Evelyn de Rothschild On China,TPTB, and Climate Change


It is clear to me that the Rothschilds are very intent on getting China to go along with the their Anglo American Dominated NWO.  China is the only thing that stands in the way of a one world currency and a climate change tyranny tax.  If China does not buy in I am positive the Anglo American Empire will make the Chinese the next Hitler to destroy them.  ( Read The 3 Coming False Flags  and the Rothschilds and the HKMeX)  A very interesting year is coming as this and many more issues come to a head.

Here is Rothschild’s boy clarifying China’s role in relationship to China.

2 comments to Evelyn de Rothschild On China,TPTB, and Climate Change

  • Gareth

    “A managed decline of the dollar” Rothschild’s minion, Soros.

    They always engineer crashes including the 1930’s crash. This time though, they’re like the 1340’s usury practitioner’s and have no money, and have totally lost control.

    Prepare, their web of debt and deceit could unwind rapidly.

    But won’t it be better world without Rothschild and his minions, eh?

    Good luck for 2012, folks.

  • Anonymous

    Rothschild clearly states he would like to see an International Currency.

    Also, look at the logo of the site he speaks of: http://www.myweather.com. HAARP?

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