RON PAUL `REAL DEAL` for decades.




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  • Mustafa Cohen

    Of all 2012 candidates, the only sane person is Ron Paul.

    Yet there is a problem with him: he is either too smart or to principled. He doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the art of mass seduction, which democracy is based upon. Though he is vying for a democratic approval.

    Maybe this is why he was allowed to enter the race: “Look, even abnormal jesters can run! (Because we are confident that no one in the US will vote for this man.)”

    Suddenly it turns out that the abnormal jester represents plenty of people, but this is not enough of a threat, because “people are idiots” (c) Dr. House.

    He says he is opposed to Civil Rights Act, and the #OWS lemmings start howling that he’s opposed to civil rights.

    99% of us are short-sighted. Ron Paul opposition cannot see the difference between legislatively legislated laws and human actions. We have laws against theft, so what? They can’t draw a line between two dots. They can’t admit that anything that does not work belongs overboard.

    99% of us are short-sighted. And democracy is what they want now. Unless we replace everything we know with either anarchy or meritocracy (in Genghis Khan sense), we are doomed.

    All great rulers kicked out hereditary nobility and invited free-thinkers. Of course it takes free thinkers 1 generation to turn into hereditary nobility, but at least there is this 1 generation. We don’t have even that much.

    With some creative thinking we can last longer. Rome managed to last about 400 years with a system of accountable consuls. Well, Sparta’s reign lasted 500 years, but only with zero respect for an individual and zero respect for money.

  • rainmaker

    Too bad no one will actually say what the problem is (I’ll take a stab even if I am wrong) The majority of our runaway spending is on unnecessary military actions. More than half our budget with no end in site. We debate the merits and downside of the new NDAA legislation, yet no discussion on the $650 billion spending mentioned in the bill. Talk about an example of the Hegelian dialectic at work. We can talk about social problems/progroms all day long, but those are a drop in the bucket compared. Its taboo to equate national security to neo-corporatism but are they really that different?. Its rarely mentioned ever, even on the fringe, including sites like this (please, no offense intended). We can never balance our budget with runaway spending on the military industrial complex unchecked and unquestioned. Eisenhower warned us. Kennedy was removed from office before his tenure. Regan was a hero. (lowered the tax rate and ginned up the economy and then spent it on “the complex” while we all cheered) The Japanese were on top of the world after WWII because they were not allowed to muster any military might and all resources went to business and industry. They came and bought golf courses and mixed Petrus with 7-up and later they were taken down by an abissmal economic policy and for other reasons not discussed at cocktail parties. If we (America) took our economic influence and instead of wasting it on military spending and instituting “democracy” around the world, used our resources and instead focused on non agression free market principals…..this mess would be resolved in short order. Check out the link below:

    Total Outlays (Federal Funds): $2,650 billion
    MILITARY: 54% and $1,449 billion
    NON-MILITARY: 46% and $1,210 billion


    Current military” includes Dept. of Defense ($653 billion), the military portion from other departments ($150 billion), and an additional $162 billion to supplement the Budget’s misleading and vast underestimate of only $38 billion for the “war on terror.” “Past military” represents veterans’ benefits plus 80% of the interest on the debt.*

    Ron still has an uphill battle. Its “the Complex” we must overcome.

  • Ben

    The smears on this man are coming fast and furious.

    Look at what the NeoCon Fascist Adam Yoshida wrote on American Thinker.

    His defense of the Fed is surreal. If you scroll back thru the dates on AT you will find a TON of hit pieces on him. A few that are in favor, but most of the attacks are calculated smear jobs.

    I used to like that site at one time, but the writing has devolved into partison bickering and personal attack pieces.

    Good stuff PP

  • Ben

    @ rainmaker. I would agree with you on military spending. You might want to add entitlement programs in there as well.

  • lastmanstanding

    something just stuck me from both rainmaker and Ben’s comments…all of this money pissed down the drain…right – military spending…left – entitlements.

    one fosters votes for one side the other fosters votes for the other…for power and control…working together for the same thing, could it just be that simple?…what about those of us in the middle?…that just want to be left alone.

