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(I wrote this article a month ago about how game play will be used as social conditioning to enslave humanity into another prison. Now it comes to life with this development.

  • New iPhone and iPad app rewards couch potatoes for watching TV – with gift certificates to Burger King and Starbucks
  • Viggle listens to what’s on TV and gives approximately two points per minute watched
  • 7,500 points earns $5 gift card to certain retailers
  • App collects demographic information such as age, gender, ZIP code, and email address

Social manipulation is at the root of the Elite’s control over humanity and what starts off as innocent fast food gimmicks will eventually turn into a nightmare.)

Originally Published December 30th, 2011

Listen to Carnegie Mellon University Professor Jesse Schell get all excited about a new SIMS future where corporations and governments manipulate the masses through game play.  The explosion of game play in our daily lives is something that has crept into the human experience.  We have gas point, free sub points, friends on FaceBook, but  Jesse Schell lays out a dream world where the Elite can manipulate the masses through technology and game play.  He says that humans play hours of games to gain experience points to somehow fill a psychological void in our real world.  I am of course a victims of this as I am on my 6th Prestige Level in Modern Warfare 3.  (SilverShield76)  Had these games like Farmville not had the experience points and leveling up ability they would not have been so successful in garnering the attention of the masses and making billions in return.  Ultimately to keep a population distracted by the very real issues we cover here at DTOM and TGTNT.  Too bad we don’t have the resources to get people to gain experience points for becoming totally free from this doomed paradigm…  Maybe we do, we just call the Silver Eagles. :)

The real nightmare is that technology is becoming so cheap and online marketers have found a way to monetize every action in the virtual world, that we are not too far off from a real world where we are going to be motivated (controlled) by experience points.  Brush your teeth… +10xp. Brush your teeth for the recommended 3 minutes… bonus +30 xp.  Your kid gets good grades… +6,000 xp that you can redeem on your taxes for being a good little indoctrinated citizen.  He goes on and on about how everything will be monitored and that you will embrace all of this because you can win the future game of life.  The CIA’s interest in Bitcoin plays into this.  (Read about Bitcoin here.)

So what could be the interest of the CIA in Bitcoin? Gavin says that there is a intelligence technology conference this year and the main issue is money. He says that they are, “very interested in money.” That is probably because that they know the dollar is going to die and their power is derived off of that dollar. They are looking for alternatives to keep their power going.  I am of the opinion that there is a huge black ops part of the government that has huge interest in illegal activities like drug importation from Afghanistan. Could Bitcoin be used as an alternative currency outside the banking system? After all, our banking system is going to collapse and when it all goes down there are going to be a lot of bankers squealing about illegal activities to cover their ass. Here is a Swiss Banker blowing the whistleon how an assassination of a President of a third world country was paid through his bank.These highly intelligent, forward thinking guys are trying to find a way to deal with a new paradigm. Collapsing dollar, freedom movement, hacktivism, and blow back from decades of illegal and immoral activities. It is too bad these guys don’t listen to the Oath they took to preserve and protect the Constitution. Maybe they think technologies like Bitcoin can serve as model for a new Dollar? Maybe they can set up other schemes that the fascist corporate power can use as currency when the dollar collapses?  Maybe they will simply use the unlimited power of the government to generate more Bitcoins? Who knows? All I know that is all of this will end, and not well for those that are most dependent on the dollar paradigm.

I guess when we all realize that the dollar is not longer a good carrot to waste our lives chasing after that digital illusion, we can then be conned into chasing after experience points.  The Elite could introduce SDR’s as the one world currency for their corporate minions and governmental institutions and give the masses XP to chase after as they laugh at the little Webkins they control in this very real world they control. Regardless of what the Elite try to pull once you are awakened to the reality of how the world really works you are immune to these social predators that seek to manipulate you to their ultimate ends.

I hope my projects like the Sons of Liberty Academy, The Ultimate Exit Strategy, and now The Greatest Truth Never Told provide you with the generational wealth of becoming immune to these social predators.  It has been a wonderful year serving you and I am very excited to see what happens as we continue down this path, aware and prepared.

The technocrat’s wet dream starts at 17:30

I will be addressing this much more in The Greatest Truth Never Told very soon, so stay tuned.

I am also trying to get a expert on exposing these manipulators for the Silver Shield Report.

Here is a teaser…

Listen closely to how these two marketers purposely lie and use psychology to pitch their projects.  This is the same type of psychology that is used to march nations into war.

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  • In a way I see it as more art imitating life than life imitating art. We already direct our efforts towards earning symbolic coin (dollars) that we then use to purchase things like experience (college degrees), strength (the latest diet fad or supplement), health (supplements and drugs) or appeal (cars and status symbols). In the meantime, most of the middle class pours their surplus wealth into accumulating paper assets (points) that promise future wealth and rewards. These games are, at their face, an imitation of the con we call life and potentially a training tool for future behavior modification.

