I am working furiously right now buying silver and I hope you are too.   I have gone to extreme measures to free up capital everything from selling our second car, garage sales, and now dumping all the gold that I can to buy silver.   In the past week or so I have made that largest silver purchases since 2005, even more than I bought in the 2008 smackdown.  With the Commercial Short position at a decade low, the explosive upside potential is awesome.  After the 60% 2008 smackdown silver went up 400%, if we match that we would see $125 silver.  Let’s be honest here, if that happens this time with no exponential short position for the banks to worry about, in such a limited physical market, during a paper fiat financial crisis, silver will not be available at any fiat price.

If you need to get a backbone to buy into this market, re read the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.  The case is even more bullish now than it was last February.  I have a few more videos to do for The Greatest Truth Never Told until I get to the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield video series.  The original article was read by over 350,000 people and translated into 7 languages.   I believe the video version will do much more than that as silver is the gateway drug into the deeper issues of what is truly at stake here.  BTFD!


The Gold to Silver Ratio is VERY BULLISH to dump gold and buy silver.

Read my case for the 1 to 1 Gold to Silver Ratio.

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  • Agreed. Cant wait for my Christmas bonus to come through on NYE!!
    Remember markets can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent. However equilibrium and real price discovery needs to be reached

  • lastmanstanding

    Against everything in my soul, I just sent a large amount of worthless fucking fiat to the irs for the privilege of owning a business and supporting my community.

    happy stories would be appreciated…

  • I tend to agree. However, I have had to temper my eagerness with an equal part of caution because we are in uncharted territory. The system is completely broken and FUBAR. My thoughts on that are here:

  • rainmaker

    @lastmanstanding. at least you are not incarcerated. keep playing. its a game of musical chairs after all. we all have similar stories. yours has alot more to it i’ll bet :-)

  • Howard

    Well I just closed my bank accounts , cut up all the credit cards, debit cards, got my silver, guns, food , business pays cash, totally unplugged from the system best feeling ever !!!! Gonna go pick up another 100 coins today, hopefully I don’t get the glove treatment again for having cash on me lol

  • Smile and say Silver Stacker

    Geesh, I wonder if my temptation to leverage a large purchase of the precious is a good move? I know I could be stuck underwater sort to speak if price drops further for the short term, but the rewards look freakin’ fantastictically appealing.. What do you all think?

  • MPB

    Thanks again Chris! Though I have never stopped buying from about $4.00/ oz way back when, to all the way to up the May 2011 run up around $50.00 and back down to where are now. Would love to get more now without question, it’s just that I have just run out of things to sell / liquidate for more FRN’s to then convert them to Ag. Glad I have what I have! BTW: Not really noting any serious deals on physical Ag even close to the current crushed paper price with but a few minor exceptions (what a surprise). Best wishes to everyone for the 2012 ride to hell (and back?) PS @ lastmanstanding, I am looking at a nice tax bill currently too with yet another increase in it – go figure.

  • Gareth

    All the major bullion merchants – baird, atkinsons, bullionbypost, chards – are closed, and not accepting orders, until Tuesday the 3rd Jan. Smaller ones are open, but they haven’t budged their prices. Silver’s being bid-up like mad on ebay.

    Are big merchants – those that are still willing to follow spot – open in the states?

  • rainmaker

    @Gareth, Yup, they’re open. Just placed an order this morning for a bunch of Buffalos.

  • Gareth

    @rainmaker: Get as much as you can, bud. Lucky bastards :-)

    Even junk 50% silver is spot plus 20-30% on ebay over here. The minor merchants haven’t budged at all since it dipped under $33!

  • Domarius Raines

    you guys might want to try or for silver!

  • lastmanstanding

    All…thanks for cheering me up.

    @rainmaker…no help to anyone in pokey, with SB1867 perhaps it will be difficult for all of us in the future…we do play musical chairs to the very limit…the same rules are for everyone!!! (sarc.!)

    @howard…keep a sharp eye for the big guy with white latex gloves!

    @SaSSS…better not let SS catch you talking shit (at this point!) about playing the “paper casino” on his site after all of the sermons…if your new, you had better start in jan 2011 and read up until about October…by the time you get done, hopefully your “urge” will have passed…or you could ask Gerald Calente about his recent experience.

