15 Decisions You May Have To Make In 2012

In earlier articles I tried to highlight the problems that we are faced with in this day and age not only in America but also throughout the world. Wherever you look, the United States is poised for war with some country. We are poised for war against Syria, Iran, China, Pakistan, Russia and possibly even Yemen. If the implications of this ideology, gunboat diplomacy, does not make you so mad that you want to chew nails and spit tacks then there is nothing I can say or do to help you. You have my prayers and fondest hopes for a prosperous New Year.

If you suspect something is wrong, but aren’t sure just what it might be, let me give you some sites to go and investigate for yourself, what is about to befall our world and in particular, our country. This is just a small sampling of the sites on the web that are helping, not only Americans, but people around the world to try to wake up before it is too late:

1.) www.infowars.com

2.) www.dollarcollapse.com

3.) www.theeconomiccollapseblog.com

4.) www.drudgereport.com

5.) www.sgtreport.com

6.) www.shtfplan.com

7.) www.zerohedge.com

8.) www.corbettreport.com

9.) http://dont-tread-on.me

10.) www.theinternationalforecaster.com

Now, if you can’t find a place to start with ten top-notch resources like those above you are in bigger trouble than you realize. You may not agree with everything on all of these sites, and you may not agree with all of what is on any one site. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that any one of these sites has more factual, hard-hitting news than all the mainstream media sites put together.

Now I will make a bold leap forward. If you are here at the http://dont-tread-on.me  site you probably know or feel that something is not quite right. Perhaps you can’t quantify it. Perhaps, you know in you mind or feel it in your gut that something bad is about to happen. If you do, then I address the following decisions to you.

Every American will need to make decisions in 2012. Some Americans will make a decision to ignore the problems of world and the world will make all the decisions for them, but the decisions will be made. What decisions? Simple, those that will affect the lives of everyone in this country and may affect others around the world:

1.) If there is a major financial collapse, i.e. the Euro, the dollar, credit default swaps, another Lehman/Bear Stearns type collapse do you have the hard money resources to provide for your family for the duration of the emergency?

2.) If the United States suffers from the initial stages of hyperinflation, do you have the resources to provide for the needs of your family, i.e. food, water, shelter, hygiene, medical care, clothing and safety?

3.) If the United States goes to war with Iran, and the war remains a conventional war, if the Straits of Hormuz are blocked, will you be able to handle $200-300/barrel oil prices?

4.) If the above war turns into a nuclear conflagration involving the U.S., Russia and/or China are you living in an area that is a low risk zone for nuclear or biological attack?

5.) If the world commodity prices skyrocket due to any of the above scenarios do you have enough fresh water and food on hand to feed your family for an extended period of time, i.e. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?

6.) If the U.S. dollar collapses for whatever reason, and the cities become literal war zones because “transfer” payments (welfare, medicaid, food stamps, etc.) cease or are worthless, will you be able to protect and defend your home and family from looters?

7.) In Number 6 above, will you be able to feed your family until the violence ends?

8.) In the event that the United States Government declares a national emergency because of one of the above scenarios, or catastrophic natural calamity or because of a “terror” event that has taken place, will you be willing to let your family go to a relocation center/F.E.M.A. center for their own good?

9.) If you are a member of the armed forces and are directed to round-up certain potentially dangerous individuals and take them to a detention facility, will you do it?

10.) If you are a member of the armed forces and are directed to go from house to house to collect guns and other “dangerous” weapons, will you obey the order?

11.) If because of the military’s refusal to arrest civilians or collect firearms, the U.S. government uses police and military from other nations to enforce the law, will you, as someone who has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, stand idley by and do nothing?

12.) If the forces, designated by the U.S. Government, show up at your door to take you and/or your family to a detention facility, will you go peaceably with them?

13.) If the forces, designated by the U.S. Government, show up at your door to collect your firearms, will you give them up?

14.) Knowing that there is only one candidate running for the office of President of the United States, in either the Democrat or Republican parties that promises to restore the Constituion, will you get off your butt and vote for him? (Yes, Ron Paul!)

