My Dinner With Andre (1981)

Has it ever occurred to you Wally that the process that creates this boredom that we see in the world now may very well be a self-perpetuating, unconscious form of brainwashing […] somebody who’s bored is asleep, and somebody who’s asleep will not say no

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  • fiatflatline

    Thanks, Mustafa, for this great excerpt clip. I’m now wanting to re-watch that movie.

  • Ben

    I love that movie. Hidden in plain site as they say.

    Sometimes I think this part of the movie advocates total separation a little too much, not that it is a bad thing, but at times, I think it accepts that we are powerless in making changes that are best for all. It points the finger at the “society” or evil bankers without realising that it is people like you and me who are working there – who are doing their job because they also have accepted their powerlessness in changing the system. How does one truly spit oneself out of the said system? It is a hard slog…and you HAVE to be aware.

    In contrast to this perspective which perpetuates what we have lived throughout the centuries – the mine versus yours, the self-interest – the fear of the other, the unknown, our fellow human beings – we have the power to stand in unity and bring about a radical change by implementing a different economic system. A different way of doing things. The “light” that he talks about is what is necessary for “life to move on”. Perhaps I am speaking about a truly democratic system, where ALL are heard. Perhaps that is a pipe dream. Methinks we have gone past the point of no return. The darkness is already upon us. People are awake and starting to realize it and do things about it.

    Not sure they are going about it the right way. See Time Magazine’s person of the year!

    I do not advocate protests or revolution because they do not bring about a solution to our global situation and only provoke more of the same human traits. What we are standing for is equality through the principle for what is best for all. This can be achieved if we are turning our “willingness to prepare” to a willingness to stand together and create a new system. It is about creating a system that is in service of life and not of consumption. We are now at the brink of total destruction, if we continue in the same vein which is what Andre seems to advocate, the worst is yet to come, but if we stop the separation, the judgement and devaluation of life – we can make the one change that needs to be done – to give to others what we want for ourselves!

    Too cornball?

    I don’t know…just my thoughts for the moment.

    Good stuff Mustafa

  • Archangel

    I love this thanks for posting! I love the idea of the prisoners building the prisons. Awesome.

  • bogbeagle

    ISTM that democracy cannot ever provide what you seek, Ben.

    As I understand it, within a democracy, the individual has NO rights. There is nothing which cannot be taken from you at the whim of the electorate.

    In effect, each vote that you cast, is a vote to disenfranchise “someone else”. So, the simple act of participation within a democratic system, could be considered to be a sin.

    Is that too extreme?

  • Upside-down V-shaped recovery

    >> In effect, each vote that you cast, is a vote to disenfranchise “someone else”.

    AND yourself. By voting you do two things: (1) tell those who ignore voting that you don’t count them as real people, and (2) you accept the rules of the game where your part is to lose.

  • Ben

    Ahhh…nothing like an assumption.

    Did I write about a democracy? Democracy is mob rule, and yes, the person has no rights. I wrote about a different kind of DEMOCRATIC system. I have no idea what that looks like. Does anyone? Do you? People read or see the word, democratic or democracy and immediately there minds race to correct that person or idea about what a “democracy” truly is or is not. Then they conspire to “thrash” that individual and point out where they are wrong! Yeaaaaah! Cast a vote for superiority!

    Here is the deal about a new kind of “democratic system”. Or should I call it new paradigm? End of usuury times? Take yoru pick.

    Even our once great Constitutionally Federated Republic used democratic systems and polices that were bound by the rule of law. That however, was burned down in December of 1913. The beast has broken free of it’s Constitutional moorings and the Bill of Rights has been used as paper for one’s backside. I think most people know about this idea. No need to educate.

    Most of the talk at this site centers around a new paradigm. I would agree with that notion. It’s coming. But what does it look like? These secret bastions of free thought or centers of knowledge or human truths discussed in the clip seem like a great idea. How will it work? Will everyone just do there own thing in that society with regard to no one else?

    Do we all live on islands or do we live amongst one other? I think we all know the answer. We live amongst each other. That has been the way througout human history.

    So how do these societies live together in relative peace and harmony? How do they get along?

    I love the consept and I would enjoy that immensely. However, my actions may unknowlingly harm another individual in that society. So how do you solve those problems? Does anyone have a say in that?Or just a few people? Do we ever get to come together as a community and discuss what is right for the group? That is a democratic function! Does democracy always have to mean the ballot box or rule by a few or by a mob? When we live in this new paradigm, will we all live together in this society and NEVER come across exeperiences where we have to discuss solutions? Dare I say…democratically?