    @MPB…with what is going to happen this year, we thought it best to get it over now than take the risk until April…just a minor inconveinence. best of luck in your effort to reduce your tax burden.

    vote Ron Paul 2012…our only option.

  • jayR

    Well people I;m disappointed I thought JPMorgan along with all those winers would have brought down the price of silver further than this. They need to do much better at bringing down the price than this piddly amount that’s occurred this week and all I can say is your not doing your job well enough. I want to see some real drop in the price of silver, like another ten bucks at least!!
    For some big ass commercial short you really dont impress me in fact I can see the cracks already starting to appear. They are the same cracks that appeared back in the late sixties back when there was two different prices for gold and two different markets establishing themselves. One fake (paper contracts) and the real one physical buying. The arbitrage started and widened back then because everyone knew the paper manipulation was a farce just like they are starting to catch on now. So before everyone does catch on to what’s really going on please bring that price of silver down to levels that no one would possible believe so I can cash in my worthless fiat for as much real silver money that I can get. At least 10 bucks but better yet make it 20 bucks because that would really scare the hell out of all those winers and I can pick up a lot of silver knowing I’m going to leave them all in the dust, including you; JPMorgan. So come on, give it your best shot before the new year begins, I need a new years gift that will outshine all the rest.

  • “Men who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon” Edwin Lefevre

  • Roy

    Going all in on Platinum now, too much funds tied into silver. Going to start diversifying my metals now.

    • Silver Shield

      I will buy platinum when the gold to silver ratio is 1:1.
      There is nothing wrong with having all of your eggs in on basket if you have the right egg. 😉

  • MPB

    @ lastmanstanding, sorry for my sarcastic comment and wish I had something more uplifting to add for you and myself. Actually, very seriously, it’s my kids future that has me really concerned. I get your point on paying the tax bill now. Your concern had already occurred to me and I had planned to pay mine sooner than later too. Maybe just I’ll cut the check for that tomorrow and be done with it? It has to be paid sooner or later. I am doing all I can and am able and then some with all else, like you and most everyone here on this site. Most everything Chris (SS) writes is real good (Thank you). This article in of itself is a sort of positive in its own way (If you are able to acquire more Silver). Look, Best to everyone and God help us. I wish we could all just turn back the clocks a hundred years or so then correct / undo as many mistakes as possible going forward. Wishful thinking though is sort of like denial. Prayer in my opinion is good, I still believe in God and I believe we are ALL going to need his help with what is coming. Let’s face it, there is no way in hell we can wake enough people in time to stop this massive wreck that is coming. All you can do is the best you can for you and your family – friends, prepare and pray. I do like this site though, it helps to have other like minded individuals to relate to but, there are times, I get very close to just unplugging period.

    Again best to everyone and good Luck!

  • Bob Armstrong

    Hey Chris,
    How you doing?
    You and I do think alike. Here is a post I put up on Zerohedge on Wed. Notice the last sentence:

    “Don’t ever forget that the elite also see you too as one of those same animals, no different from the dirty, smelly, stupid hippies in the OWS crowd. It appears your lifelong brainwashing has yet to be disturbed- you continue the divide and conquer mentality a good servant of the 1% is expected to exhibit. And all you’re doing is the Ownership’s dirty work. You are a 1% wannabe who will never, ever be allowed to join the club. Whether you like it or not, you too are one of the 99%. If and when all the 99% unite in coalition, no one will be able to stop the necessary turn around of the USA.

    Are you unaware of MF Global and it’s implications for anyone who still owns any wealth in this country?

    Here’s a protest you may deem worthy of your participation. James Koutoulas(“CEO of Typhon Capital Management, Attorney, and Co-Founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition which Advocates for MF Global clients and brokers”) is calling for a complete boycott of JPM, due to their alleged collusion in MF Global’s collapse. Follow #BoycottJPM on twitter. All money out of Chase Bank accounts, and deal with no one who clears through JPM. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert have brought back their buy silver campaign in sympathy with the JPM boycott. Follow them on twitter at #crashJPMbuysilver. Max has been telling us for over a year that we can put JPM out of business by merely buying physical Silver.