15.) If it were possible, would you be willing to change your lifestyle in order to protect your family from any or all of the scenarios above?

Do I have all the answers for you? No, you know better than that.

I have tried in my other articles to give a strategy to use or adapt to your needs, to help you make some of those decisions possible. Ultimately, no one person can change the world, not even the President of the United States of America. It will take all of us working together to get tangible results. But the only person that can answer these questions for you is yourself. Only you know what you are willing to do when faced with the above situations. Notice, I did say willing and not capable and that is for a reason. I have seen people, who in the face of danger or certain death, do things that defied logical thinking or rational thought. That is called courage. Whether male or female, having a set of cahones to give you the courage to make that impossible split second decision in 2012 will be a necessity.

I believe that 2012 for America, will be in the course of human history, that split second that will take courage to make those almost impossible decisions. Start thinking about them. Formulate your strategy and even your response. Set you mind to the task and be prepared to follow your heart, even when it defies logic or rational thought. You never know what one person is capable of until you try. Happy New Year!

Dare to do great things in 2012!

10 comments to 15 Decisions You May Have To Make In 2012

  • Andrew

    Hey Chris, here are another two sites with great daily information that i think should of made the top ten spots.



    I would love to hear you have an interview with any of these two people in the near future. I’m sure it will be a great hit. Anyways, I love your website, I’m a daily reader. I’ve learned so much from you. I now question everything and also think differently. It’s crazy the way i perceive things now. People (family/ friends) view me as paranoid and get really upset with me when i get them out of their comfort zone and start speaking about ending the fed, the collapse of the dollar, owning gold/silver, owning firearms, storing food just to name a few things. The three top responses I get from people when I speak of such things are, “That will never happen here in American”, “Don’t believe everything you hear”, and “Are you a terrorist?”. Sad but true.

  • Great Article. Thanks for the insight and knowledge. Keep up the great work! I have #6 covered.

  • marz

    “Are you a terrorist?” that´s when you see the danger of the brain-washing machine. Where there should be the strongest link (family/friends) now there´s a barrier made of a message.

  • Smile and say Silver Stacker

    The responses from those we love (family and friends) are sometimes the most disheartening, mind boggling, and least expected. We wish they would listen to truth and reality. We get set back apiece when they reject it. Lead by example is the best you can do.

    Pressing Forward, beyond the talk, the vet motto in me does as he says, “Lead, Follow, or Get the Hell Out of the Way!”

  • Ed_B

    The perfect answer to “are you a terrorist” is to reply calmly with certainty, “no, I am a patriot and a realist”. I do agree with the comments others left regarding this question.

    Yes, it is sad and could be tragic when our family members and friends are happily grazing away valuable time in the sheeple pens and pastures. Try as we might, they will never “get it” because they have no desire to do so. They are comfortable and hearing the truth is literally painful for them. Given that, it is incumbent on those of us who grasp the truth of the world and national economic problems to prepare on their behalf. I know how much food, water, clothing, tools, fuel, silver, and other supplies my wife and I need to get through whatever comes. Because my family members aren’t prepping, I am doing all I can for them while there is still some time in which to do it. When I buy supplies I buy extra for them, especially food and seeds. My time line tells me that the most likely time for financial collapse will be sometime in the 2013-2015 time frame. I won’t go into the whys and hows of it here as that would require much more space then a comment field has. I could be wrong but this seems as good an estimate as any I have read. Preparation is a never ending process because none of us can ever be 100% prepared for the unknown. Just assume that it will be really bad and probably worse than we can now imagine. Good luck to all and God bless.

  • Ragnar

    A very long time ago, the majority of the American colonists considered George Washington, Lafayette, and Patrick Henry to be radically dangerous anti-government terrorists. Their future was written differently, they were patriots and heroes of the first order. When our time comes, if we are as successful, historical data will vindicate us as well.

  • Bigdad06

    Great article! I have asked myself these same questions over the last 2 years and I am sure many people across the country are doing the same. If you are available for a Skype interview please let me know. Keep up the great work!

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