China and Japan Dump Dollar…

China and Japan announced that they are going to abandon the Dollar for trade between the two nations.  This is a huge cut in the support of the dollar as these two gigantic nations move to shield themselves from the mess in Europe and the coming collapse of the world’s reserve currency.  China has made similar pacts in the past like ones with Russia where international trade would be settled with Yuan and Ruble instead of dollars, but this pact is much, much larger considering they trade $340 billion dollars a year between them.

If you look at the support for the dollar and the relative low inflation next to the huge growth in the TRUE money supply, it is mostly due to the fact foreign nations hold massive amounts of dollars to facilitate trade and most importantly to be able to buy dollar denominated oil.  (The narco dollar is the other major support as billions of American dollars are shipped out of the country and the Super Notes prevent them from coming home.  Another long story…)  I view this pact by China and Japan larger than when Iran opened the Iranian Oil Bourse on Kish and sold oil for any currency.  There is still war drums beating for Iran over that cut to the dollar.  ( Iraq and Libya paid dearly for their actions to undercut the dollar.)

All of the signs point to war this year as the Anglo American Empire looses control over the backbone to their power.  I wrote earlier in the year that the Elite could pull 3 kinds of False Flag attacks to throw the game table in an effort to sustain the unsustainable.  China is the most obvious choice for the new Hitler or Stalin.  With the recent pullout in Iraq, I view this not as a way towards sanity, but merely a way to get people rested for the biggest war yet.  Of course, those that speak out against this insanity now risk being black bagged with the National Defense Authorization Act.  I will be covering this much more detail in the Silver Shield Report in the coming issues, but I feel it was important that people start seeing the seismic shifts occurring underneath our noses.

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