31. Cognitive Dissonance

4 comments to 31. Cognitive Dissonance

  • bogbeagle

    Very good.

    I imagine that we all see a bit of ourselves in there. Well, I did, anyway.

  • Bob

    Great video; so many important truths expressed succinctly in such a short space. Thank you.

  • Iv always loved that phrase: ‘cognitive Dissonance’. It constantly reminds me every time i use it to explain someone else cognitive dissonance to look at my own. Using this method I am able most of the time to correct my own behavior, be more objective and see when the king is not wearing any cloths. I hope that people are open to learning about their own human condition. View this video and remember this phrase the next time you argue or judge others

  • Alfred Newman

    It should scream to you: These things are mutually-exclusive and all the parts together in the picture does not make sense…What is propping up this artifice?

    Is it just a matter of not being able to switch perspective? I know many people have a hard time with introspection or even putting themselves in Someone Else’s shoes. It is an essential skill that all people should try to develop.I have actually known an few people in my life who were absolutely incapable of this. Most(but not all)were probably narcissists.

    Perspective can be used for a great spectrum of endeavors: From the mundane; yet useful attempt at a compassionate view of Someone beside Myself: Empathy

    To the obscure:
    Attempting to access the Criminal mind.

    In this Life, People will see what they want to see and reality is usually never grasped unless it’s reinforced by a harsh and repeated sensation of displeasure or a number of euphoric rushes of excitement or fear.

    If someone is rewarded in a monetary sense to hold a given view; it will likely be held indefinitely…everyone seems to know almost instinctively which side of the slice the butter’s on and votes accordingly…

    Those are the kids of things that will seize a persons attention and finally form a lasting behavior: Drug addiction is not only physical- it is psychological and it can be argued that the latter is far more powerful and influential.

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