Well, Well, Well… Look Who Is Behind John Huntsman ;)

Watch how this guy will rise in the polls now that Ron Paul has now beaten back 7 Republican front runners…

When is the real Neo Con going to step in?

7 comments to Well, Well, Well… Look Who Is Behind John Huntsman ;)

  • James Woroble Jr

    Ron Paul needs to learn how to dance if he wants to be president.


  • AgainstTheGrain

    After watching that rothschild interveiw, I thought there is no way that lady still has a job. Sure nuff, she was asked to take a hike….

  • rick

    What a surprise…a Rothschild and a Stein. Pretty heady stuff, which most will refuse to take note of, just like Gingrich’s affiliation with the Council on Foreign Relations and Cain’s Federal Reserve of Kansas City tenure.

  • lastmanstanding

    WOW!…never saw that one before…guess they had a back up plan in place from the top…yes, campbell is gone and erin burnett is “out front”.

    staged interview?…make your own call. imo, everything is staged and I use ALL info to prepare my plans.

    If CB was sincere in her interview, she has a “huge set.” to get into lady psychos face like that…I also hope she is still alive.

    Good cop…bad cop. Bad cop…good cop. it is all confusing if you haven’t made a decision on where You will stand…get it done NOW.

  • lastmanstanding

    If one could only be a fly on the wall as such an extravaganza!!! Image the cost.

    Guess cost is not that big a deal when you have the worlds largest printing press and a direct line to bernank…

  • KW

    Ben Stein absolutely despises Ron Paul. He will do whatever he has to do to defeat Ron Paul. Ben Stein would sacrifice American freedom and Liberty in the name of Israel. He is a very dangerous man to America.

  • jimbo

    The interviewer calling a Rothschild a billionaire, how insulting to the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are trillionaires!

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