The Ides of Something are Upon us

It was the time of religious wars. It was a time of materialism and intellectual darkness. It was a time of epidemic moral compromise and the end justifying the means by whatever means. It was a time of the worship of the transitory and the elevation of drunken ignorance over the thirst for truth. Truth was a refugee in flight on a violent night.

4 comments to The Ides of Something are Upon us

  • rainmaker

    Another interesting and entertaining video. Attached is the December Newletter from Porter Stansberry. Its relevent:

  • lastmanstanding

    Rainmaker…you rock. i get the basic standsberry just for “more info” pertaining to silver/gold…I do not have any paper assets. i sent this to several friends and just don’t know how to add tags or urls or whatever you call them…thank you for posting this.

    All…no ones advice or comments are perfect, but please check this out.

    Merry Christmas to all…help those less fortunate this year.

    …if the writing isn’t on the wall by next Christmas…it never will be.

  • Gareth

    He’s correct, the cancerous few men – the monopoly men – cannot be reasoned with and as dark as the mist in this video.

    Walk away.

    Good find, Chris.

  • rainmaker

    @Lastmanstanding, good tidings. Sometimes I post links and am not sure if I am out of line or not. Heres another link with email text I sent to some family and friends (most of whom think I am nuts): Your thoughts would be appreciated:

    “Okay, for shits and giggles, pull up this article by Ambrose Evans-Prichard of the Daily Telegraph (mainstream, not one of those outside the box periodicals I frequent).

    Pay close attention to the part in the first few paragraphs: “Note on page 3 that Italy must redeem:”
    Also read these two paragraphs just below:
    “This is quite apart from new debt issuance needed to cover the budget deficit as the economy shrinks again, starting with 0.2pc contraction in Q3 of this year even before Mario Monti’s austerity package.
    I don’t wish to belittle the importance of what the other Mario has done at the ECB. As RBS says, he may have averted a Lehman-event that looked all too imminent two weeks ago. He has bought a few months.”

    What do you think this means?

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