide information dissemination services, which may cause: a) significant volatility in the issuer’s stock; (b) price declines from our selling activities; (c) permit us to make substantial profits while we are disseminating profiles or information about the issuer, yet may result in a diminished value to the stock for investors;
    5. We conduct little or no due diligence on the profiles we receive from the non-affiliate shareholders nor do we conduct due diligence on any other information we disseminate to the public; has been hired directly by Citiglory Consultants Limited for this publication. Daniel Ameduri received a ten thousand dollar editorial fee for the creation of this report. Daniel Ameduri/ also expects to receive additional revenue from the sale of authored report(s), the amount of which is unknown at this time, as a result of this advertising effort. Citiglory Consultants Limited has paid eighty-five thousand dollars for marketing/dissemination of this information in order to create investor awareness.”

    And yet, people STILL choose to throw their money at some of these ridiculous, virtually hopeless gambles. AH .. human nature.

  • Silver Shield

    @faitflatline BRAVO!

  • Joe Serino

    The #1 go to guy is Bob Chapman. His International Forecaster is unparalleled.
    I know that Chris links to a lot of his commentaries and appears to follow much of his views. The one point to take to issue is Celente. He is not an economist, but is very shrewd. Typically, the type of margin account he used has always been safe. He should have taken his own advice since margins on GLD and SLV were raised, they announced that the game was no longer the same but could change at any moment. Bob has always said take physical only. Regarding stocks, the only exception in Bob’s view is mining stocks. He has said on record that this is different. Who among us can argue with Bob Chapman?

  • vi

    NIA and FutureTrends are being promoted by same person. He is a pump and dumper of penny stocks. Peter Schiff in his radio show has proven this fraud and challenged him. It is sad that SEC does not take action against genuine frauds. Reputed site should stay away from known frauds.

  • patriotdeb

    This is great information to know and appreciate all your postings. Many thanks.

  • Maynard

    Hey Chris,

    Something fun for you to check out. I know you’re a big Tool fan. Maynard has a side project called Puscifer. The most recent album, “Conditions of My Parole” has a song called “Man Overboard”. It is a good analogy to the situation we are aware of. Could be a good theme song for one of your videos. “Blood sky every morning. Should have seen the warning. (Woulda Coulda Shoulda)” “Poseidon’s on a mission. About to turn it up to eleven. (Brace yourself for twelve)” Think you will like it.


  • lastmanstanding

    Joe…margin accounts have NEVER BEEN SAFE…he talked out the other side of his mouth and got fucking burned…it happens to everyone sometime in life when you think you are above the fray.

    Everyone needs to pay heed to what Bob Chapman says about everything else…if you are just hearing the gold and silver thing… you are missing what a man has lived his whole life and is sharing with us now…you had better be able to protect, shelter and feed yourself for the long haul. The bankers have broken many…now they are coming for us.

    If you can’t do that…your stash ain’t shit.

  • Bambi


  • twisted titan




  • The guy I met at the Hard Money Show is Daniel Ameduri.
    His silver website is

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