    On a different note. Some friends and I were discussing, some years ago, Star Trek technology and how it could impact societies. the most dangerous of these devices by far is the “replicator”. A device that could create any physical object from raw materials; from food to weapons, with just a verbal command. Can you imagine the amount of societal destruction reaped by such a device? Individuals would not have to leave their compartments and be fed and entertained by a device built into their walls? Scary….

  • marz

    I´m already scared by the hypersonic bomb.

    • Silver Shield

      Oh there are so many ways they can kill.
      Heart attack guns. Injectable cancer. Cellulose bombs that can fall silently from the sky and make any car look like a car bomb.
      The only thing to hope for is that the system collapses before they “progress” much further.

  • intothevoid

    In the first video around the 20 min. mark where he begins to discuss sensors in everything up to the point of an item having a cpu, screen and a camera, instantly reminds me of the research presented by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre in their book ‘Spychips’, which details in more ways than one the idea, the plans and the marketing strategies implemented by companies regarding RFID technology, to the extent of a chip in everything we eat, use, wear and buy to keep tabs on us as ‘consumer’ to have the best ability to market the right products to us.

    It’s a book I strongly suggest reading considering that some companies already have this technology in their products with no disclosure to the consumer. Depending on your stance on RFID technology being considered the biblical ‘mark of the beast’, a facet of trans-humanism (H+), or the social introduction of nanotechnology, all the above and then some bothers me personally on many levels. The idea of everything I do, everywhere I go and every habit I have filed away on a database for a company to effectively know how to psychologically pitch their product the best way they can to me, is disturbing.

    It’s going to be whatever the corporations can do to market the idea of being tracked, followed and catalogued as cool, hip and ‘in the now’ as possible and you’re a square or a creeper if you’re not down with it. The majority of the younger generation readily accepts newer technology and are more open-minded to the idea of sharing details of their personal and social life to people they know and to some people they necessarily don’t know on social networks.

    The number of apps that are available, to either update where they’re at or what they’re doing every waking moment (ex. Twitter, Foursquare, Footprints, etc.,) are accepted as a trendy mode of communication and virtual bulletin board of the hottest locations to be at. Over time, with more social investment occurring, they become conditioned to the point of accepting this type of intrusive technology for the convenience of staying connected to everyone and everything.

    Here is an example of RFID shoes that connect wearers to social media:

    Or better yet how about an ice cream just for smiling. What better way to build a photo-database of the general populace than a facial recognition ice cream vending machine?

    Most of the time the consumer/user is unaware of the doors it opens for corporations to potentially abuse this type of information for the sole purpose of profits and control, it becomes that much easier for the next generation to accept as the ‘social norm’. TPTB are coming at you in every angle they can to introduce this whether it’s in apps, forms of payments, medical record keeping, identity theft, theft-prevention, this list goes on and on. So, gone are the days of snake oil salesmen and ushered in are systems employed to ultimately tell me what I should want and where I should want to go. This shit is already a reality and it’s coming to a theater near you. Welcome to ‘1984’, such a lovely place, such a lovely face.

  • Dom

    I liked the Jesse Schell Video, very great theory and ideas. Not so much the other video, Salty Bot is such a negative website I cannot believe people read that crap everyday.

    • Silver Shield

      @Dom Hmmm you like the establishment’s professor who is designing the next generation of happy pill, consumer manipulation and slavery and not the guy who exposes two insiders how they can fleece as much money out of their fellow humans…

      You won’t last long on this site.

  • Irving14941

    These guys are freaking psychos … They really get off from knowing that they can manipulate people.

  • marz

    Certainly. When I visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum I understood that if humans are able to cross that line, we can do just anything. What´s the limit? MAD only?
    “We do not believe that a society can survive if it lacks values, direction, and ethics, and thus relinquishes control over its future destiny…Some of the ultimate in obscene devices can be evolved in machine technologies bereft of value, as when President Ford approved the evolution of a nuclear device which kills living things, but leaves “property” unhurt, using neutrino showers that pass through bricks and mortar and damage only living tissue…This is the sort of technology which, at enormous cost in human energy and skill, negates life. We must set our face against such insanity, by working for the evolution of living systems that would outlaw such thoughts and objects, and use our energies in constructs that build compatible social-organic systems…As in nature, so in society, we can let many varieties of behaviour flower, but we must judge them from their yields, from their inherent stability, and their beneficial effects in interaction. A society that commands energy but has no ethics or goals is like a child with a machine-gun, a potential danger to everyone and everything, sorrounding it…It is time to turn the ebbing tide of energy towards useful ends, and develop a permaculture for the society of man and nature.”
    Mollison and Holmgren, Permaculture One.

  • This is how every internet coaching program is designed. They are all scams and take advantage of ignorant people with empty promises of making them rich.

  • Rainmaker

    Here is the actual article from the Makow site referrenced in the article above regarding the swiss banker. We should give Henry credit where credit is due. His is a site that for years was on the fringe, much like Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, but now perhaps not so much.


    Henry has a unique perspective on Zionism as well. And considering his lineage, we should also consider his perspective:


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