    I don’t believe that I have to answer that one.

  • Ben From TN


    Not only have I noticed this at American Thinker, I have noticed this at most of the “conservative” websites that I used to visit. It’s also occuring on “Conservative” talk radio, ie: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. It’s sad to see that for all the time they spent talking about the MSM being Obama’s shill they end up looking like establishment shills themselves.


  • rainmaker

    There is a difference to entitlement spending and military spending. Entitlements are bribes founded on a ponzi scheme that appeal to the worst parts of human beings. The Military, on the other hand, is one group imposing its will on another group or groups, by force, inclusive of death, destruction and evil. Either way, both are rationalizations of taking from someone or some group by another. Both are a heck of a lot of energy (value perhaps)wasted on the seven deadly sins instead of as a benefit and to serve mankind.

  • Ben


    I might agree with that statement a little bit. It’s really just a matter of semenatics. I would say that all types of spending use the rule of “force”. I was merely pointing out that entitlement spending adds a large chunk as well. At any rate, spending our money or spending our blood and treasure is equally bad. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way out of it until the whole dame thing collapses.

  • rainmaker

    @Ben, I get your point. My thought was to invoke how as a group we all bitch and complain about entitlement spending yet carry the flag in the name of national defense when instead that label should be “Corporate Colonialism”. We are on the same page here, I just find military spending distasteful with regard to “National Security” when there is no such thing and even more so as the media uses the National Security soundbite to attack Ron Paul. A strong economy would be more of a deterent than a military without assets or economic support.

  • @Ben,
    I couldn’t agree with you more…..unfortunately, the collapse is inevitable.
    I am torn in thought as to what this era will be referred to 100 years from now..the age of World Republic Renaissance or the age of World Governance.
    Optimism, and maybe my own naivety, sees a new Republic of America emerging from the collapse rubble.
    RON PAUL 2012


  • jt

    Ben from TN…you say,

    “Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. It’s sad to see that for all the time they spent talking about the MSM being Obama’s shill they end up looking like establishment shills themselves.”

    You’re right, except for the part where you say, “looking like”–the fact is, they ARE, purposefully / willingly, or not. I saw someone above mentioning the Hegelian dialectic. All should know what that is as it has been one of the keys of dumbing down and taking out (informationally, intellectually, and morally) the vast majority of the sheeple of this country over the decades, even now as many are “waking up” to smell the burning coffee, they just can’t seem to figure out why they can’t find the pot to turn the heat off to keep it from burning even more.

    The problem is that when it comes to the MSM, the dialectic sets up Hannity and Rushbaugh as simply one side of the “us and them” puppet show battle, with Combs or his equivalent as the “other side.” Therefore the majority of sheeple MSM-watchers believe that if they listen to “both sides” then the truth of where our / this country’s core problems come from is probably floating around somewhere there in the topics being discussed by them, and the solution is somewhere there among the ones they offer, generally more warfare on the one side and more welfare on the other…BOTH, as someone noted above, perfect for our present military-industrial-big govt-welfare statists. One “side” argues for one, the other for the other. They both serve the elitists’ cause, unfortunately.

    The problem is that the Truth has very little to do with the things they discuss and is off in a completely different direction–the Problem IS the “elites” themselves and their criminal bankster mafioso system that controls the money creation and flow, and so us and “our” govt. Fox is owned and controlled by the Murdoch family. These are no conservative, liberty-loving, constitution-defending, altrustic people. They are an intrinsic part of the megalomaniacal greedy globalist elite group, whose goal in owning and controlling Fox is and was to be able to control BOTH sides of the “debate”…which is for the most part, as stated above, a completely faux debate, a distraction from the real debate…the debate concerning who owns and controls this country and its people and its government?–WeThePeople?…or TheyTheElite?…TPTB?

