The Brighter Side of Hangover

Do you make plans? Do you restrain yourself? Do you delay something for later (when kids have grown, when house has been paid off, when I have a real job…)? If you answered yes to any of those, the post is for you.

It will hurt. Proceed at your own risk.

Do the following:

  • Get as drunk as you can.
    (Cheap, mind-smashing swill will work best. Mixing hard liquor and light alcoholic beverages is optional, but highly recommended.)
  • Drink some more.
    The goal is to black out so you remember nothing when your wake up.

* * *

Woke up?
Feeling really, really bad?

Can you feel that vacuum growing in your chest, as you are wondering what stupid things you did yesterday? Or wait, it wasn’t yesterday, it was BEFORE yesterday. You lost an entire day of your life doing… Doing… Doing what? The phone says you met a few people and said a few things that you, God knows, never meant. It’s not even WHAT you said that matters, it’s that you said it and it cannot be unsaid. Who knows what else you did? Where is your wallet? The keys? Oh no, you had a crucial interview scheduled for 11am yesterday. You missed it, obviously. Your reputation is at the Dead Sea level.

The only realization pulsing in your poor mind is that whatever you did, cannot be undone. And this feeling is the purpose of our exercise.

* * *

Please ignore the situation — it’s only that morning feeling that is important.

This is the closest a human being can get to experiencing the life review without going through full-scale near-death experience.

It is very painful to regret 1 day worth of stuff that cannot be done, redone, or undone. If an average man lives 75 years, then on your death bed it will be 75 * 365 = 27,375 times more painful to regret things that cannot be done, redone, or undone.

Live now, because this is what you are not supposed to do.

Live now, because you don’t know when your time is up.

5 comments to The Brighter Side of Hangover

  • thankful

    Live each day like it was going to be your last, because you never know if it is or if it will be for any of your loved ones. No regrets, tell and show those you love that you do love them, make time for them today. Never go to bed angry. Try to maintain peace of heart, even when all is chaos around you. It keeps a mind clear and focused. Enjoy a walk, smell the flowers etc. etc. We have a beautiful world. Merry Christmas All!

  • biggaloot

    Martain Luther was once asked, “what would you do if you knew that tomorrow would be your last on this earth?”. “I would plant a tree”, he replied. “Why would you plant a tree?” “Because that is what I was planning to do tomorrow”.

  • Mustafa Cohen


  • Daniel S.

    It’s pretty much what Jay Z said best. Get that dirt of your shoulder.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Daniel, I am not familiar with Jay Z’s work, sorry – what did he say and where? I would be happy to read/hear. Thank you.

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