Fiat Illusions and Real Dangers

Be sure to listen to part 2 where I cover Eric Sprott and the real danger he poses to the most powerful men in the world.

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  • James Woroble Jr

    Debt-Free United States Notes Were Once Issued Under JFK And The U.S. Government Still Has The Power To Issue Debt-Free Money

    The U.S. Government Still Has The Power To Issue
    Debt-Free Money

  • colin

    is that my skype making the noise?

  • Concerned

    To listen to this broadcast is to look into the mirror at the Huffington Post. You may think you’ve risen above the left/right paradigm, but what you’ve done is stepped straight into the “banksters”/”sheeple” alternative. Go back and re-read your Human Action. The sheer mass of people in the US is greater than any force JPMorgan could ever exert, no matter how leveraged. You can tell people all day long that they’re deceived, but at the end of the day they’ve either got a comfortable existence, or they don’t. When enough don’t, they agitate until something changes sufficiently to relieve their discomfort. They elect the people who will give them what they want, preferably for “free”. Try to step back from your intricate world view, with its victims and its slave masters imagine that instead of “bankers” you have “bourgoise” and instead of “we the people” you have “proletariat”. It may pain you, but when I listen closely all I hear is a theme variant. The song remains the same.

  • Concerned

    “Our problems begin and end with us.” Alright, I heartily endorse that sentiment. But that’s the conclusion. If it stopped there, I’d be nodding in agreement. Forgive me if seem to present arguments in distilled form, but I think you’ll get my points without belaboring them.

    Here’s my concern: forces that agitate from the collectivist p.o.v. and forces that agitate from the supposed individualist p.o.v. both reach for the same cudgel. Find the enemy, identify the sources of the pain, point the finger. Up here in N.H. the weather can’t be all that much better than Cleveland’s. Yet when I see the snow fall, I don’t blame the skiers. They’re merely the beneficiaries.

    With all the alternative media up here on the ‘net, there’s no shortage of grand unification theories of the human condition as experienced in America. I don’t find any of them persuasive because the internal logic is invariable faulty. My local banker didn’t go to a special “elite” training school. She’s as much a product of the dream crushing paradigm as the local Quickie Mart clerk. Yet somehow she has transcended her programming and managed to enter the ranks of the ‘banksters/fraudsters’, to use the current idiom. The difference between her and Jaime Diamon is a difference of degree, not substance.

    Now either the system works to program all, or it doesn’t. And if the answer is ‘some break free’, I’m left wondering at what point the exceptions swallow the rule. You’ve broken free. I’ve broken free. What I’m suggesting is that you’ve broken free of one illusion only to step into another one; that there’s some vast conspiracy to maintain us in ignorance of our potentials and farm us for our efforts. And where that particular thought falls apart upon closer examination is the level of coordination needed to accomplish it. For lack of a better metaphor offhand, let’s use the movie Highlander; There can be only one.

    Without falling back into the tautology of ‘what is hidden cannot be seen’, can you finger that individual? The one who, after a century of preparing the sheep for the slaughter has through sheer force of will climbed to the top and now controls it ‘all’? No, we see a never-ending parade of faces as individuals jockey for power and control. Think back when Michael Milken was the master of the universe of junk bonds. And then he wasn’t.

    Which brings me to the final contradiction (I don’t want to write a massive missive here), your assertion within the interview that we’re taught competition rather than cooperation. Maybe I just can’t quite fathom how a system intended to boot-camp the populace can at the same time program it to be competitive. Tossing that into the mix then requires a series of subsidiary rules about with whom you may compete, and under what circumstances. The paradigm grows in complexity, and complexity is one of the main fonts of instability. If there were truly near-omnipotent cabals pulling the strings, you’d think they’d have enough wits about them to understand the ‘k.i.s.s.’ principle.

    As the folks on the left like to say when they sense they can’t persuade the other side, we can agree to disagree.

  • Alfred Newman

    The level of cooperation is lit up in neon lights- Just follow the money.

    Follow the non-profit organizations and see where the money comes from.

    What are the guidelines? Who are these “points of light;” and what is their influence mean?

    What societies were formed; when and what were their stated aims?

    The degradation of society is no accident.

    This is just one of the last moments of the grand choreographed dance. It is set up in such a way that it is close-compartmentalized and as such is set for most members to have a limited scope of responsibility as everything is on a need-to-know basis. Plausible deniabilty is easy…I know you can wrap your minds around this….

    It’s just History, and if you can’t see that, it makes me wonder why. You are a skilled writer, but you seem to be in denial or you are accessing information from a closed box? Try something besides Stanford-approved information. 😉

    There is no such thing as a coincidence, OK? Don’t you know that yet? It is called conspiracy and it it the most common form of piracy in History. It is so common in fact; it is the norm, mundane, almost boring in its predictability.

    I’m still trying to become an adult and I can plainly see that most of you have a very long way to go- I wish you luck, you’re gonna need it.

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