    You might also look into NDAA and SOPA, and their implications for your future as an American citizen.

    As I write this, 12:23 on 12/28, spot Silver is down $1.38, at $27.35. BTFD!”

    Bob Armstrong

  • lastmanstanding

    MPB… we’re on the same page…actually in retrospect(on tax day) I actually did buy a case of specialty ammo, bought some hand culled, heirloom vegetable seeds @ 70% OFF, seeds to be shared with family and friends…I’m very cautious who I share my ammo with. A local man sold his home after being on the market for several years and used the proceeds for a 300+ lb Ag and 1 lb. Au stash…that was really inspiring!

    Last but not least, I’m going to have another grandson #3, 3 grandboys under 6.

    I’m feeling the pressure same as you and many to “get to the other side.”

    We must do it together for the sake of these children. God Bless us all.

  • MPB

    lastmanstanding, we are on the same page and Thank you. Couldn’t agree with you more on….”We must do it together for the sake of these children. God Bless us all.” AMEN! PS, Congrats on grandson #3. I hope my kids, my wife and I make it to see such a day ourselves. Though we are about the same age, I started my family a bit later than most our age and at a wider age spread. I have a daughter of 17 and a son of just 8. We must stay strong and clear minded as possible for them. God bless and best to you and everyone.

  • “If it’s your game, diversification doesn’t make sense. It’s crazy to put money into your 20th choice rather than your 1st choice. It’s the ‘LeBron James’ analogy. If you have basketball phenom LeBron James on your team, don’t take him out of the game just to make room for someone else.” “Diversification is for those who don’t know what they are doing.” Both from Buffett (these are great quotes even from a paid for statist).

  • Ed_B

    @Smile and say Silver Stacker

    Forget about using leverage. That is a bankster led suckers game. It appeals to greed and should be avoided at all costs. Those who indulge in this game WILL be financially raped… possibly gang style. It is only a matter of time and probably a lot less time than the suckers, er, investors think. The entire purpose of owning physical gold and silver is to AVOID getting caught up in this scam. Don’t voluntarily leap into this pool before you understand what is lurking in the depths. It’s big, it’s ugly, it’s hungry, and you are delicious!

  • Domenic

    Hi Chris…and anyone willing to offer me some advice. I guess you can call me one of the “recently awoken”. I live in Canada and have been saving in physical silver for about a year and regularly convert my fiat currency. The only cash I have is a bit to pay my bills and a line of credit from my bank….which leads me to my question. I have been thinking of using some of my line of credit to purchase more silver and was wondering what you think of this idea. My rationale for doing something like this is pretty obvious, I will have all this extra physical silver I would not otherwise been able to afford. But the drawbacks are not so obvious to me and was hoping someone could help me here. This s a form of leveraging, which is discouraged by those that seem to know more than me. But what could the banks do to me once there is a crash and world wide currencies are de-valued or eliminated entirely? Or are there any drawbacks? Please help me since I am new to this and really don’t want to screw up….I have a family to think of and really want to do the right thing…

  • methylamine

    I had to send 15 thousand fucking dollars to City of Houston for property taxes. Merry Christmas.

    For services I don’t and won’t use–my children will NEVER see the inside of a government school except for the day we go to vote for Ron Paul.

    Well, it was that or lose the house. So I don’t have anything to pour into this latest silver sale.

    BUT: at least I was stackin’ like a mofo back when it was 18-24.

    Enjoy, folks. Visions of sugarplums are dancing in my head at the thought of what Ag will do in the next year or two.

  • lastmanstanding

    Dom…imo if you are going to use this line as a way of bolstering your position, use it sparingly and buy tangibles only. Food stores, guns and ammo, water filter, seeds, etc. Use it for things that give you piece of mind for the safety of your family…

    Make sure that you have a chance…to get to the other side.

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

  • Ronnie O'Toole

    lastmanstanding … thanks to you and all the rest here. I appreciate the information and need to stock up on staples. I have some metal and food but still need seeds. Where is a good spot to obtain some?
    I plan to join the Silver Shield Report as I am now needing to know the best actions to take to be “more” prepared. I feel like a piker compared to where I ought to be. Thanks for your thoughts

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