Ron Paul On Jay Leno

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  • Very nice. I have to give Jay Leno props here. He has always seemed to be fair and a decent host, no real detectable agenda other than to have a conversation with Dr. Paul. And I actually admire Dr. Paul for taking the risk in order to reach a wider audience (the idiocracy voting block)

  • Country Codger


    I’m with you. It has been years since I have watched Leno but I thought the interview was well done and I enjoyed the humor in the monologue. Almost makes a fella’ wish he had a TV.

  • misterkel

    Crowd was annoying – I can’t stand the State of the Union whoop yell every few seconds. It disturbs the message.

  • Gareth

    Seems like a humble guy. Ask for the ‘gold standard’ to be paid-out to the people in gold pennies and not paper with gold ink.

    Good Luck

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Found this comment on ZH:

    Ron Paul didn’t actually deliver 4000 babies. He read them the bill of rights, and they crawled out on their own in anticipation of FREEDOM.

    Ron Paul was not born. He liberated himself from the womb.

    Ron Paul doesn’t just cut taxes. He strangles them to death with his bare hands.

    Ron Paul’s farts ring at the same note as the liberty bell: “Diiiiiiinnnnng”.

    Ron Paul named his fists “Freedom” and “Justice”.

    In Braveheart, Mel Gibson was originally supposed to scream “RON PAUL!” however, it was changed to just “Freedom!” for legal reasons.

    Ron Paul was the OB that Delivered Chuck Norris.

    Jesus wears a wrist band that says “What Would Ron Paul Do?”

    Ron Paul is 9 feet tall, but the weight of his conscience makes him look shorter.

  • Frankie

    Mustafa that is priceless you have a wicked sense of humour. I’m over the other side in Australia and if you think the average American is dumb you should see this lot over here. Fairdinkum Australians are as dumb as dogshit and many still fawn over the royal family. I think to myself on a daily basis how do I get through to them and cut through the matrix.

    I have tried to warn all my email friends for two years and not one has responded.
    I have sent videos, articles,the silver shield etc etc etc all to no avail so don’t be too hard on your fellow Americans as there are a lot of dumb ones over here. Unfortunately for me my wife is one of them and thinks I am a total fruitcake. Wonder what she’ll think by the end of 2012?

    On another note even the enlightened ones here know that Dr. Ron Paul is your GOP front runner and Fox News is a joke. I am ashamed to admit that zionist illuminist was born in my country. I wish it was not so but it is.

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