33. Societal Illusions

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  • rainmaker

    SS, you make me feel terrible. Because you are right on and as a parent (parents), we have been participating in the Santa ruse as a way to control our small children. Shame on us and thanks for the post.

  • incredible post

    incredible post. i never thought of santa clause as a game created by the elite. and the end of this video was quite profound as well.

  • James

    SS, I follow your posts and agree with you 99.9% of the time, except for the Christmas analogy. There are a ton of things wrong w/ Christmas. Date of Christ’s true birth, Santa sliding down chimneys, commercialization, etc, but to me it and my family it is a time to get together, eat, talk and exchange gifts to show that we have thought of the person. Is giving gifts a conspiracy? Also it appears that you are either a pagan, or a atheist, which is fine, your choice. But not everything is a conspiracy. If it is anarchy you are trying to spread, I think that is dangerous. If you teach and push that EVERYTHING is questionable what will be left. The change we are looking for will need to happen slower, starting at home one family at a time. Cancel the cable TV/SAT etc. Teach your children something different, sell your house and rent. Pay off your debts and do not borrow unless from friends/family if possible. We have to find the good in life, you have to have the future to look forward to. The pursuit of happiness. There are no guarantees, and we all die. You and I cannot control what will ultimately happen to us. But ripping away everything that folks know as a lie will further add to the confusion in the world. I have never felt the world was so mixed up as I do now. No one to trust(you included), nothing to stand for. No unity. We need a unity and not when any unifying message is presented. i.e. Hitler.

    • Silver Shield

      @ James
      I resonate with the teachings of Jesus more than any other religion.
      I believe in a higher power, that we are not an accident, we do have a special purpose, and that we lack that ability to describe or understand what is really going on, so I am not an Atheist.

      I do have a problem with the man made religions that seek to limit and confine us into a box.

      Santa is not a conspiracy, just an example how we are fed illusions that control us on some level.

      If you can see Santa as a lie that we all believe in, it is not to hard to see why we fall for so many other lies that authority figures feed us.

      Ripping away lies to face the truth is what a higher consciousness demands.
      America is an a perpetual state of retarded growth.
      People want someone or something to take care of them because the world is too scary…
      Whether it is government, religion, corporations, etc… someone protect me please!

      I would hope that the videos before this built the case that if we are to rid ourselves from this perpetual state of misery, we must become adults and deal with the fact that there is no Santa Claus.

      You are clearly in the bargaining/depression stage of the awakening and when you realize that you do not need anyone or anything to believe in and that you are fully capable of seeing the world as it is and know that you have the skills and knowledge to be aware and prepared, then you will move on to the acceptance stage.

      As far as not trusting me…
      Here is a quote that helped me in my journey…

      “Listen to all, follow none, walk your own path the best that you can.”

  • Ben


    In your estimation, it would seem that Mr. Duane believes everything is false or that everything is a conspiracy? Then William Casey has done his job.

    In all reality, this is not the case in regards to this site or the messages it portends. On the contrary, most of the information here is rather enlightening. I don’t think the video portrays everything as a conspiracy. It simply uses the example of Santa Claus as a construct. In truth, it is a lie….is it not? You lie to your children about it and build a whole ritual around that lie. Haven’t we done this all of our lives? We all believe the lie and participate in it as well. I have, you have and millions of other have too.

    Technically, isn’t this the truth? Forget all the warm and fuzzy feelings of Christmas and how it has been marketed to you over the years. Forget about all of the stories regarding Santa and what you have been told all your life. The simple fact is, we as a society have built up this lie for decades. Have we not? Whole industries have been built around this lie. Marketing campaigns have been built around this lie.

    The point is, if we can accept something as inane as the myth of Santa Claus and keep perpetuating that lie for decades thru our children, schools etc. then what else are we willing to accept? The video is not about the “true meaning” of Christmas, it is about what we are willing to believe as a society, even as individuals.

    Do you see point the video is trying to make?

    The problem is not Santa, (well, technically it is), the problem is we as a nation and or a society are willing to accept everything we are told. Do you think that everything you read in a newspaper or magazine, everything you watch on tv, everything you hear on the radio is the truth? We are in a constant bombardment of lies and constructs. How does one filter it all? How does one discern the truth from the lies?

    It’s a daunting task. I believe the answers are there…within all of us. That is the message that Chris tries to put forth.

    It really comes down to each individual.

    “The most common lie is that which one lies to himself; lying to others is relatively an exception.”

    – Friedrich Nietzsche

  • James

    @ SS.

    Thank you for the thoughtful reply.
    It has given me a lot to think about. I guess the video just came across as offensive due to the broad strokes it took painting folks who celebrate Christmas and religious folks as stupid. I celebrate Christmas and I am a christian but I think of myself as a thinking person who understands what Christmas should mean and do not identify with people falling down at Bennie Hinn rallies. They are embarrassing. Jesus said to worship in spirit and truth, that where two or three come together in His name, that he would be there. SS, I am awake. I am very sober with thoughts of what is to come. Keep up the good work.

