Interview Bob Chapman–12-29-2011

We’re back with our weekly discussion with The International Forecaster, Bob Chapman. Although the gold slam down continues and the price per ounce has dropped to a record low, Bob reminds us to remember the difference between paper and physical investments. Precious metals are a long-term investment. Don’t be fooled by the mainstream media reports of the Christmas retail boom. The economy is not recovering, Sears and Kmart have announced the closing of over 100 stores and have left thousands of more people unemployed. The lesson of the day: buy while the buying is good.

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1 comment to Interview Bob Chapman–12-29-2011

  • Country Codger

    It wasn’t this Cyrus and Bob knows that. I do not sell, period. If it goes to $2.00/oz or $2,000,000.00/oz I don’t sell. I hold to barter for real goods. All these people who say sell gold to buy silver, now sell silver to buy gold, now sell gold and silver to buy horse apples. Forget it. I keep gold, silver, brass and lead. End of story.

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