    That’s why the Rushbaugh has been allowed and even encouraged to continue his “reign” as the, in some ways, “conservative mouthpiece” of America. They could have taken him down, but he serves the purpose of misdirection very well…as does now Hannity, along with any number of other so-called “conservative” commentators and “analysts” who then shoot at RP, b/c he shows them for what they are, and they are offended by the tag of “military-industrial complex apologists.”

  • Jeff Stein

    Another good video of Ron Paul, lots of footage

  • rainmaker

    @JT, Good stuff. Be careful though. All the media outlets are fingers of the same hand, as the political left and the right are players for the same team, only with different colored jerseys to appeal to those who need to pick a color to be divided and conquered by. The rhetoric is designed to keep us all bickering, while we sheeple stand in line for the butchers knife. What is so very interesting is that most of us still are not standing together and against tyranny, even those of us that are awake or awakening. The programming is generational and hard to shake. But the reformation is happening, albeit slowly.

    Good luck to you. It is good that you are awake and now standing and venting and participating. We need more like you. Moreso, as a whole, we all should strive to stand together against our enslavements by not participating in the tyranny.

    Keep stackin,
    Keep packin,
    And everyday, we should all say to someone somewhere “End the Fed”.

  • jt

    Hey, rainmaker, you say,

    “Be careful though. All the media outlets are fingers of the same hand, as the political left and the right are players for the same team, only with different colored jerseys to appeal to those who need to pick a color to be divided and conquered by. The rhetoric is designed to keep us all bickering”

    Either I don’t know what you mean by “Be careful though,” or you didn’t understand what I said, b/c I said exactly what you just said. “Conservative”/”Liberal”…”Right”/”Left”…”Republican”/”Democrat” are simply labels offered to the sheeple…ie, the choices are made for them–“take your pick, sheeple, b/c they’re the only choices you get, so choose your label.”
    The bought and paid for and fully controlled by the “elites” MSM controls and defines “both” sides of the arguments and topics surrounding those labels, and so limits the discussion.

    The problem is that those topics / arguments are not the critical ones. That’s the dialectic at work. If TPTB can keep the consciousness and time and energy and money of the sheeple focused on those labels, then they keep them focused on the wrong issues, the non-issues, or at least the minor issues, and they can continue their work unimpeded and unopposed.

    And truth be told, there’s not a hill o’ beans difference between the “two sides” where the rubber hits the road: creating debt to the benefit of those who “loan” them the money (created out of nothing, but at our expense), using that money to expand the powers of the central govt, to create endless wars, to try to extend the life of the Empire, to keep themselves in power thru the welfare state on the one hand and thru the “generosity” of their employers (whose bidding they do) on the other (and we thought that WE were their employers and it was supposed to be OUR bidding they were doing!!), to rob the citizens of this country and their children and children’s children of their wealth (thru inflation/debasement of the currency we are forced to use/endless creation of debt/taxation and fees of all kinds/endless bureaucratic expansion), of their ability to earn a reasonable living (thru fascist laws that support BigBizBuddies doing Intl Business at the expense of the American businessman trying to do business here), and their liberites (thru such “bipartisan” atrocities as the “[Anti-]Patriot Act” and the more recent abomination–the “National De[nial of habeas corpus]fense Authorization Act [of War]” declared and enacted against US citizens.

    But I agree with you. Oh, and btw…END THE FED!!…and arrest and prosecute ALL those supposed “representatives of WeThePeople” and the executive and judicial appointees and commissioners of agencies…anyone and everyone…that serve and have served these criminazis in high places and the members of the bankster cartel themselves, no matter who or how “high-up” those persons might be.

  • rainmaker

    @jt. I digress. It appears we agree on agreeing. I only notice that the most prolific soundbite since the election of Barry S. is to attack Fox and its commentators. I meant no harm by “be careful though”, it was a comment I make to myself on a regular basis. The programming is generational and hard to shake. We have been indoctrinated for several generations now and it might take several more to shake some of those memes. Right or wrong, I beleive that.

    Please keep posting. Its important that you do.

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