  • Mustafa Cohen

    Just this current Christmas, I caught an unexpected person in the act of Santa-conditioning: myself. I actually told my son something along the lines of “if … else”. Guilty as charged. Thanks for identifying another vulnerability, Chris.

    It’s easier to cripple the weaker ones than to be creative, patient and responsive.

    @ James:

    If it is anarchy you are trying to spread, I think that is dangerous.

    Anarchy means that the only person responsible for what happens to you is you, which, indeed, makes it dangerous for insecure and short-sighted people. Anyone with a grain of respect for themselves and the world around them has nothing to fear.

    Kids have parents to shield them from the world. From teen years on, it’s me vs. evolution, unless authorities interfere to distort this balance.

    The convulsions of the world we see today are caused by the fact that certain individuals with names and addresses decided to play god and replaced laws of nature with their own laws.

    The process of replacing natural laws with human laws is called Enlightenment. See, they don’t even bother to hide their genealogy: “lucifer” means “light carrier” in Latin.

    How can this perversion be less dangerous than anarchy? How can an imitation be more welcome than the original?

  • James

    @ Ben
    Thank you also for the reply.
    I get it. I just didn’t get it from the video. I just thought the video came across as attacking concerning Christmas and religion.

  • James

    @ Mustafa

    I have a lot to think about. Anarchy to me means a world with out rules, which is funny since I looked up the definition and my meaning is close. It is a world without rulers, basically.

    • Mustafa Cohen

      “world without rules” and “world without rulers” are very different. No rulers – possible. No rules – impossible. Thanks for your patience.

  • Ben

    I think we should all rent “Bad Santa” with Billy Bob Thorton as Willie.

    @ James…I am partial to Christianity as well, or more truthfully, a brooding Catholic, who lost complete faith in that institution about 20 years ago. It’s hard to “get at” the truth sometimes isn’t it? But keep trying, and pray or meditate about it. The answers will come….eventually. They may not be to your liking, but they will come in time…and if you pay attention. I have always found this to be true.

    From Bad Santa

    Boy: [stares at Willie] “I saw you at another mall.”
    Willie: “Well, I’m happy for you.”
    Boy: “If you really are Santa, you could do magic!”
    Willie: [whispers] “Wanna see some magic? OK, let’s watch you disappear!”
    [shoves him away]

  • Larry

    We are conditioned from an early age to fear the man. I enjoyed the way you used the Santa Song to show how brain washed and conditioned our society is. The conspiracy to enslave mankind began in the Garden of Eden, it is a Luciferian Conspiracy. Lucifer wants to be worshiped as God and mankind is stuck in the middle. Like Lucifer, man to is a fallen being and unfortunately most of mankind identifies with the fallen nature (sinful) rather then with the Creators nature, who’s image we are created in. Because mans spiritual side died at the deception (as God warned would happen) now in order to live he must be born-again through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because Lucifer wants mankind to remain in the dark he tried to destroy the early Church through outward means, but when he realized his efforts were failing he changed his tactics. Since he could not destroy the Church from the outside, then perhaps he could destroy it from the inside. We have several warnings from Christ and the Apostles that this is what would happen. Most people calling themselves Christian today are nothing more then deceived souls which have swallowed a half truth from Lucifer (which is no different then a lie). This is why there is no real distinction between the so called Church of today and the world. The key to escaping this deception is not just believing the Gospel but obeying the Gospel. Believing and obeying are two sides of the same coin, you cannot have one without the other and be a true Christian. God said heaven and earth will pass away but my Word will endure forever.
    His truth is still with us, but straight is the gate and narrow is the way and there be few that find it, but once you do discover the truth, it will truly make you free.

  • James

    @ Ben


  • marz

    I live in the southern hemisphere, where the end of December means the beginning of summer. No cold, no heavy clothes (unless you go 4000 mts. up the mountains), long daylight hours, etc. And yet the Santa-Klaus-business-model has been established everywhere. For years I wondered about this diabolic figure who looks insanely snug and rides a vehicle that goes on…ice! In summertime? Please! And he´s bringing all those high-calorie foods, which make absolutely no sense this time of the year at this location on the planet. Now I add to the pile that he represents authority (and bribery? “Want a gift from Santa? Be a good boy”), so my rejection to the thing got even bigger. Yes, the Americas where colonized (taken, conquered, ripped off) by Christian/Catholic Europeans, so it´s “logic” that they would keep their culture regardless of their relative position on the globe. But the few aboriginal cultures that survived the genocide, like Mapuches and Aymaras, still do the appropiate rituals on the right time: they call the return of the sun during the shortest day of the year, at the end of June, not in December, for the solstice´s sake! What the SSW (southern Santa worship) does comes from pure and dure disinformation, deformation and degeneration. I want to escape like the kids in the video…

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