You Don’t Want to Miss Ranting Andy’s Latest Metals Smack-down Report–12-30-11

If you’re worried about the latest price decline of precious metals, then listen to Ranting Andy’s latest take on the smack-down. Andy and I agree: it’s all smoke and mirrors, so you shouldn’t be deceived. You have nothing to lose but your fiat currency. Simply put, this latest smack-down is just another last ditch survival ploy by the elite world financiers. However, this tactic is destined to fail because worldwide debt growth has gone geometric; there’s simply no way to pay it off. There will be subsequent massive debt defaults, either through inflationary devaluation of fiat currencies or by countries that simply accept the obvious and cut off the flow of debt repayment dollars.

Andy and I joke that the .45 caliber round may one day become the universal currency unit. But seriously, there will be much pain for you if you refuse to recognize the truth and embrace the concept of sound money. Therefore, your choice is simple, buy gold and silver at steeply discounted prices, or wait for your bank balance to become irrelevant. The crisis has spread to every continent in the world and there definitely wont be a Chinese White Knight riding to your rescue.

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2 comments to You Don’t Want to Miss Ranting Andy’s Latest Metals Smack-down Report–12-30-11

  • Bob LINY

    Such a great source of information as Andy Hoffman and yet not a single question to shed light on the many things that listeners, I’m sure, want to know. For example, everyone talks about paper silver…paper silver… but clearly manufacturers can’t use paper silver. If they use the physical, and there is also an insatiable investment demand, why is there no imbalance in the physical supply if there is such a shortage? There are no shortages as far as I can tell. Go to Apmex, Gainesville, Tulving, etc–they have plenty of silver. Also, what does Andy think of the MF Global and its relationship to silver? There are a million other questions that could be asked, but nothing… just an endless repetition of the same old tired points about money printing, Europe, etc. A disappointing interview. SGT’s interview of Randy was much better. PS. Lighten up on the audio compression–it makes everything sound way too “breathy.”

  • James Woroble Jr

    “We could be setting up for the biggest move in precious metals and miners during this 10 year bull market run.”

    Powerful Rebound In Gold and Silver Prices About To Begin?
    Jeb Handwerger

    Rarely has such technical destruction been visited on stalwart sectors such as gold, silver and the mining stocks(GDX). The silver charts reveal technical damage not seen since the destruction of 1984. It can only be conjecture that can account for a once in a generation obliteration of a once hallowed sector. It must be remembered that both gold(GLD) and silver(SLV) had major moves earlier this year to the $1900 and $50, surpassing overhead resistance and reaching overbought territory. This may be the reason why the decline in precious metal is overextended and extremely oversold. We urged caution back in April for silver and in September for gold. Silver has characteristically corrected close to 50% from its highs, while gold has fallen less than 20%. Pullbacks are normal and restorative in a secular bull market in precious metals especially after explosive moves. …

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