Can Technology Cure The Educational System’s Failure-12-31-11

Are you fed up with the near complete failure of the American educational system? We may finally be at the cusp of a solution. The combination of technology and the current system’s un-sustainability, could lead to sweeping change and improvement of education at every level. The wealthy always had access to the best tutors to make their children literate. Public education was created to allow the non-wealthy to do the same. Unfortunately the system become classroom/lecture based, rather than student centered, thus the personal intimacy of tutorial education was lost.

The advent of the Kindle/Nook/iPad could be an important part of the solution. While the quantity of information and downloadable books and courseware has never been greater, information management and the ability of a parent to choose the courses and publications, that they feel will be the most advantageous to their children, could mean a new golden age in American literacy. Plus, many universities are making their best educators and courses available at no cost on the web.

At the same time. traditional classroom education has hit a brick wall. On a price vs. performance basis, much of the educational establishment should have been shuttered long ago. However, teachers’ unions and their political benefactors have turned schools into indoctrination centers that seem completely unconcerned with their students functional illiteracy. The parents are forced to idly sit by, while their children’s futures are gutted. But economics and technology are quickly finding a way out. And more importantly, those who escape this tyranny will be free-thinking productive members of society pursuing their dreams and passions from a very young age.

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4 comments to Can Technology Cure The Educational System’s Failure-12-31-11

  • Bob Armstrong

    Gaurantee every young American, for free, yes “free”, a high quality laptop, printer and broadband access until they reach age 21. Tell them they need to educate themselves(This is the only real education which happens anyway). Create “schools” and provide mentors, ad hoc, as needed. Throw away degrees and licenses. Bring back apprenticeship.

  • Once Upon A School: You To Can Teach! And Collaboration Is Key

    The whole dumbing down of masses and federal guidelines of education process is a predetermined path so as to declare it, like free market capitalism, a failure. This is a prelude to pirate-ization

    “A Question of Power”

  • Justin Keith

    The education system is not a failure – it’s a complete success! It’s just that its true purposes are not generally known

    Technology can help children learn when they make the decision to, but a more fundamental problem I see is the treating of children disrespectfully – for instance by cramming them into a “jail” with other children. Children raised disrespectfully are more likely to turn into disrespectful adults. Disrespectful adults are less likely to care about the rights of others.

  • patriotdeb

    The problem with only learning on the internet is lack of human involvment. There is no one in between what they are learning on the screen.
    Watch this link:

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