Silver Shield Report #11- A New Community For A New Paradigm

This week we look in depth at some of the physical aspects of a new community for a new paradigm.  In this discussion we will see that not only our financial is going to change dramatically, but how we physically live.  The community for the next paradigm is not going to be a survivalist camp, but a community that is debt free, energy and food independent and establishes the best economic policies to attract the best and brightest.

Our special guest this week discusses his efforts in Utah to get ahead of the curve.  The area he has chosen is of special interest to me as it has so many of the physical and social qualities I would be looking for to create a community.  This is definitely and area to keep on the radar when the time comes.  For those that are looking to get more in depth on the Ultimate Exit Strategy and its ramifications, this Report is a must.

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0:00 Getting people to think.

2:45 Beware of Pied Pipers

7:19 Reality appears when people are confronted with the consequences of their actions

9:12 Family leaders do not have the option of quitting

10:30 What are we holding on to?

12:23 We are taking action now for the next paradigm.

14:20 The Elite are taking action too.

15:15 The sudden shock of a new paradigm.

17:40 Pandora’s box is wide open.

20:13 Solutions in this paradigm for physical preparations.

25:45 Physical Preparations vs. Lighting the Way.

Sanpete Valley Utah

29:16 Where to start over?

32:42 Strategic Relocation

34:25 Physical Attributes of a new community

37:20 Experience in Solar Energy.

41:30 Simple Living

45:15 Payback may not be that far off.

46:34 Water is the most valuable resource

51:34 Ultimate Exit Strategy

57:30 Strip Mall America

1:01:22 Sanpete Valley Utah

1:04:37 Ideas for the new community.

1:16:41 Move with the times.

1:18:58 Hard decisions now or really hard decisions later.

1:21:46 Culture of Preparedness

1:23:00 Aware and Prepared

1:26:13 The Next Generation

1:28:35 Great Stuff To Have.

1:30:55 We have all that we need.

1:12:20 Community Models

5 comments to Silver Shield Report #11- A New Community For A New Paradigm

  • Utah? Really? That is one of the few western states to be even more of a nanny state than Texas. Absolute smoking ban outside the home, universal blue laws (alcohol) and morality laws abound.

    Given that tax rates are no better than Texas, Colorado or New Mexico, I am surprised by the choice.

    I’ll listen to the whole interview and perhaps get it then.

  • Freedom Lover

    When doing an interview it would be useful to understand who the person is and why they were brought in to speak. I had to search to find that the interview was with Lyn Robinson. I listened to SSR 11. I enjoyed it. I still don’t have any idea who Lyn is other than some guy who seems to be prepping.

  • Gareth

    I wouldn’t worry about the nanny state, goldsaver. Doubt much govt will survive the collapse.

    Anyone set-up a 12volt system? There are quite a few useful devices that can be connected to one due to the trend in camping trips etc. DC is more efficient on a local scale; completely inefficient on a large scale.

    Good chat.

    All the best for 2012, folks.

  • Roger Hendricks

    I’ve spent most of my life seeing through this system…..trying to share my thoughts in the early 90’s only made me an outcast and made people think I was crazy…… see so many people waking up and starting to understand this system is very refreshing. Still…. we have a long road ahead of us to awaken our families and friends. Time is ticking people…pick up the pace.

  • James Tetreault

    This was a good conversation, a nice give and take.

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