    My point is, without any more rambling, how are we going to function in this new paradigm? Do we honestly think that after the collapse that things will generally become better after we go thru the initial pain of said collapse? Because the system will die, I think we all know that, what arises after that is anyone’s guess.

    I have simply come to one conclusion. Work on yourself and then work to help one another. It will be a necessary skill in the future.

    Of all of the collapse and “awakened” sites I visit, I rarely see the idea of working with one’s fellow man. Most people are concerned with there small group or protecting there larder. Get out of Dodge and fuck the rest! I think too many people will be keeping score and will not be willing to work with one another.I swear, I think some people are looking forward to the collapse. Now they get to use their hadware and “take out some liberals”. Nice. That ideal is out there. Some would say it is a small percentage. Not from where I sit, I see a lot of this bravado going on. So my question is this… How are these people any different from the psychopaths who run this country?

    Perhaps I am a fool, perhaps I need to wax off that last little bit of normalcy bias. I still think SOME people will try and work together. It will be bad, I do not doubt that, being in a city will be tough. People always say, look what happened during Katrina! True. But then I always point to the people near my home state. I watch the people of North Dakota plan for a disaster every year when the flood waters rise in those river communities. They are prepared and they see this coming. How come “human nature” does not get the best of them?

    Part of me has to believe that there is still time to do it….to help one another. I work with my neighbors all of the time. Better to prepare as a group then have to deal with them in desparation later. There truly is strength in numbers. I work with all kinds of folks. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians in my neighborhood and we are putting together a plan. We discuss things, plan, bounce ideas off of one another and generally always come to a consensus about what is best for the members in our group and our neighborhood.

    Dam…now that is democracy in action!

  • bogbeagle

    Well, I consider myself censured.

    But, Ben, if even you don’t know what you mean when you say “democracy” … how are we supposed to know?

    You speak of a “truly democratic system, in which all are heard” … it’s meaningless, really, because some will inevitably be discounted by any collective decision-making process.

    Then, you say, “discuss what is right for the group? That is a democratic function”. Right there is where it goes wrong, imo.

    What is “best for the group” is a function of what is “best for the individual” …it can never be the other way round.

  • Ben

    How do I not know the meaning of the word? That’s your perception pal. You are one presumptuous bastard.

    What would you like me to use? Diplomatic? Egalitarian? Are you that afraid of a word? I have a boss that uses that word almost weekly. He often says, “let’s be democratic about this” when we are problem solving. Are you that hung up on a word? You have to conspire to correct me and tell me “how it is” in regards to human nature. Is anything ever right in your world? I see this a lot in your posts.

    Do you honestly think humans will just change overnight and we will all get along when this whole thing comes crashing down. Old habits die hard. I would think it would be DECADES before these “centers of light” actually came into existence. It would be a hard slog to get there. LOTS of pain and suffering. People will not change overnight. You are talking about a complete rewiring of the human brain. A brain that has been abused for a lifetime from a myriad of things.

    I also stated in the above comments about “changing one’s self and then working outward..” Apparently you missed that part.

    I wrote this…

    “I have simply come to one conclusion. Work on yourself and then work to help one another. It will be a necessary skill in the future.”

    It always starts with the individual. ALWAYS. But do we all live alone in this existence?

    You talk about a system that uses cooperation or a “truly democratic system” as meaningless because people will get discounted. Here’s a news flash. People get discounted each and every day in this world. It’s called life. It happens on a daily basis with great regularity. Get used to it. It is the way our world works. I think a big part of human nature is to discount people. We all do it. At times, it can be a survival mechanism.

    Do you live on an island, actually, I think you do, what I mean is, do you not cooperate with people every day in your community? I am not talking about full blown collectivism, because that does not work either. I am talking about full blown cooperation. An exchange of ideas. Do you do that with people? Or does your ego get in the way?

    I believe that is what Andre is talking about when he brings up the idea of “invisible planets within our planet”. Centers were people use new langauage, new ideas etc.

    How will that work? Will it be every man or woman for himself or will cooperation be involved?

    I somehow think we believe the same thing about the individual but you fail to see it, or perhaps you don’t want to see it. Either way, I don’t give a fuck.

    Was merely trying to say that it would be nice if INDIVIDUALS starting working with one another in GROUPS before the whole thing goes completely to shit. Perhaps as a GROUP of INDIVIDUALS…we could make it a softer landing for some folks.

    But as you know, what is “best for the group” is a function of what is “best for the individual”… can never be the other way round.

    Jesus Christ on a bycycle.

  • bogbeagle

    Well, Ben, you stated … “I wrote about a different kind of DEMOCRATIC system. I have no idea what that looks like.”

    If you have “no idea what that looks like”, how can we?

    And, do try to keep a civil tongue in your head.

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